Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Milka NAPS Mix (Assortment)

Milka Naps MixOne of the most popular chocolate brands in Europe is Milka. It’s currently distributed by the international food conglomerate Kraft but began its existence as a family chocolate brand made by Suchard back in the early 20th century. I tried the version that’s available in the States about four years ago.

Milka is, of course, known as milky chocolate, very similar in profile and price to Cadbury. However, instead of putting vegetable oil in the chocolate, Milka uses just a touch of hazelnut paste.

Milka is now widely available in the United States but I wanted to pick up some while I was in Europe, just in case it was a little different. I did find this assortment called Milka NAPS Mix in Germany. It features four different varieties of tiny bars: Alpenmilch, Crunchy Caramel, Erdbeer & Creme au Cacao.

Milka Naps Mix

The little bars are about 4.25 grams, individually wrapped and easy to identify your favorite. The bars are about 1.5 inches long.


The traditional Milka is just as I remember it. Milky, sweet, smooth and not very chocolatey. They’re a good candy and at this size, and excellent little tough-covering pick me up. The hazelnut is just a light hint of roasted nuts, not like a thick gianduia. It’s much creamier than I recall the American packaged bar I tried, though as someone who likes a lot of either chocolate in my chocolate or hazelnuts in my gianduia, this didn’t quite fit my personal profile.

Milka Honeycomb

The Milka Crunchy Caramel is the same little bar with some toffee chips in it. (Not Daim chips, for some reason.) I liked the crunchy texture and light salty hint, though sometimes they tasted a bit like butterscotch and not quite like toffee. This was my favorite of the mix, now I’m sorry I didn’t pick up the Daim version of Milka.

Milka Strawberry

The Milka Erdbeer is the milk chocolate with dried strawberry bits in it. The strawberry bits taste real, but have a grainy quality to them that kind of ruins the texture of the chocolate at time. Still, the milk and strawberry flavor was great, it reminded me of neapolitan ice cream.

Milka Truffle

This was the only filled bar in the mix. The center was a thin little strip of chocolate creme. It really didn’t taste that much different than the standard Milka Bar, mostly because of the proportions. It had more of a chocolate frosting flavor to it though. It was my least favorite of the mix.

I like that Milka comes in so many different varieties and that the European versions also come in different sizes and seasonal variations. This box of chocolate though was a bit on the expensive side, compared to the large 100 gram (3.5 ounce) tablet bars at 3 Euros (about $4). Basically, I could have bought one of each of these varieties as a full sized bar for about the same amount of money, but had more than 3 times as much candy.

I have a dark chocolate version of a Milka bar at home, I’m hoping that’s a bit more to my personal liking, but mixes like this always have something to please most folks. (And I did finish most of the box without any help from anyone else.)

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Name: Milka NAPS Mix
Brand: Kraft
Place Purchased: Kaufhof (Cologne, Germany)
Price: $4.00 (3.00 Euros)
Size: 4.87 ounces
Calories per ounce: 150
Categories: Candy, Kraft/Mondelez, Chocolate, Nuts, Toffee, 7-Worth It, Germany

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  1. Hi Cybele, just curious what is the taste difference between toffee and butterscotch? Thank you!

    Comment by paulamaria on 3/15/11 at 4:22 pm #
  2. Have you ever had, or heard of, the Milka version that has pop rocks in it?  A co-worker of mine brought back a sampler bag from Israel, and they were delicious.  Now everytime I pass the ethnic area of the grocery aisle, I’m always on the lookout for them.

    Comment by Paul on 3/16/11 at 5:16 am #
  3. Wow. I bought a bag of these in Sweden before Christmas, but not with the Creme au Cacao. I wasn’t to impressed with them though. Remember them as better tasting when I was a child - probably before Kraft ruined them. Kraft has ruined every other brand I know so… :/

    Comment by Veronica on 3/22/11 at 4:42 am #
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