Monday, October 24, 2011

La Pone Jordan Almonds

La Pone Jordan AlmondsJordan Almonds are one of the oldest confections. Panning nuts with a hard sugar shell is not only a beautiful way to serve nuts, it also seals the nuts up so that they don’t get rancid.

I picked up this cheap box at Rite Aid a few weeks ago because it was on sale for 75 cents but it’s not the first time I’ve purchased them. I picked them up on sale before, about three years ago when I took these photos. No, the packaging hasn’t changed. In fact, the copyright on the box says 1999 (but the expiration date for this box was December 2011).

I’ve never heard of the brand La Pone which is a division of Kings Candy Company. But I figured Jordan Almonds are all kinda the same.

I was encouraged that these were Thin Shell, as sometimes the sugar coating is so thick as to scare me that it’s really a candy encased rock.

La Pone Jordan Almonds

The sugar coated almonds come in a variety of soft pastel colors: pink, yellow, orange and green plus a bright pink. They’re shiny and huge. At first I thought it was because the almonds were really big, but it turns out that the shell is really thick. So thick that I have to wonder what their regular non-“Thin Shell” version is like.

They were hard, definitely not something to just mindlessly crunch away at. The shell is sweet, but not sticky or sickly. The nuts are fresh and chewy but not quite crunchy. I didn’t get any fake flavors like a lot of vanilla or almond extract, though an unnamed artificial flavor is on the ingredients.

The shell made me nervous, and I’m not good at sucking on things until I can crunch them. They’re pretty cheap, even at regular price which seems to be about $1.25 when I’ve seen them. It’s a nice snack that cuts down on the overall calorie load of plain nuts (almonds area bout 160 calories per ounce, these are 127 calories per ounce). The shell definitely kept me from gobbling them up too quickly.

The colors are inoffensive. This sort of packaging isn’t quite right for weddings or favors, but as a sort of way to bring back that wedding feeling they’ll do in a pinch.

(Also of concern in the ingredients is flour, so this is off limits for gluten free folks. They’re Kosher and otherwise vegan as long as you’re good with artificial colors and titanium dioxide.)

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Name: Thin Shell Jordan Almonds
Brand: Kings Candy Company
Place Purchased: Rite Aid (Echo Park)
Price: $.75 (on sale)
Size: 4 ounces
Calories per ounce: 127
Categories: Candy, Nuts, 6-Tempting, United States, Rite Aid

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  1. I used to work in a movie theater, which had these in the sold-by-weight candy cart.  Two things:

    1.  These are REALLY heavy.  In 1995, the candy cart stuff was $2.75 per quarter pound.  For some items, that wasn’t too bad, but that’s about 6 Jordan Almonds.  People were mad.

    2.  Jordan Almonds shatter like glass when they hit a ceramic tile over concrete slab floor.  Like glass.

    Comment by Dave on 10/24/11 at 6:25 pm #
  2. how do you check the expiration code, the code on my box is 104613. thanks

    Comment by teresa perez on 3/14/13 at 5:54 pm #
  3. Hello, I bought these exact jordan almonds at a rite aid store in Holland michigan, but that’s the only place I can find them! Is there any way I can get a customer service number for lapone thin shell jordan almonds? Or a list of stores that carry them where I can purchase? Thank you!

    Comment by christina on 11/25/13 at 5:30 pm #
  4. How do read date codes on thin shell jordan almonds?  The code on the box is 123913. Could you explain it so I can check other codes as well? Thanks in advance

    Comment by Marilyn on 12/19/13 at 6:14 am #


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