Friday, July 21, 2006

Mega Smarties

Everything’s better when it’s big!


These are big Smarties. Yeah, there are two rolls of Smarties there in the picture. One is a regular sized roll and the other are the new gigantor Smarties.


Each Mega Smartie is the same diameter as a quarter and tastes suspiciously like a regular Smartie. (Yes, those are Mega Smarties with regular Smarties on top to show scale ... Mega Smarties do not come with hats.)

Really, there’s very little difference except that for the first time I was able to taste the actual vague flavor of each of the Smarties colors. Not that there’s a lot of it. Not that I want a lot of flavor in my Smarties. They’re plesantly sweet and tart and dissolve quickly on the tongue. If I have any complaint with the Mega Smarties, it’s that they’re not quite as crumbly. There’s something so light and chalky about the demi-Smarties that allows them to enter the bloodstream instantly.

If there’s one thing to recommend Mega Smarties, it’s because they’re now in a single-serving package, you should be able to find them with other candy bars instead of in with the bulk and fun sized bags. I usually only pick up Smarties at Halloween, because that’s the easiest time to find them in the large bags ... see how clever they are!

(The weird thing is that I didn’t know what to call these. The label just refers to them as Smarties with no reference to the size. The website doesn’t say anything about Mega Smarties even existing.)

Name: Mega Smarties
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Smarties (Ce De Candies)
Place Purchased: Savon (Hollywood)
Price: $.50
Size: $2.25 ounces
Calories per ounce: 100
Categories: Sour, Ce De Candies, United States

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  1. It’s about time that they made a Smarties product as a single serving item!  They’ve long been my favorite candy, and I’m happy that I can now get my fix without having to buy a big bag, which I’ve often eaten in one sitting.

    Comment by Alex on 7/21/06 at 7:32 am #
  2. How mysterious. I like how you have them stacked up like Devo hats.

    Comment by rachel on 7/21/06 at 8:59 am #
  3. I feel ridiculous…It took me a few seconds to realise they were stacked. I thought “Woah, plug shaped chalky candy things! They won’t fit into that tube…Something’s wr- ooooh!”

    They look rather like indigestion tablets.

    Comment by GTO on 7/21/06 at 12:37 pm #
  4. Aww, they looked like candy legos.

    Comment by eliza on 7/21/06 at 12:54 pm #
  5. They look nice. Absolutely *nothing* like the Smarties we have here though (which are more like multi-coloured M&Ms;).

    Comment by Dom on 7/21/06 at 2:33 pm #
  6. I wonder how the wrappers for those would work in this Candy Wrapper Bracelet

    You probably could make a zillion of these, lol!

    Large Smarties . . . do they have a higher IQ?  Hee.  I like your note about the texture, because that’s the kind of thing I wonder about when they enlarge a candy.  Wonder if too many large smarties crumbled on the assembly line without tweaking . . . do those get labeled, “Not So Smarties?”  Hee hee.

    Comment by Sara on 7/21/06 at 6:04 pm #
  7. Oh yum. I need to get some of those, like right now.

    Comment by Shauna on 7/22/06 at 3:30 pm #
  8. Hmm…I wonder how many Mega Smarties I could fit into my mouth?

    Comment by Marvo on 7/23/06 at 12:55 pm #
  9. yay! i love these. i got some while traveling this weekend. still have a few left in the roll. that never happens with normal smarties!

    Comment by pam on 7/24/06 at 8:08 am #
  10. I saw these yesturday in a candy store, the box calls them “Giant” Smarties.

    Comment by Sera on 7/24/06 at 4:47 pm #
  11. I think we call these “rockets” here in Canada. Here, Smarties are candy coated chocolate - very interesting to see what you guys get!

    Comment by Knitty-kat on 7/24/06 at 5:32 pm #
  12. Cybele's avatar

    Alex - I pretty much won’t buy a whole bag because I KNOW I’ll eat them all.

    Sera - here’s the weird thing, I saw GIANT Smarties and MEGA Smarties side by side over the weekend - the Giant are smaller than the Mega ... they’re just doing this to confuse us!

    GTO - a lot of those “chalk” candies do look rather medicinal! It’s a wonder anyone eats them at all.

    Pam - what?! it’s not possible to have leftover Smarties!

    Marvo - 1.78 rolls of mega smarties ... unless your mouth is watering.

    Sara - they actually do make a noise when you clink them together. Not quite as much as bottlecaps or sweetarts though.

    Dom - good point, I forgot to include the link to this other post where I covered that here, because I know some folks have been confused!

    Eliza - I think there is a kind of candy lego out there ... I haven’t gotten the nerve to buy them though.

    Comment by Cybele on 7/26/06 at 7:08 pm #
  13. oh…now i feel ashamed. unworthy of the giant smarties. now i have to find these mega ones! are they even bigger?? woah.

    (but in my defense, a one lb bag of smarties only lasts a few days. ONE POUND. my dentist loves me.)

    Comment by Pam on 7/27/06 at 3:28 am #
  14. I bought some of these at 7-11 the other day and was so excited. I just kept walking around with them and pulling them out of my pocket as I talked to people and they’d freak out.

    I thought they were a little harder than normal Smarties, too, which was kinda disappointing. But they were still softer than a SweetTart. They packed a little tartness in there too. I enjoyed them.

    Comment by Dave on 7/28/06 at 12:21 pm #
  15. In Canada (where I’m from) they also have Sour Rockets (your version of the Smarties) which is a pleasant treat. Although i do admit that after dissolving a few in your mouth, your tongue starts to get that burning feeling. They’re also “mega” sized. Which is kinda weird.

    Comment by Silver on 10/16/06 at 9:35 pm #
  16. Where do I buy these big Smarties??

    Comment by Jeff Scattareggia on 12/19/06 at 12:27 pm #
  17. This is for Marvo. I bot 6 packages of mega Smarties, and gave two packets to 2 of my friends.These are the resaults.
    Friend#2:9 (wimp)

      It was a tie!

    Comment by Katie on 4/02/07 at 12:41 pm #
  18. I was at the Sweet Factory and saw this candy that was called Candy Blox.They looked just like candy legos! I was so surprised when i saw them because i remembered this blog and thoght i should tell you. i bought a few and there not half bad. you should try some just head down to the valencia town center in valencia California.

    Comment by Katie on 4/18/07 at 12:36 pm #
  19. Cybele's avatar

    Katie - I found the candy blox too! Here’s the blog post about them.

    Comment by Cybele on 4/18/07 at 12:43 pm #
  20. Hi,

    Are Smarties flavored and what are the corresponding flavors to the colors?


    Comment by Shiloh on 5/10/07 at 7:43 am #
  21. Mega Smarties are a favorite in our house, but not for the reasons many have.  My son has type 1 diabetes.  We just discovered Mega Smarties at Cracker Barrel two weeks ago.  When I spotted them I about flipped.  They are the exact same size as glucose tablets (pure sugar tablets) but taste a million times better!  We usually carry the regular sized Smarties around to bring up low blood sugar until now.  We’ll be forever customers of Mega Smarties!  And better yet, they are a fraction of the price!

    Comment by Wendy on 8/17/07 at 7:50 am #
  22. I was thrilled to see your write up on the large Smarties.  I was in Augusta Maine at a convenience store about 3-4 years ago when I spied the mega Smarties.  I bought one pack and soon regretted not having bought the entire box, since I haven’t been able to find them anywhere since.  They were terrific, just like the small ones only bigger.  I especially liked the fact that I didn’t have to keep unwrapping small packs, undoubtedly dropping one or two, and popping the entire contents in my mouth to achieve the desired experience (and no little wrappers to be bothered with).  I’d love to know where I can find them again.

    Comment by Laurie on 9/04/07 at 8:30 am #

    Comment by becca on 11/01/07 at 2:13 pm #
  24. HEY! At Powell’s Sweet Shoppe they have 4 kinds of Smarties. The huge roll called Mega-Smarties, a medium roll and the original (now small) roll. They also have sour Smarties!


    Comment by Shiloh on 11/09/07 at 11:51 am #
  25. I’ve run across these a few times; they’re good but for some reason I still tend to prefer the original small Smarties.  Maybe because it’s slightly amusing to fish out a couple of each flavor from a roll to eat at the same time? 

    BTW, yellow is pineapple and white is lemon.  In case anyone here was trying to make a lemon-lime combination with the yellow ones and wondered why it didn’t quite turn out that way:-)

    Comment by glucose gourmand on 2/10/08 at 8:32 pm #
  26. Hello glucose gourmand,

    Do you know the rest of the flavors?

    Thank you,

    Comment by Shiloh on 2/12/08 at 11:43 am #
  27. someone said white smarties were lemon. according to ce de candy co the white are an “orange-cream” flavor. i have nt heard back yet on the other flavors. does anyone know the rest of them (yellow, orange, pink, green, purple)?

    Comment by gregory purvis on 5/01/08 at 8:13 pm #
  28. What is the knock off candy like smarties?  Its driving me nuts.  It looks just like them but they are harder….help!

    Comment by donna on 5/03/08 at 8:44 am #
  29. Sweet Tarts I think is what you are asking about.

    Comment by Wendy on 5/04/08 at 9:06 am #
  30. The orange ones taste like orange baby aspirin.  But they’re safe in large quantities! Yum!

    Comment by Scissorbill on 9/19/08 at 7:24 am #
  31. I just found out about these big smarties. You can order them on ebay. I have tried the giant and the mega. The giant smarties taste exactly like the regular little one, but the mega have a different texture. I like the mega becasue I can put one in each cheek at work and they last a long time. That is good for me because I don’t have to eat as many. After they’ve been in my cheek for a while (10 minutes) they do crumble on my tongue.

    I was substitute teaching the other day and I had some little smarties in a bowl, and one of the kids (high school) asked me if they were pills.

    Comment by Kathy on 3/30/09 at 10:40 am #
  32. Isn’t that ebay something? I found boxes of Wonka Shockers at an incredible price there.

    Has anyone noticed a change in the recipe for the original sized Smarties? My husband says the last batch didn’t seem to be as good as usual.

    My favorite color are the white ones.


    Comment by E on 3/30/09 at 1:48 pm #
  33. Cybele's avatar

    E - it’s possible that the white did change. I believe some Smarties production was moved to Canada.

    Comment by Cybele on 3/30/09 at 1:51 pm #
  34. Luckily I have some older Smarties in a vacuumed sealed bag. I know, how crazy.

    Thank for the info. Do you know the flavors of the Smarties?

    Comment by E on 3/30/09 at 2:34 pm #
  35. Heh, my first reaction to seeing these when they arrived at the store I work at was to call them ‘Mega Smarties!’. I bought 4 rolls, because I’m a geek like that. XD

    Comment by Nikki on 4/11/09 at 11:35 pm #
  36. Good that you bought 4, they can go quick!

    Still searching for all the flavors:)


    Comment by E on 4/14/09 at 1:30 pm #
  37. all i wont to know is how to make smaties

    Comment by m on 7/17/09 at 5:19 pm #
  38. all i want to know is how much color is in a smartie?

    Comment by s on 11/16/09 at 5:57 am #
  39. Ugh, I just ate a whole roll of these and feel kind of sick. They really do go straight to your blood stream. I really enjoyed them while I was eating them, though.

    Comment by Shannon on 3/15/10 at 11:16 am #
  40. Hi Shannon,

    Can you tell what flavor the different colors are?

    Thank you!

    Comment by e on 3/17/10 at 4:26 pm #
  41. are they hard to break down and smoke or are they easy like the originals?

    Comment by Joshua on 9/08/11 at 6:31 pm #
  42. My goodness I love smarties so much especially the giant ones. I like it when they have the soft texture to it because I just keep chewing them and chewing them. I can eat them all day. I am seriously obsessed with this candy. The mystery ones have mixed flavor but nothing beats the original I also love the tropical flavored ones but they don’t make that in the mega size hopefully they will soon. sometime I crush them up into powder and eat them like they’re fun dip.yeah I got issues issues but I love my smarties

    Comment by Natasha on 12/30/16 at 5:26 pm #
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