Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snickers Nutcracker

Snickers NutcrackerWhat does Snickers mean? Simply, it’s the act of stifling a snide laugh. Oh, how true it is.

If I bought a product that was simply named Snickers Nutcracker and given no other information, I would assume that it was a Snickers bar in the shape of a nutcracker. And what would I think a Snickers bar is? Nougat covered with a stripe of caramel with embedded whole peanuts and then covered in milk chocolate.

Of course I did buy a product name Snickers Nutcracker and I did not get a Snickers bar in the shape of a nutcracker.

Snickers Nutcracker

Instead I got a nutcracker chocolate shell filled with caramel creme with crushed peanuts.

Snickers EggThis is in stark contrast to the Snickers Egg I had back in March 2006, which was pretty much a Snickers bar in elongated hemispherical form.

But expectations and disappointments aside, this product is a little one ounce bar shaped like a squat nutcracker soldier. Inside is a caramel creme with crushed peanuts in it.

The center caramel is salty and tastes strongly of peanuts, not like peanut butter, but actual roasted peanuts. It’s not quite chewy, instead it’s a bit more flowing but still pretty smooth. The milk chocolate is sweet and contains the caramel well (no broken oozes in any of the nutcrackers I’ve had so far) and in good proportion.

It doesn’t have that “satisfaction” element to it that the heavy nut-ratio a Snickers bar has. I thought it was kind of fun, after all, how many gooey peanut caramel products are there? But I was really hoping for a Snickers.

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Name: Snickers Nutcracker
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Mars
Place Purchased: Ralph's (Glendale)
Price: $.50 (on sale)
Size: 1 ounce
Calories per ounce: unknown
Categories: Chocolate,Chocolate, Caramel, Peanuts, Mars, United States, Christmas

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  1. Looks weird, lol. I would like to find it in Wegmans.

    Comment by Shannon on 12/20/07 at 1:12 pm #
  2. Does not sound perfect, but I have to say that it looks good in the picture.  Very impressive, too, that they manage to stay whole.

    Comment by Dave on 12/20/07 at 3:07 pm #
  3. I think most of Snickers holiday novelties are like this, but usually they are labeled ‘Creme.’  I had a Snickers Creme Pumpkin like this, and I’ve already seen Snickers Creme Eggs (yes, I’m serious). 

    I really liked this, but I think it may be too sweet for some.

    Comment by Alicia on 12/20/07 at 3:34 pm #
  4. I put these in my kids’ lunches thinking they were Snickers, only realizing my error as I read this blog. I just asked them both and neither noticed any difference. I guess they were more concerned with getting their sugar fix before the bell rang.

    Comment by JJ on 12/20/07 at 5:20 pm #
  5. I thought the same thing you did, maybe you remember my emailing you about these candies a few months ago?.  I didn’t like that it wasn’t a snickers type bar that was inside when that was what I expected…It tasted OK but just was nothing like what I wanted and I wouldn’t buy them again.

    Comment by Erika on 12/23/07 at 5:53 pm #
  6. Santa left a dark chocolate snickers snowman in my stocking.  I had to eat it today to keep it away from my over sugared seven year old (I know, I’m a martyr for chocolate smile). 
    It was surprisingly good.  Even satisfying as a snickers should be.  In a burst of holiday goodwill I offered the last bite to my child, but she turned it down, opting for a See’s truffle instead.  I feel my parenting skills would stand up to anyone’s, for she has obviously learned something.

    Comment by Heidi Schulz on 12/28/07 at 4:26 pm #
  7. The Snickers Creme Hearts are the same unSnickersly nougatless.

    Comment by Matthew on 1/22/08 at 9:12 am #
  8. Listen, I know the Nutcracker Snickers are different, but in this case, the difference is a good thing.  I love Snickers, but the Nutcracker Snickers are superior to ordinary Snickers.  Nutcracker Snickers are possibly my favorite candy, period.  I wait patiently for Christmas to roll around every year and then I stock up.  If you’re reading this, Snickers people, MAKE MORE SNICKERS LIKE THESE!

    Comment by David J. Peterson on 1/31/09 at 5:35 pm #
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