Friday, June 15, 2007

This Week in Candy - That Candy Mountain Stuff

This has been going around for a few months, it’s the Charlie the Unicorn and the Candy Mountain animation from FilmCow.

My favorite part is that the Y in Candy is the lead singer in the musical number. There are a gazillion homages on YouTube as well, but you should probably see what my blogger-bud Sean Bonner and his friends did late one night.

I think of myself as a candy cheerleader in many ways, that’s why there are more good reviews here than bad ones. But I have to respect other people’s least favorite candies ... especially when they dramatize it so well. The fellows at Handsome Donkey created a video of the 5 Worst Candies of All Time. (Found via Robyn at Serious Eats.)

This one isn’t video and isn’t really very happy either. But poignant. It’s a photo essay of the old Brach’s candy factory in Chicago. It was closed and production was moved off to Mexico where sugar and production costs are cheaper.


Tom Regan who took the photos was kind enough to give me permission to post this little mosaic of them here, check out the rest of them on Flickr.

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  1. Whenever I think of Brachs I can’t help but think of this great editorial from The Onion

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