Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hoppin’ down the bunny trail

Easter is in full swing as the Valentine’s candies are gone from the shelves and replaced by a profusion of pastels. It comes a bit earlier this year, March 23rd.

I did my regular seasonal circuit of the major retailers to see what was returning, absent and new:

Easter Eggs

There’s a hoarde of new eggs this year. Notably from Russell Stover (who has always done the larger enrobed eggs). I’ll have a roundup of those later next week and even a new one from Princess for UK readers.

Raspberry 3 Musketeers at RiteAidI found the Dark Chocolate Rasperry 3 Musketeers Minis at RiteAid (but not Walgreen’s, Target or CVS). I’ve heard tale that there are also Orange, but I haven’t found those yet. (See Gigi’s review.)

SweeTarts Bunnies, Chicks and DucksWonka has again mucked up the classicly wonderful SweeTarts Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies. The first year I reviewed them they contained Grape, Apple, Lemon & Cherry. Last year the lemon were dropped. This year they replaced the Apple with Blue Tropical Punch. Yuck. I am official on the wagon and refuse to buy these any longer as the only ones I’m interested in now are the Grape.

On the Jelly Bean front, Smarties have come out with their own Jelly Bean brand. They look a whole lot like the pre-existing SweeTart ones, so I’ll have a head to head on that.

Wonka has introduced Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans. I was dubious, but think of them like a cross between Chewy Lemonheads and Nerds.

Jelly Belly Bunny CornI’ve seen some “bunny corn” but still no sightings of the spring mix MelloCremes from Brach’s. You can get a quasi-substitute from Jelly Belly though.

Hershey's Coconut Creme KissesHershey’s has plenty of Kisses to chose from, including the return of the Coconut Creme Kiss, Vanilla Creme, Orange Creme & Lemon Creme, Pastel foil versions of regular, caramel, almond and dark chocolate and Pastel Kissables.

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  1. The Nerds Bumpy Beans are great!  Especially if you are normally a Nerds Fan.  Love yellow lemon ones best!

    Comment by Rebecca on 2/28/08 at 9:35 am #
  2. Cybele, I found the Orange 3 Musketeers in Wal-Mart. They’re horrid, no orange flavor at all. Don’t waste your time. wink

    Comment by Sera on 2/28/08 at 10:38 am #
  3. You’re missing a few eggs in the lineup.. where are the cadbury orange creme, cadbury caramel, or RS chocolate creme? Hehe..

    The Russell Stover eggs are certainly of lesser quality than their traditional “half-eggs,” as I call them. I was quite disappointed after picking a few up the other day - I expected better.

    I’m not sure why they keep messing with the SweeTarts, but i’ll still have to pick a bag up soon. And that darn bunny corn is just too delicious to resist. I’m enjoying the constant reviews. Keep it up!

    Comment by Ryan on 2/29/08 at 4:09 am #
  4. I have also seen the orange musketeers at Wal-mart, but the bag is only that flavor, and I wasn’t going to buy a whole bag in case I didn’t like them. I would probably buy a whole bag of the Raspberry ones though, since I prefer darker chocolate and love raspberry and chocolate in combination.  Given Sera’s comment above, I’m glad I didn’t buy them. maybe on clearance.

    Comment by Jim Kosmicki on 2/29/08 at 5:55 am #
  5. Thanks for the heads up Ryan on the new RS eggs. (I’ll be reviewing them still, of course.)

    I’ve already reviewed the Cadbury Orange & Caramel Eggs ... I just put the classic Creme Egg in the lineup as a comparison (kind of like using a quarter for scale).

    Jim - as Gigi noted in the Orange 3M review, it’s milk chocolate, which I found a little odd. I’m wondering if they’re only at WalMart though, as that’s the only place I’ve heard folks have found them.

    Rebecca - I found the Nerds beans so odd and so fun, really a great twist on the standard jelly bean.

    Comment by cybele on 2/29/08 at 1:51 pm #
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew where you could purchase the milka scoops in the u.s. I love them!

    Comment by kathleen mccomick on 3/11/08 at 3:22 pm #
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