Friday, June 1, 2007

This Week in Candy - Inagural Edition

It’s a new month, so here’s a new feature for you, just a little weekly recap not only of what I’ve covered here, but all the candy news that’s fit to link!


  • Bitter Button is well on her way through candy project to illustrate important dates in candy. She’s putting the little drawings on tags noting the introduction of seminal candy products such as Milky Way, Almond Joy and Bit-o-Honey (bee pictured).

  • Jelly Belly has introduced a new shopping option, the Jelly Belly Factory Outlet. Now you can order Belly Flops (those not quite perfect Jelly Belly) and what’s more enticing to me is the stuff called Hodge Podge, which is everything EXCEPT jelly beans. Gummies, licorice, jellies and maybe even some malted milk balls. At only $8.00 for 2.5 pounds, it sounds like a good deal to me ... unless I order it and it’s all cherry and peach thingies.

  • Joanna at Sugar Savvy is starting off the summer with an authentically flavored Corn Lolly. Sounds like a fun treat to bring back from that vacation in Iowa.
  • I’ve been remiss in KitKat land (I’m stuck in Starburst/Skittle-ville), but Sera’s certainly picking up the slack with a big roundup of Limited Edition KitKat from Japan: Banana, Yubari Melon and Blood Orange.

  • On the more picturesque side of things, you may have noticed the cool ad I found on Flickr. This is a photo set of old candy ads from a catalogue uploaded by newhousedesign.

  • SugarHog is back from her trip to Finland, so look out for more from her.

  • Terry at The Chocolate Review has been detailing all the versions of HubbaBubba he can get his hands on. Who knew there were that many? I bet his jaws really hurt.

  • William at Chocolate Obsession seems to have crawled out from under his moving boxes and has started sharing again. (Of course he leads off with Bacon? Well, someone’s gotta cover it, cuz I don’t touch the stuff.)

  • Finally, YumSugar is running a testimonial round-up right now: I Heart Candy!. Deadline is June 19th.
  • Here’s the recap of CandyBlog reviews this week:
    Tuesday: Storck Chocolate Riesen (9 out of 10)

    Wednesday: Butterfinger Stixx (6 out of 10)

    Thursday: Starburst Sours (New) (6 out of 10)

    Friday: Sour Extinguisher (5 out of 10)

    Weekly Average: 6.5 ... 50% chocolate content.

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    1. Ooh, interesting.  The Hodgepodge is definitely a crapshoot.  I sometimes get bags of it at the factory in Fairfield or the outlet store in Gilroy—at least there you can look it over and decide if you want any that day.  Sometimes it’s pectin jelly beans and mellocreme bunnies, sometimes it’s those weird champagne bubbles…

      I wonder if they’ve stopped doing the “buy two bags of flops, get one free” thing in the store now that they’re selling them online.  That deal used to keep my candy jar at work filled for months…

      Comment by Michaela on 6/01/07 at 11:03 am #
    2. Awwwh, thanks for the mention Cybele. I just can’t get enough of those Japanse Kitkats!!! smile

      Comment by Sera on 6/01/07 at 6:21 pm #
    3. thanks for sharing! also, i’ve torn through a bag of storck chocolate riesens this week because your post reminded me of their existence!

      Comment by jesse on 6/02/07 at 2:41 am #
    4. Just FYI - those ads were stolen from I wrote about it way back when:


      Comment by Brian on 6/02/07 at 4:56 am #
    5. Cybele's avatar

      Michaela - when I went to the Jelly Belly factory last time they didn’t even have HodgePodge. I think I might take my chances in a couple of weeks.

      Sera - I’m always combing through your flickr stream to see what else you’ve been eating!

      Jesse - I wonder if the folks at Storck are confused why their sales have taken such a huge upturn?

      Brian - Curious. I didn’t recognize all the ads.

      I don’t think they can be considered “stolen” as they don’t belong to Imaginary World, he doesn’t hold the copyright. (NewHouseDesign posted his as copyright free, which is why I posted the image.) IW’s ads were from the pages of a sales book from 1949. Think about it, there were books from 1948 and 1950 and so on. So I guess I’m guilty of posting something that you’ve posted about some 18 moths ago. Thanks for the link.

      Other people have scans up on other sites of other versions of the ads, including CandyFavorites  who has had versions up for at least five years. His company actually published some of those catalogues that have turned up on the internet lately. And bayswater on Flickr has a set that he says are from the 50s. There’s a whole section of eBay where you can buy the actual pages from those sales books as well as other candy ads from popular magazines.

      Comment by Cybele on 6/02/07 at 7:11 am #
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