Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Toblerone Single Peaks

TobleroneWhen I was a kid one of the prized chocolate bars to get in a Christmas stocking was a Toblerone bar. They were huge and exotic. Pretty to look at and certainly unique in their composition: milk chocolate with almond nougat bits.

Times have changed and Toblorone aren’t so hard to find any longer. Toblerone is named for both the inventor of the confection, Theodor Tobler and torrones, the honey and almond nougat found in the chocolate. The shape is also distinctive (and protected by trademark), each piece a little triangle representing the Swiss Alps. The traditional bar is a series of twelve peaks. The single pieces are now sold in assortments and may be my perferred way of enjoying them.

The Toblerone is now made by Kraft, but before that it was made by Suchard (which was later swallowed by Kraft in Europe). Whether this has changed the quality of the chocolate is up for debate. I remember Toblerone being better when I was a kid, but there could be any number of reasons I appreciated it more.

The Milk Chocolate peak smells mildly of milk and coconut with a little chocolate touch. It has a pretty soft bite to it, so it’s not at all stiff and waxy. The honey notes of the hard nougat bits and almonds come out immediately, and if you’re a chewer, they add a little light texture. It’s rather sweet, but also rather different from the overtly milky Swiss chocolates I’ve become accustomed to.

Toblerone DarkThe second iteration of the Toblerone was Toblerone Dark in 1969.

It has a pleasant fruity overtone to the chocolate. It’s semi-sweet, so it’s not too dark, but still has a good melt. It’s a little grainy, a little chalky feeling towards the end but the abundant torrone bits kind of cover that up well.

The nutty notes from the nougat also blends well. This is the first time I think I’ve tried the dark bar, and it doesn’t really work for me. I’m completely missing the honey flavor from the nougat.

It’s very sweet: throat searingly sweet. It’s a good thing each piece is only two bites.

Toblerone WhiteToblerone White came along in 1973.

Though Toblerone calls this a “white confection” the fat in there is cocoa butter (so it really is white chocolate). So no worries about hydrogenated oils! It certainly smells strongly of Easter baskets and vanillin.

The milk flavors are very strong here, so strong it’s almost like eating a block of sweet vanilla cheese or something. The nice thing about it is that it does enhance the honey of the nougat,

Toblerone StackedNow this one is pretty cool. I have no idea what it’s called, as it’s not really on the Toblerone website. I’m calling it the Toblerone Stack and it features a hefty base of the traditional Milk Chocolate Toberlone and a little white cap of the White Toblerone.

Maybe they’re called Matterhorns. While the white chocolate one was far too much white chocolate, the balance of 3 to 1 milk chocolate actually works here.

The white chocolate makes the honey and vanilla notes pop even more and the milk chocolate keeps it grounded with the chocolate flavors. I know there used to be a candy bar in the States that had a trio of flavors stacked, the only current mass-produced bar I could find is the Australian Nestle Triple Decker (contains Strawberry, Milk & White).

Toblerone FilledThe Toblerone Praline was introduced in 1997. It may be the only format they’re available in (I’ve never seen them in bar form). They come in a smart red wrapper.

The outside shell is pure milk chocolate, no nougat bits in there. The inside is a softer chocolate cream studded with the almond and honey torrone. There seems to be a larger proportion of almonds in there than usual as well.

It has a very distinct and creamy melt like a truffle, but completely lacking in the honey flavors and coconut scent of the original Milk Chocolate.

I really like these Single Peaks and would love to buy them for Christmas for putting in stockings or perhaps just in a candy dish. I don’t think they’d quite work for Halloween as an individually wrapped candy. Besides the fact that they’re probably absurdly expensive for giving away to kids you don’t even know the wrappers aren’t sealed (just twisted) so it’s possible that vigilant parents would just throw them out (or maybe they’d take them from the kids pointing out that they weren’t sealed to protect them but actually eat them).

I got these as samples from All Candy Expo but of course there’s no American website just for Toblerone, but here’s the page on the Kraft site.

Has anyone seen them in stores?

Name: Toblerone Assortment
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Kraft
Place Purchased: samples from All Candy Expo
Price: unknown
Size: unknown
Calories per ounce: 146 (varies)
Categories: ChocolateNougat, Nuts, White Chocolate, Switzerland, Kraft, Kosher

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  1. Never saw them in stores, but I’ve had a couple. They’re nearly as good as the bars and only gets points off because of their size.

    For me, for candy, bigger is most nearly always better.

    I wish I had a whole dish of them (just to look at, of course), because they’re nearly as pretty as they are tasty!

    Mmmm. Toblerone.

    Comment by Russ on 10/24/07 at 1:10 pm #
  2. I think I saw these at Walgreens this morning… I almost bought a box.  I think they were called One by Ones.

    I’m pretty fond of Toblerone.  I’ve never tried the latter two varieties, so I think I’ll have to pick that box up after all!

    Comment by Alicia on 10/24/07 at 1:13 pm #
  3. I’ve seen these at Wal-Mart.  I had my first ever Toblerone last week and thought it was good, but not fantastic.  I still may try these though, based on your review.

    Comment by Jane on 10/24/07 at 1:27 pm #
  4. Oooo, have any more infor on this Australian Nestle Triple Decker? Sounds like something I need to try!

    Comment by Sera on 10/24/07 at 3:22 pm #
  5. I agree with Russ.  I don’t know why they call the little bitty candy bars “fun size.”  To me, the fun size are the real big ones!

    As for parents taking away kids’ candy that they want for themselves, I remember having a trick-or-treater a few years ago consisting of a non-costumed young woman with her WEEK OLD BABY in a pumpkin outfit.  That was the mom taking advantage of a kid to get candy for herself.  I don’t approve.  I’m lucky that I work at begging time now.

    Comment by Dave on 10/24/07 at 4:40 pm #
  6. Actually the Cadbury triple decker has a few versions. There was the strawbery, white and milk choc. A raspberry, white and milk. A dark white and milk and I believe a caramel, white and milk.
    The Toblerone ‘stack’ more closely resembles the double decker though which is just white ontop of milk (tastey).

    Comment by leigh on 10/24/07 at 5:32 pm #
  7. I haven’t seen these mini ones and I always keep an eye out for the Toblerone (one of my fiance’s favorites).

    Comment by Abi on 10/24/07 at 6:27 pm #
  8. I’ve also seen them sold at walgreens in a box, my husband frequently picks them up for his “movie candy”.  I totally agree with all your findings on them, they are quite good and we do keep a bowl of them around the holidays…well we try to keep a full bowl of them around the holidays grin

    Comment by Sherry on 10/25/07 at 3:03 am #
  9. I have not had the pleasure of tasting the newer varieties of Toblerone.  I am definetly going to check the candy aisles of the my regular shopping spots for the white chocolate, praline, and the double decker.

    Comment by S. Moore on 10/25/07 at 6:51 am #
  10. I haven’t seen these but what cute gift ideas! I would particularly like the Toblerone stack - a sampling of different kinds of their chocolate! Mmm…

    Comment by Hillary on 10/25/07 at 9:26 am #
  11. You can buy them as an assortment at Wal-Mart.  They’ve been there for a while - I reviewed them in April, so odds are good they’re going to be there for a while.  I love Toblerone.

    Comment by Rebecca on 10/26/07 at 4:51 pm #
  12. I work at a supermarket in the UK and a customer bought these just the other day. I haven’t seen them before so I think they might be a christmas thing here.
    They look nice but I’ve never been a big fan of Toblerone.

    Comment by Rachel on 10/28/07 at 4:48 am #
  13. I have a soft spot for Toblerone - we modified Toblerone wrappers to make a birth announcement for one of our children (like the “Hereheis” hershey’s wrappers, only more upscale!) (we got a local store to sell us a case at a discount) They were very cute (if I do say so myself!) and well appreciated. I didn’t realize at the time that they were owned by Kraft, but it certainly explains why it was easy to order them.

    Comment by Tricia on 10/28/07 at 4:25 pm #
  14. just picked up a box of assorted toblerones at Bed bath and beyond. One by ones

    Comment by bnug on 11/02/07 at 3:57 am #
  15. I’ve seen these at Shaw’s in Boston and at the Duty Free in the airport.

    Comment by Kacie on 11/03/07 at 6:43 am #
  16. Just so as to clear it up for you, the milk and white toblerone is officially called Toblerone Snow-capped.

    Y’know, like a mountain would be.


    Comment by Erling G on 11/18/07 at 12:54 am #
  17. So so cute! I love these

    Comment by ksera on 2/05/08 at 2:31 pm #
  18. Just a small note:
    I remember seeing (and eating) the praline version a few years ago, probably bought on a ferry between Sweden and Finland, or an airport or something. It came in smaller versions of the classic bar, of 50 grams, and then a really small version of only three peaks in an assorted bag. I think, but might be wrong, that it was available in a 100 gram version as well.
    The packaging was blue.

    Sadly I don’t keep up with candy or chocolate much nowadays, so I have no idea if these are gone forever from all markets.

    Comment by Aspsusa on 3/29/08 at 2:26 pm #
  19. I’ve seen them at various Walgreen stores, but I’ve never had a Toblorone bar, nor do I want one.

    Comment by Meghan on 4/24/08 at 8:09 pm #
  20. Is a nice idea, cute. And better than having to eat the whole thing.

    Comment by joaquin on 6/18/08 at 10:12 am #
  21. These are probably better than the bars, just from a design standpoint. One of my problems with the bar is how hard they are to eat. Distinctive looking yes—but hard to eat. If you doubt me, try eating one on the run, in between tearing off the recalcitrant foil and endeveouring to break off a piece and trying not to puncture the roof of your mouth—well, you get the notion.

    The other odd thing about these is that the honey nougat is sold on the wrapper, but I defy anyone to taste it in the bar. Pretty good chocolate—but then you just get unsatisfying flecks of something. And that’s true of both the dark and the milk.

    My verdict? Pass. You can get the quality chocolate other places, and there’s too many other downsides here.

    Comment by doug on 7/27/08 at 6:12 pm #
  22. In Switzerland we call the whit tipped singular Toblerone pieces “classical Toblerone with white tip”. Very creative, I know, but thats what it says on the package. grin I really like that you call them Matterhorns though, that seems more appropriate!!

    Comment by Miss Peaches on 8/09/11 at 1:10 am #
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