Monday, June 20, 2011

Beacon TV Bar

Beacon TV Bar (Milk)I found this Beacon TV Bar - Milk at Mel & Rose Wine & Liquors, which often has South African candies in stock.

The bar is described on the package as Tropical Coconut and Crunchy Rice Puffs in Smooth Milk Chocolate. Well, that’s an uncommon combination so I was intrigued. Add to that the bold wrapper, and I was sold. I also liked the name, as I work in television during the day, so it’s fun to try a bar based on the medium.

Beacon also makes other candies, like Fizzers (a chewy candy rather like Airheads but fizzy), large chocolate tablets called Beacon Slabs, Slim Slabs, Superfine (an upscale chocolate line) but perhaps they’re best known for their Beacon Allsorts, which are one of the best selling candies in all of South Africa. They have other candy bars with classic names like Wonder Bar, Nosh Bar, Inside Story and Now Bar.

Beacon TV Bar

The bar looks simple and appealing. It’s about 4.5 inches long and blocky. It’s 1.65 ounces, which is less than a Snickers bar (though about the same volume) but more than a pair of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It feels light so I wasn’t surprised when I bit into it and it was quite airy. The crisped rice is dense without being sticky like a marshmallow treat is. It’s held together by the lightest chocolate cream along with a bit of coconut. Though I didn’t catch much coconut texture, there was a lot of coconut flavor. It even overshadowed the chocolate. The chocolate coating may or may not be actual chocolate. There’s cocoa mass and cocoa butter in the ingredients list, but lots of other vegetable fats that could be in the coating as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coating did have a bit of vegetable oil to it, it’s a bit mild and waxy.

The portion is ideal for me, about 250 calories for the whole bar. There’s also a TV Bar White chocolate one which I could only imagine is extremely sweet, but perhaps the milkiness of a good white chocolate would go well with the coconut. There is similar bar here in the States called Crispy Cat Mint Coconut, which is dark chocolate covering crisped rice, mint and coconut. I like the milky notes to this one and think it’d be a good fit for American tastes. (Or perhaps Hershey’s will make a Whatchamacallit Coconut version.)

The bar is marked Halal and is also distributed in Australia.

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Name: TV Bar
Brand: Tiger Brands
Place Purchased: Mel & Rose Wine & Liquors
Price: $1.65
Size: 1.66 ounces
Calories per ounce: 154
Categories: Candy, Chocolate, Coconut, Cookie, 7-Worth It, South Africa, Mel and Rose

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  1. Beacon Allsorts are awesome—even better than Bassett’s!  And if you can get SA bars locally, I suggest the P.S. Bar; it has layers of wafers and cream covered in chocolate. (There are also white and caramel versions.) The wrappers have different “love” messages on them.

    Comment by Stephanie on 6/21/11 at 6:59 am #
  2. Sounds pretty tasty. But a mint-and-coconut bar? Ew, no.

    Comment by Alix on 6/21/11 at 7:32 am #
  3. I want to buy TV bar chocolate,please let me know a source which i can get it from

    Comment by Nithin on 2/08/12 at 6:23 pm #
  4. I bought the smooth beacon whit chocolate slag and I found something in my chocolate that made me dissepointed is beacom cuz I bay n cmslab to enjoy it not to find stuff in my choclate and be discussed in it!!

    Comment by Amorne on 8/23/14 at 3:53 am #
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