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Wonka Sluggles

Wonka SlugglesAt first I was confused when I saw that Wonka, a Nestle brand, was introducing gummis.

Honestly, it seems odd that Nestle hadn’t entered the gummi category up to this point, especially since the Wonka brand is all about straight sugar candy (every once in a while they have a chocolate product). They’ve returned to the Roald Dahl book for some inspiration on the name. They’re called Sluggles (I’m guessing a vamp off the Arthur Slugworth character combined with the critter theme.)

But once I saw the package it kind of made sense. The says they’re from WONKA’S Edible Garden which sounds like fun! They come in four flavors: grape, orange, lemon & strawberry and say they’re made with natural ingredients and 25% real fruit juice. Yes, naturally flavored and no artificial colors ... from Nestle!

Wonka Sluggles

The Sluggles are shaped like little invertebrate creatures. The shapes I could discern looked like chitins, millipedes, snails and larvae. (They’re not exactly named on the package so forgive me if I gravitate towards the sea creature indentifications.)

I was really excited about the flavor array, mostly because there was no cherry, but also because they included grape, which is pretty rare in the gummi area.

Wonka SlugglesStrawberry (mellow pink)

Most of the gummis smelled the same, as it’s a mixed bag. The flavor is immediately tangy with a nice berry flavor, though not specifically strawberry and lacking that fragrant floral note.

The tartness has a slight fizzy quality to it towards the end.

Though the colors are all natural, gummis use gelatin so are not for vegetarians ... and in this case the red coloring is cochineal in addition to beta carotene.

Wonka SlugglesOrange (peachy orange)

I had a little trouble telling these from the strawberry at first glance because the colors aren’t as vibrant.

They’re mostly sweet with a light orange flavor to them, rather like orange drink with a little sprinkling of zest. While I sound underwhelmed, I thought these were the nicest of the bunch.

Wonka SlugglesGrape (deep red-purple)

Wow, grape gummis! I can count on one hand the grape gummis that I know about (Albanese, the Japanese muscat varieties and the Big Bite Giant Gummi Bear).

Since this is a naturally flavored assortment, the grape flavor is much more like concord grape juice (not that there is actually any grape juice in here, the 25% is apple juice) than “artificial grape candy”. It has the deep jelly flavor but is much more sour than a jam. The exterior of the candies isn’t greasy at all, rather soft & dry but the chew is pliable and has a nice soft but rubbery bite.

Wonka SlugglesLemon (yellow)

The lemon flavored Sluggles were a little on the sweet side for a tangy citrus. The zest was mellow, the whole thing reminding me more of canned frozen lemonade than anything made with real lemons. It’s kind of a boiled sweet taste.

Still, they were tasty and all of the flavors went together well, I didn’t feel the need to look at the pieces before popping them in my mouth and any combinations of the flavors were acceptable.

The other product in this “edible garden” line is Puckerooms, which I’ll review soon. The other new items introduced this year are two different flavors of Kazoozles (which are not exactly in the garden theme and are definitely not all natural). 


Glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, apple juice concentrate, lactic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, natural flavors, vegetable & fruit juice color, cochineal color, beta-carotene color.

The package I got is a “sales sample” so this may not be the final package, ingredients & nutrition info. They’re made in the Czech Republic on equipment that processes milk, wheat, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and sulfites.

I think these are a great option for families that want to shy away from artificial ingredients but still want mainstream treat. (I also expect them to be priced very well.) The information from the All Candy Expo indicates that these should be hitting store shelves in June.

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Name: Sluggles
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Wonka (Nestle)
Place Purchased: samples from All Candy Expo
Price: unknown
Size: 6.5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 92
Categories: Gummi, Czech Republic, Nestle, All Natural

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  1. Maybe they should make a “sluggle” shaped like a cochineal bug.  Just a thought…

    Comment by JJR on 6/04/09 at 11:50 am #
  2. Sera's avatar

    Awww, cute! Props for the Roald Dahl mention. smile

    Comment by Sera on 6/05/09 at 3:13 am #
  3. Natural colors and flavors with added juice at a good level wow.  I can’t wait until this product hits the market, it will be a great alternative to the other artificial gummies flooding the market.  The shapes are so cool!

    Comment by SAO on 6/05/09 at 5:51 am #
  4. One of the shapes is definitely a snail.  They certainly look much more edible than real snails! smile

    Comment by Kristin on 6/05/09 at 6:01 am #
  5. Don’t you guys remember when they would make the nerd gummies?! those were THE best! AND grape was a flavor in that too!

    Comment by J on 6/06/09 at 1:25 pm #
  6. I found the Puckerooms at Target a few days ago. They are sooo good. A great pick-me-up for those marathon study sessions.

    Comment by E on 6/06/09 at 5:54 pm #
  7. (hehe)  At first glance, I was in deep assumption that these gummy pieces were a geared as the party treats best served at a bachelorette-type bash.  These Wonka Sluggles are very suggestive, yes?

    Comment by Rocketgirl on 6/15/09 at 4:44 am #
  8. I’d like to try these as well, they do look pretty good.

    Comment by Sara Ebare on 9/08/09 at 5:03 pm #
  9. J, I remember Gummi Nerds used to be my favorite as a kid, it’s a shame that they stopped making them.

    These gummis are pretty tasty, when I saw that they were Wonka, I got excited thinking about the old days of the Gummi Nerds. I can’t really compare them though because although I remember I used to love Gummi Nerds, I can’t exactly remember exactly how they tasted compared to these since it’s been like 20 years since I’ve had them.

    Comment by Nick on 10/13/09 at 4:46 am #
  10. Nick, I think these taste EXACTLY like the gummi nerds!

    Comment by J on 10/25/09 at 1:07 pm #
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