Monday, February 26, 2007

Snickers Dark

Snickers Dark in PackageI’d heard that this Limited Edition Snickers Dark bar was out several months ago, but as usual, it took a while for me to find it. (At the 7-11.) While Hershey’s seems to have a blanket method (“change everything in everything”) for Limited Editions, Mars seems to take a very measured approach to them, sticking to simple little changes. I doubt we’ll see a Wild Cherry Milky Way or Twix Caramel Espresso (though that sound pretty good, come to think of it).

The Limited Edition versions by Mars usually have either changed one ingredient or left one out. The most recent one was the Snickers Xtreme, which had no nougat. This one is just a plain old Snickers with a dark chocolate coating.


I’m a big fan of Snickers, though I rarely buy them. When I do, I find them so substantialicious that I can’t finish it in one sitting. It’s a big bar at 2.07 ounces.

The Dark however, is only 1.83 ounces.

It’s a good bar. I found the dark chocolate tasty, it tastes like actual dark chocolate ... it’s creamy, a little dry a little smoky and is able to hold up to the peanutness of the bar. The darkness of the chocolate is less sweet than the regular bar and actually supports the true peanut flavors much better. However, the dark chocolate does overpower the caramel. The caramel texture still comes through, but the salty sugar notes are completely lost. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

I think this is an excellent change up of the tried and true Snickers and I think I could see myself buying this far more often than the regular Snickers. I really hope they consider making this a permanent part of their repertoire.

David at CandyAddict reviewed it and found it too chocolatey.

Name: Snickers Dark (Limited Edition)
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Mars
Place Purchased: 7-11 (Hollywood)
Price: $.89
Size: 1.83 ounces
Calories per ounce: 137
Categories: Chocolate, Caramel, Nougat, Peanut, United States, Mars, Kosher, Limited Edition

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  1. I found these and the double chocolate Twix at Dollar Tree over the weekend. Still haven’t seen those Orange Cadbury Creme eggs yet though…. *grumbles*

    Comment by Sera on 2/26/07 at 7:40 am #
  2. I liked the dark chocolate Snickers better than the regular one. However, I was kind of hoping for a Milky-Way Midnight with peanuts, with the vanilla nougat.  I wonder why with Milky-Way they changed the nougat when they changed to dark chocolate, but they didn’t with Snickers.

    Comment by g on 2/26/07 at 8:59 am #
  3. Ooh, I love Milky Way dark, and was interested in trying the dark Snickers too, but haven’t yet. I would be very much against a no-nougat Snickers, however, yuck!

    Comment by Elspeth on 2/26/07 at 9:05 am #
  4. Cybele's avatar

    Sera - it’s still early, I know a lot of stores don’t have all their Easter stuff out yet. (Target has a weird 4 week rule or something.)

    g - I actually cut up a regular Snickers just to make sure that the nougats were the same. I’m wondering what the Snickers Almond w/Dark Chocolate will be like.

    Elspeth - I think a no-nougat Snickers Almond would be really good ... but only if they left the peanuts out.

    Comment by Cybele on 2/26/07 at 11:23 am #
  5. When I read that Snickers went dark, visions of Milky Way Midnight went through my mind. YUM!! The white nougat is the best.
    I hope I can find the Dark Snickers. I know it will be delicious. I have great luck at Dollar Tree.

    Comment by Suzanne on 2/26/07 at 11:32 am #
  6. I’m not going to argue grammar, because I’m an engineer, but I would have preferred “peanutiness” to “peanutness”, but that’s just me.

    Comment by Mad Cow on 2/26/07 at 2:40 pm #
  7. Snickers Dark is so great.  It’s not as overwhelming as a regular Snickers.

    Comment by Kelli on 2/26/07 at 7:36 pm #
  8. Oooh, how about a Limited Edition Xtreme Espresso Snickers Dark.  Oh wait, that doesn’t sound as good as I thought.

    Anyway, I liked the Snicker Dark as well and prefer it over regular Snickers, probably because of the health benefits of dark chocolate.

    Comment by Marvo on 2/26/07 at 11:36 pm #
  9. For as long as I can remember, Snickers bars have been essential rations for hiking/camping trips. They were also a favorite post-game treat during little league and youth basketball.  Sweet nostalgia.

    Although the Reese’s line is in its own category of greatness, this might be my favorite limited edition candy bar of all time.

    Comment by MarkO on 2/27/07 at 7:44 am #
  10. Sounds excellent, but I’ll agree about the wishing it had Milky Way Midnight nougat in it.  To me, MWM tastes just like cookie dough, which we all know is the perfect flavor (BTW, new car is the ultimate odor).

    Comment by Dave on 2/27/07 at 8:47 am #
  11. Cybele's avatar

    Suzanne - I have varying luck with Dollar Tree - sometimes they get Lt.Ed. stuff really early, sometimes really late. But definitely the first place I check.

    Mad Cow - hmm, you may be right. But I was following the Mars/Snickers word creation styleguide.

    Kelli - definitely try to get the Snickers Almond Dark too, if you like almonds.

    Marvo - yes, your comment did look heathier because of your recent consumption of the Snickers Dark.

    MarkO - looks like Snickers should consider it a keeper. And why not, they have the Milky Way Midnight.

    Dave - how would you feel about a 3 Musketeers Dark?

    Comment by Cybele on 3/07/07 at 11:21 am #
  12. I totally agree on the dark chocolate snickers.  Here’s my take on the “limited edition” dark chocolates of late (I should disclose I’m a HUGE dark chocolate fan):

    Dark chocolate Snickers - really good, better than the original, 9/10
    Dark chocolate raisinettes - bad, chocolate tastes like wax, 5/10
    Dark chocolate Nestle’s crunch - meh, chocolate is poor quality, 5/10
    Dark chocolate Twix - amazing!  wish they would bring them back!  unexpected in their deliciousness b/c I don’t even like Twix that much (too sweet) - these were an 11/10!!
    Dark chocolate Reese’s PB cups - also quite fantastic, wish they would bring em back, 10/10
    Dark chocolate Kit Kat - pretty good, 7/10
    Dark chocolate M&Ms; - eh, not great, chocolate is chalky, 5.5/10

    I am trying desperately to get my hands on a Dark Chocolate Snickers Almond (or another Snickers Dark for that matter)!

    Comment by ally1 on 3/27/07 at 1:22 pm #
  13. Cybele's avatar

    Ally - I’m so happy to have the reports on the items I haven’t tried.

    Here’s what you should look for - KitKat Black from Japan ... fantabulous. (Check Famima! or Mitsuwa.)

    I found my Snickers Dark at 7-11. I also found the Snickers Dark Mix at CVS - mini size of the Snickers Dark and Snickers Almond Dark.

    Good Luck!

    Comment by Cybele on 3/27/07 at 1:27 pm #
  14. mmmmmmmmm Sniggers

    Comment by tyler on 3/30/07 at 7:05 pm #
  15. you fatty fats with lipids, get out and move your ass rather than talk about candy.

    Comment by fatty on 5/11/07 at 2:36 pm #
  16. I’m concerned about a commercial running, advertising the dark chocolate Snickers.

    I love dark chocolate and have always enjoyed snickers, but the ad with two boys and their mother eating a Snicker bar is not a joyful, inviting ad.  For a mother to indicate that her children are less than desirable is just not the way to say your candy is great.

    I understand that it is a ‘humor thing’ but it is in bad taste.

    kathy peterson

    Comment by kathy peterson on 5/21/07 at 1:32 pm #
  17. I agree, I think the commercial is terrible.  I have been complaining to everyone I know about it.  I haven’t seen it lately and wondered if it had been pulled.

    Comment by Caroline on 5/26/07 at 4:47 pm #
  18. Snickers Dark Rocks!! Please don’t take it away!!

    Comment by Wendy on 6/01/07 at 10:31 am #
  19. omg this is my fav. bar ever dont takeit away!!!!!!!!
    love it forever and ever if you do take it away give me the resipe first!!!

    Comment by andria on 10/04/07 at 8:54 am #
  20. Okay, I just had my first taste of this bar about an hour ago.  I was very disappointed for two reasons.

    A) I didn’t realize it was smaller than the regular bar until after I paid for it.  I am cheap and felt like I didn’t get my money’s worth.

    B) The dark chocolate taste seemed a little “Dusk”.  In other words, the Milkyway Midnight dark chocolate has much more of a dark chocolate taste in my opinion.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was still good, but Snickers didn’t “Satisfy” me today.

    Comment by ben4rest on 10/12/07 at 10:59 am #
  21. Hmmm, Snickers Dark didn’t work for me.  But then again, I like to eat my Dark Chocolate alone with no flavor combinations.  However, I can definitely imagine milky Way Dark tasting good.  I’ll have to try that next!

    Comment by Darrin on 12/12/07 at 6:47 pm #
  22. I tried one of these after seeing the commercials on TV. First let me say that I love Dark chocolate. It is really the only kind of chocolate that I eat. Scharffenberger, Valhrona, Lindt, etc… Very little milk chocolate passes these lips. I do on occasion eat regular snickers and milky way and 3 musketeers.

    That said, let express my extreme disappointment and dislike of the new Snickers dark. The chocolate is bitter and dry. The peanuts were overpowering the nougat and caramel.

    Sorry this is a thumbs down for me.

    Comment by Craig on 1/11/08 at 11:24 am #
  23. ship as soon as possible

    Comment by sule abu on 4/27/08 at 8:20 am #
  24. I LOVE the dark chocolate Snickers! I have only been able to find them at one store, though…and it happens to be the store I hate…but…yeah; i’ll go in there for this candy bar!  whoo!

    Comment by A.D. on 10/21/09 at 3:29 am #
  25. I love this candy bar. I never liked dark chocolate until tried this one. You wrote just what I tasted as well. That dark chocolate and nuts go well together and to me very befitting to the caramel. This candy bar make bad days melt away…  I hate its a limited ed… Well,  enjoy them while they last

    Comment by angel on 9/22/10 at 8:28 pm #
  26. OMG, please oh please lord bring back the Snickers Dark!!

    And while I’m at it, I sure would love to see the 20 oz Black Cherry Vanilla Coke which has been gone now for almost 10 years I guess.  About 20 years ago when up north I had a limited edition Coffee Coke from Coke, not like a mix at a bar or something and HOLY SHITAKI!!!  IT was FANTASTIC…idk if it was because I was expecting a train wreck or what, but ZINNNNG was it delightful.  All the espresso idea’s mentioned also sounded SCRUMPTIOUS too.  Great site!

    But yes yes, please more SNICKERS DARK please…did i say please?

    Comment by David Dionne on 8/12/14 at 5:51 pm #
  27. For the people that didn’t like the Snickers Dark…and I’m not saying this happened to you but when I found them, I literally bought them by the box.  And every now and then, I’d get a TERRIBLE box, I remember thinking it had to have been an imposter box or counterfeit box…which is ridiculous but I certainly got some terrible boxes.  Now when I say terrible, I mean they were still excellent, just a FFFFAAAAARRRRRRR FAR cry from the normal snickers dark…. JEEEEBBBBUUUSSSSSSSS were they good!!!!!!  Both in the wrapper above years ago and then the MUCH more recent purple wrapper.

    Comment by David Dionne on 8/12/14 at 5:57 pm #
  28. A few weeks ago I inadvertently purchased a couple dark chocolate snickers bars at a gas station.  I didn’t notice the dark label and it wasn’t until later that day, after dark, when I needed a snickers snack.  I hadn’t eaten anything all day, and thought it was my hunger that made the first bar taste so good.  I finished both off and forgot about them.  A few days later that awesome flavor was still on my mind and I bought another snickers, regular this time.  What a letdown.  Later still, I was cleaning out the jeep and found the dark chocolate wrappers.  AHA I said to myself.  That’s why they tasted so good.  Sadly, I have not been able to find them since.

    Comment by oZ on 4/20/15 at 11:09 am #
  29. Would someone please tell me where all of the Dark Bars have gone? We so badly want to buy a few cases of Snickers Dark Bars?  Dying for that Snickers Dark Chocolate taste!

    Comment by DanBH on 5/15/15 at 6:41 pm #
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