Friday, August 2, 2013

Lindt Hello Coffee Blast (Limited Edition)

Lindt Hello Coffee BlastThe new Lindt Hello line is rolling out, so I picked up a few bars to sample at Target. One is the Lindt Hello Coffee Blast which is part of their Limited Edition summer flavors.

The front of the package asks, “Feeling hot? Have a shot!” followed by a little heart.

The bar is big and has nicely formed, milk chocolate domed sections which hold the coffee flavored filling. The ingredients are interesting because sugar is so prominent in them, as is vegetable oil (in the form of coconut, palm and palm kernel) but coffee and milk are pretty high up there, too.

It smells good, a little sugary but with a burnt and toasted smell of fresh coffee as well.

Lindt Hello Coffee Blast

At first I found the bar extremely sweet. The milk chocolate is sticky on the tongue, though has a smooth melt. The filling is interesting, because at first I just thought it was a cream with a touch of coffee flavoring. Instead it’s layered - there’s a coffee sort of ganache layer that has crystals or crunchies of actual coffee in it. Then there’s the milky layer, which is a little tangy but not as sweet as I’d expected, so it balances out some of the bitter and very strong notes of the coffee (barley malt powder is listed on the ingredients, that may be in the cream to tone down the sweetness).

As I noted on the previous Nougat Crunch bar, all the Lindt Hello products are milk or white chocolate. I like the flavor profile of this one, but the cream fillings leave me a little on the overstuffed but not quite satisfied side of things. (I have this issue with the much oilier Lindor Truffles.) Lindt was one of the first very dark chocolates I got into sometime in the last century, I’d like to see them add more of that to this line.

Lindt is engaged in a program to create complete traceability for their ingredients, including labor conditions and sustainability for their cocoa but they don’t specifically say anything about palm oils. The package says it may contain peanuts and/or tree nuts. Contains soy, milk and because there’s barley malt, I’d say it’s not gluten free, either.

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Name: Hello Coffee Blast
Brand: Lindt
Place Purchased: Target (Eagle Rock)
Price: $2.00 (on sale)
Size: 3.5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 156
Categories: Candy, Lindt, Chocolate, Coffee, Limited Edition, 7-Worth It, Germany, Target

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  1. I walked uptown to the Lindt store purchased a Hello my name is coffee blast i really like this bar i think it is quite yummy!I also left the store with other goodies as well!!!

    Comment by artemis on 8/06/13 at 6:50 pm #
  2. Really want to try this variety unfortunately in Blighty we currently only have four and only at participating retailers.

    Comment by Roy on 8/07/13 at 3:19 am #
  3. Wondering if anyone has located the Lime Splash at their local Target. I’m in Michigan, and none of the three stores in my area carry it yet.

    Comment by Nosh And Tell on 8/11/13 at 3:51 pm #
  4. Reallly great product full of taste at the evening hours when reading a book or watching TV. Rich n the coffee flavor as well as the chocolate. Thank you for a great candy bar

    Comment by Linda gilliamg on 4/29/17 at 11:53 am #
  5. can I still buy the chocolate bar anywhere, I have been searching for a coffee bar but never seem to find it.

    Comment by Nicolene on 6/01/17 at 6:55 am #
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