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Candy Tease: Sweets & Snacks Expo 2011 Part 2

imageName: Tic Tac Strawberry Fields plus Cherry Cola & Lemon Lime Fizz
Brand: Ferrero USA, Inc
Description: Tic Tac Strawberry Fields is our newest fruit flavor sensation! Tic Tac Strawberry Fields is a blend of sweet and tart strawberry flavored Tic Tac mints, the perfect way to escape into pure sweet indulgence!  Later in the summer try our refreshing, fizzing and electrifying new flavors for Summer 2012; Cherry Cola and Lemon Lime Fizz. Experience them and satisfy your thirst in a new way! 
Introduction Date: 6/1/2011 & 7/1/2011
Notes: Tic Tacs are veering away from mint these days with fruity flavors. Strawberry Fields strikes me as an ideal flavor adaptation, I’m surprised it hasn’t existed up until now. I’m really excited by the soda flavors and hope that maybe we can get a Root Beer someday. (The copy I was given says that the Cherry Cola & Lemon Lime Fizz were to be introduced both July 2011 and Summer 2012, I don’t know if one, both or neither are accurate.)

imageName: Gimbal’s SOUR LOVERS
Brand: Gimbal’s Fine Candies
Description: NEW Sour Lovers! Sour Lovers is made with Real Fruit Juice and bursts with Real Sour Flavor. Sour through and through, Sour Lovers is High in Antioxidant Vitamin C with each serving supplying 25% Daily Vitamin C Requirement. Sour Lovers heart shaped candies feature 12 awesome true-to-life flavors! This unique and delicious assortment includes Pomegranate, Strawberry Daiquiri, Sour Blueberry, Mango, Georgia Peach, Fuji Apple, Bing Cherry, Meyer Lemon, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Tangerine and Baja Margarita.
Introduction Date: 03/01/11
Notes: This continues the line of Gimbal’s “Lovers” series of large jelly bean style candies they’ve been introducing over the past three seasons, the first was Cherry Lovers followed by Honey Lovers. I was so intrigued by this one though, since it includes Grapefruit and Tangerine that I ordered some online and I hope to have them next week for review. These appear to be sour sanded candies, not a smooth jelly bean shell, but I won’t know until I get to see them up close. Also of note, Gimbal’s facilities are free of the eight major food allergens and are Kosher, so they’re very inclusive of most folks with food origin/ingredient/manufacturing concerns.

imageName: PEEPS Chocolate Dipped Chicks in a Caramel Flavor
Brand: Just Born
Description: Chocolate Dipped Chicks for all seasons in a variety of different colors and/or flavors. They are all available in both Milk and Dark Chocolate.
Season Availability:
Easter offers Chocolate Dipped Chicks coated in yellow sugar.
Valentine’s Day offers Chocolate Dipped Chicks in Strawberry Creme Flavor.
Halloween offers Chocolate Dipped Chicks coated in orange sugar.
Christmas offers Chocolate Dipped Chicks in a Caramel Flavor.

Introduction Date: 7/1/2011
Notes: I think the chocolate flavored dark chocolate dipped PEEPS Chicks were the best Peeps ever. The caramel ones sound intriguing, especially if there’s a hint of salt in them. Next they should make an Espresso version. I say should as a suggestion, not a prediction.

imageName: Quench Grape
Brand: Mueller Sports Medicine
Description: Best-Selling Sports Gum in America now available in Juicy New Flavor! New Quench Grape will be added to our current assortment of mouthwatering flavors - Original lemon, juicy orange and tangy fruit. In addition, Quench is unveiling a whole new look to its products to coincide with the addition of grape with eye-catching packaging and merchandising displays.
Introduction Date: 06/01/2011
Notes: I did not even know there was a category of “sports gum.” Grape Bubble Yum was one of my favorites as a kid, even though I can’t stand it as an adult ... and I also chewed my fair share of Quench when I was a kid as well. So you can imagine the waves of nostalgia this combination is generating for me. (Of course I expect that would be short lived, I’d chew a few pieces and be satisfied until the next nostalgic kick was engaged some years later ... I’m probably not the target market.)

All images courtesy of the respective manufacturer.

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  1. I believe you are correct about the “Sour Lovers Mix.”  They just had a segment about these on that goofy Food Network show, “Kid in a Candy Store,” and they appeared to be a sanded product (but sour both in the interior and in the sanding).

    Comment by Ruffy- on 5/11/11 at 12:34 pm #
  2. ooo, i’m excited for the sour lovers mix. after easter gimbal’s had little bags of sour bunnies on sale and i practically bought them out, and seeing as these have nine more flavors..yum! it’s the perfect balance of sour~

    Comment by Asia on 5/11/11 at 12:51 pm #
  3. When I was a kid, I used to love “Gatorgum.”  The only place I ever saw it was the local sporting goods store, and it was supposed to quench your thirst by, I guess, making you salivate.  It was a sour lemon-lime flavor and I chewed it constantly.

    Comment by Dennis on 5/11/11 at 2:54 pm #
  4. Nice article, as a sweet lover myself these look all too tempting. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Neil Minerallife King on 5/11/11 at 8:29 pm #
  5. That’s one thing I see less and less of: grape flavored gum.  Grape Hubba Bubba was my absolute favorite, but they just won’t bring it back!  I’d be happy with Quench, though, as I was also a big fan of Gatorgum back in the day…

    Comment by Jaycatt on 5/13/11 at 9:49 am #
  6. I also used to love Gatorgum.

    On a separate note whatever happened to the Angell Bar reviews?

    Comment by Scott on 5/13/11 at 12:52 pm #
  7. Also curious about the what happened to the Angell Bar reviews. I just found out about them at Snacks & Sweets this year, and was curious if you’d done a review. Looks like you did, but it’s not online anymore?

    Comment by karen on 5/27/11 at 7:31 pm #
  8. Cybele's avatar

    Scott & karen - I wanted to get another set of bars for the review and also wait until they showed up in stores. (I know that readers get frustrated when I write about stuff that isn’t actually available.)

    I finally found them at a natural food store by my office. First review went up today for the dark chocolate, vegan one.

    Comment by Cybele on 6/02/11 at 2:47 pm #
  9. I have been looking for Cherry Cola, and Lemon Lime Fizz everywhere and I have never been able to find them! Has anyone seen them out? Help!

    Comment by Hailey Buehler on 6/09/13 at 3:51 pm #
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