Monday, February 14, 2011

Brach’s Conversation Hearts

Brach's Conversation HeartsWith the news that Necco changed its classic Necco Sweethearts (more coverage here) in 2010, I found that Brach’s version more ubiquitous in 2011 on store shelves.

The package is bright red and easy to distinguish from the pastel-princess mess of the Necco reboot. I picked up the Brach’s Small Conversation Hearts at the Dollar Tree for a dollar for an eight ounce bag. The ingredients are similar, a sugar and dextrose (glucose) paste held together with a bit of gelatin and oodles of artificial colors.

Brach's Conversation Hearts

The mottoes I noticed: Luv Me, You Rock, U Go Girl, Ask Me, Hello, Got Love? So Fine, Good Bye, I [heart] You, Be True, So Fine, E-Mail Me, Dare Ya and the ultra romantic, Hey You.

The pieces are well made, I found very few duds in the package - all thick and consistent. The printing was a little blurry on some but mostly readable, except for the low contrast pink on pink.

The flavors are pleasantly indistinct. I could tell the orange ones were a creamsicle orange flavor. The yellow ones might have been banana, but maybe a really bland lemon. The pink were slightly like the seashore (a mixture of cheap flip-flops and Old Bay crab boil and the burning taste you get when sunscreen gets in your eyes). The purple and green were too bland for me to tell apart in a dark room. The white was the comforting flavor of mint toothpaste you find in the corner of your mouth before lunchtime. The texture is smooth and not quite crunchy, though still very firm.

If you were a fan of the original Sweethearts and can’t find them, these are as close as you’re likely to find. But if you never liked either, there’s no reason to try these, they do nothing for the category except look cute. So basically, a nice decorative candy, but perhaps not for eating unless you’re trying to bring your blood sugar up.

They’re made in Argentina and produced on shared equipment with milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts and soy.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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Name: Small Conversation Hearts
Brand: Brach’s
Place Purchased: Dollar Tree (Echo Park)
Price: $1.00
Size: 8 ounces
Calories per ounce: 113
Categories: Candy, Valentines, Brach's, Farley's & Sathers, Compressed Dextrose, 4-Benign, Argentina, Dollar Tree

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  1. Any suggestions on getting the conversation hearts that have a softer chew to them? Is it simply a matter of freshness v. staleness, or do Necco and Brachs have different firmness?

    Comment by thegeniusking on 2/17/11 at 1:08 pm #
  2. I bought several bags of Necco Sweethearts that have ziploc-type tops. They were soft when I initially opened the bag, so I assume if I remember to zip the bag closed, they’ll stay fresh for awhile.

    I just hate the fact that they taste SO WEIRD. Nothing like Necco flavors I’m used to. I guess I’ll look for a bag of Brach’s and compare to see which taste is, ummm, less gross? LOL

    Comment by Kim on 2/19/11 at 10:29 am #
  3. this years recipe changed big and they are DISGUSTING

    Comment by bill on 1/16/12 at 10:23 am #
  4. Bought my Husband what I thought were Converation Hearts yesterday, they were packaged
    as Sweethearts, they were awful. What happened to the original? Will not buy again, what a disappointment.

    Comment by Candy McGivern on 2/15/13 at 7:28 am #
  5. I’ve been eating Brachs small conversation hearts for forty years.I will only buy Brachs and nothing else.They are the perfect texture.I can bite down and melt the sugar on my tongue.Any other brand is just that…another type of conversation hearts.Brachs conversation hearts are in a class by themselves.My only complaint is there arent enough white ones.I would love it if i could buy them by the color. White being first then,pink ,then purple.

    Comment by Elizabeth Russell on 2/12/14 at 6:43 pm #
  6. The new favors are UNAPPEALING AND GROSS. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL FLAVORS. I ONLY buy Brach’s Conversation hearts and usually cannot wait until Valentines season but not anymore. I do not look forward to these new FLAVORS. I used to buy in bulk. That’s how much I love them. Will not be buying anymore.

    Comment by Yummy yum on 2/12/15 at 2:59 pm #
  7. Tasty

    Comment by Donutssssss on 2/14/15 at 9:52 am #
  8. So very disappointed with brach’s valentines hearts this year!!!!  I look forward to these all year and when I purchased my first bag a few weeks ago….boy, was I shocked!  What happened to the old classic flavors?  These all tasted kind-of the same (not even sure what the flavor was) and were not tasty at all.  The dog ended up getting ahold of the bag and ate some, but not the whole bag.  Guess she thought they were disgusting as well!  PLEASE bring back the old classic flavors!!!!!!

    Comment by Disappointed on 2/17/15 at 5:22 pm #
  9. Bring back the CLASSIC flavors.  The taste are on the tangy sweet side now; DISGUSTING.  I even bought a bag that said “CLASSIC” and they are NOT, NOT even close. 

    Change doesn’t always mean better, especially with the conversation hearts.

    Comment by Pam on 2/27/15 at 2:45 pm #
  10. The smell when you open the bag is the worst.  It smells like vinegar and that’s exactly what most of them taste like now.  Won’t buy these anymore.  I’ve tried Necco and Brach’s and neither are good anymore. 
    I understand the need to change but perhaps they could market a classic version as well as the new one.

    Comment by Michael on 3/02/15 at 11:35 am #


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