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Runts Freckled Eggs

imageWonka makes a product called Runts, which are little fruit flavored & shaped compressed dextrose candies covered in a hard candy shell. They’re super cute. They’ve recently added a couple of flavors (some sort of blue balls and pink hearts), but the essence of Runts has always been quirky shapes to match the flavors.

The unique item about Runts has always been the banana. Love it or hate it, you can’t argue that it doesn’t look like a banana (but you’re welcome to argue that it doesn’t taste like one).

Enter the holiday version of Runts, the Runts Freckled Eggs. They’re little egg shaped Runts ... with freckles!


These Runts, as you can see, are egg shaped. They’re also spattered in a sassy way in different colors. There are four flavors: Orange, Blue Raspberry, Green Something and Strawberry. The spattering varies from egg to egg, which pleased me.

The candies themselves are fun, they’re kind of like Gobstoppers, they have a hard shell that feels cool on the tongue, it’s ultra smooth and sweet. Unlike Gobstoppers these shells are thin and you can crack open the candies to reveal the compressed dextrose (ala a SweeTart) candy inside. The candy center isn’t a tart as a SweeTart but more mellow. Not very flavorful either, but I could tell the difference between the flavors ... expect the green one. Sometimes I thought it was watermelon, sometimes green apple.

My complaint here is that there’s no banana. But if you approach these without any preconceptions attached to the all-season Runts, these are tasty and certainly a bit different than jelly beans and marshmallow eggs. I kind of liked the box too.

These were made in Mexico.

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Name: Wonka Runts Freckled Eggs
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Wonka (Nestle)
Place Purchased: Walgreen's (Echo Park)
Price: $.50
Size: 1.75 ounces
Calories per ounce: 101
Categories: Chalk, Mexico, Nestle, Easter

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  1. I’d guess green must be lime, judging from the limes on the box.

    Comment by Samantha on 3/21/07 at 8:13 am #
  2. These look cute, and I may have to try to find them.

    Comment by Russ on 3/21/07 at 8:33 am #
  3. If I am remembering correctly, I think that the regular green Runts used to be a tart lime.  They were changed sometime in or around the late 90’s (I used to get them from the vending machine in high school) to the watermelon/green apple flavor they are now.  I’m guessing the green eggs would be the same hard-to-pinpoint flavor.  When the regular runts changed flavor, they also changed size.  The lime ones were really small and… well, lime-shaped.

    Comment by Lindsay on 3/21/07 at 8:38 am #
  4. I haven’t had them in years but banana was always my favorite

    Comment by spit on 3/21/07 at 9:41 am #
  5. *recently* added pink hearts? Those were a regular part of the mix eons ago (last millenium fer sher) - I’m pretty sure they were strawberry. I haven’t had any lately, though (probably not in this millenium), so maybe they went away for awhile?

    Anyway, thanks for this review, I’ll keep an eye out for post-Easter sales. Although banana is the main reason to get Runts…

    Comment by Tricia on 3/21/07 at 9:43 am #
  6. The strawberry ones were my favorites, followed closely by the lime and blue (or maybe purple, I can’t remember) ones.  But I could do without the banana ones. I think I only at one of them ever. I might have to check these out as the flavor combo sounds right up my alley.

    Comment by g on 3/21/07 at 10:31 am #
  7. They’ve said it already, Cybele - the hearts have existed for quite a while (At least 12 years, cause I recall picking them out at age 6…)

    Pink Hearts = Strawberry
    Red Thingie = Cherry
    Banana = Banana
    Green lime = Lime? (Can’t tell, it always burned my tongue [chemical reaction?]}
    Blue = Blue Raspberry

    Comment by Tindy on 3/21/07 at 11:04 am #
  8. I liked Runts much less after the flavor swap, which happened in 2003.  I miss lime, but I’d really like a bag of Runts that was strawberry only.

    Comment by Dave on 3/21/07 at 2:04 pm #
  9. NO BANANA FLAVOR!?! But.. but… that’s the only reason I ever get Runts *sniff* T_T Who even eats the other flavors? =P

    Comment by Weya on 3/21/07 at 3:18 pm #
  10. Oddly enough, I am rather happy with the banana in Runts.  I’m allergic to real banana, never mind the fact that I can’t stand the smell, much less the taste, of a real banana.  So, the ‘fake’ banana has always been rather yummy to me, go figure.

    Comment by Maggi on 3/22/07 at 7:41 am #
  11. The new additions to Runts were actually the blue ones (shaped just like the cherries) and the green ones (blue raspberry and watermelon respectively). I believe there was once a green lime runt in Runt’s early history, but no more. I have always found the the green watermelon ones have a weird spicy bite/burn. I’m not sure they meant to do that.

    By the way, they have changed the flavor lineup again. In place of blue raspberry and watermelon, they now have pineapple and mango. The mango looks just like the watermelon ones, only dark orange. They’re pretty good. Also, cherry seems to have disappeared from the new lineup.

    Comment by Tracia Liang on 11/08/07 at 8:26 pm #
  12. Peloria's avatar

    Oh my, hadn’t seen these in a long time until I was surprised by a bag at my mom’s over Easter.  Swiped them all, and now cannot stop eating them. Must. Have. More.

    (and yes the green is Lime!  the long lost original flavor I love!)

    Comment by Peloria on 4/13/09 at 10:00 am #
  13. I love the Easter Runts.. (all but the green lime ones.. too tart for me.  I too wish there was bananna flavor too….  I just bought my last bag and will have to wait a whole year to get these again.  boo hoo…

    Comment by Pam on 4/14/09 at 8:29 am #
  14. The green flavor is lime.

    Comment by Max on 1/06/16 at 4:37 pm #
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