Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cadbury Wunderbar

Cadbury WunderbarI went all the way to Germany to buy a Canadian candy bar.

I picked up the Cadbury Wunderbar at a grocery store. I’ve actually seen them in the United States, heck, I’ve even bought them before, but they were always kind of melted and broken. This one looked lovely and in good condition. Wunderbar is a great name for a candy bar, it works on a couple of levels. First, it’s unique and a bit of a play on words because it sounds like Wonder Bar. But the German word Wunderbar (pronounce that w like a v) means Marvelous!

The front of the package doesn’t do much to illuminate what’s inside though. It just calls it A peanut butter caramel experience. The back, in teensy print, says crispy peanut bar with caramel and cocoa containing coating. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a bar with a less appealing description, probably because it ends with some sort of comedic euphemism for mockolate (because of the alliteration of the K sounds).

Cadbury Wunderbar

I don’t want to think too much about this bar. It’s a candy bar and it’s supposed to be transiently pleasing. So I’m prepared for just that.

The coating was pretty good for mockolate, a little soft but not at all waxy. Smooth enough to not be grainy but not so great at the melt in your mouth creaminess. The flavor was okay, more milky than chocolatey but mostly it tasted like peanuts.

The center of the bar was like someone had chopped up the center of Butterfinger bar and mixed it in with some Chex cereal then reformed it into a log and coated it. That’s really not a bad idea and it does work. There’s a bit of a softer caramel in there as well, that keeps it all soft and crumbly. There are little shards of peanut butter toffee stuff, too.

I wanted more peanut flavor, but it wasn’t overly sweet and had a little hint of salt as well.

Really it just left me wanting a Clark Bar. But I admire it for not being another Clark/Butterfinger/Fifth Avenue knock-off. It’s more munchable and certainly less messy. It’s also huge, at 1.9 ounces and about six inches long. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it marvelous, since it would be better with real chocolate. So I’ll just call it Tempting (6 out of 10).

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Name: Wunderbar
Brand: Cadbury
Place Purchased: Train Station (Cologne, Germany)
Price: .99 Euro ($1.35)
Size: 1.9 ounces
Calories per ounce:
Categories: Candy, Cadbury, Kraft/Mondelez, Mockolate, Peanuts, 6-Tempting, Canada

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  1. *gasp*
    You don’t have Wunderbars in the States? That is some shocking news. As far as cheap candy bars go, they’re one of my favourites =D

    Comment by Aleria on 4/05/11 at 6:01 pm #
  2. I was just in Germany!  I love it there.  I highly recommend Hanuta and, of course, anything in the Ritter Sport line.

    Comment by Jonathan on 4/05/11 at 6:11 pm #
  3. Synesthesia's avatar

    that’s kind of weird that its made by cadbury but it has a mockolate coating…you would think they would use the same chocolate they use in everything else they make

    Comment by Synesthesia on 4/06/11 at 6:33 am #
  4. I’d be interested to see how a Canadian Wunderbar compares to a German one!

    Comment by Tara on 4/06/11 at 12:08 pm #
  5. Wonderbars look great. We don’t have them in the UK. Do you have Cadbury’s Twirl bars?

    They’re the best!

    I made a video about how-to drink Tea through them. Give it a wee watch:


    Comment by Bob Fletcher on 4/17/11 at 7:35 am #
  6. i agree with Aleria… as far as cheap chocolate bars, Wunderbars are indeed one of the better ones! i just tried the Breyers Wunderbar frozen dessert/ice cream. it’s pretty tasty…!

    Comment by Maureen on 4/17/11 at 8:03 pm #
  7. I first tasted a Wunderbar in 2002, and it has been a long-distance love affair ever since.
    Unavailable in America, I implored anyone I knew who was going to Canada to bring me a box or two.
    I don’t know how anyone could rate this less than the greatest candy bar ever.
    I have a box I’m halfway through now a friend picked up for me, and it takes all my willpower to limit myself to one per day.
    If I could only eat one candy bar for the rest of my life, it would be the Wunderbar, without hesitation.

    Comment by Scott on 12/28/11 at 2:39 am #
  8. Cadbury Wunderbar is about to get some SERIOUS competition from the new TWIX bar.  Today, I was in Niagara Falls [1/17/2012] and noticed a new 24 item box of TWIX - the sales staff indicated that it was similar to the Wunderbar but with an “oreo” wafer inside - now don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the Wunderbar - but maybe it’s possible after all to improve on a good thing - I definitely plan to buy a box on my next trip into Canada - Stay tuned for a quick product review.  Hey - maybe it’s time to move on to something “new & better”...

    Comment by Mike P on 1/17/12 at 5:06 pm #
  9. I love Wunderbar’s!  I bring them back every time I drive up into Canada.  Yum!  I like the bite sized ones best since they’re really sweet.  I never knew the chocolate was fake.  huh… fooled me.

    Comment by Shelly on 11/02/12 at 10:19 pm #
  10. I have purchased a Wunderbar Candy Bar locally and found that the package had been tampered with.  Looked like it had been opened, the bar broken into two pieces and reinserted into the package end to end facing each other.  I went back to the store to get another.  Same story for the rest of the bars.  I cannot find a website that will get me to the Cadbury Wunderbar manufacturer to let them know of this problem.  Looks like it is happening in factory.  I don’t want a free chocolate bar, just to let them know.  Can’t seem to find anyone to tell.  Are they made in Canada?

    Comment by Gerald on 8/12/13 at 6:51 am #
  11. These are best eaten frozen!

    Comment by Chez olivia on 8/23/13 at 11:26 pm #
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