Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Last of the Candy Season Purchases

I did a little more shopping this weekend and picked up some good deals since Easter goodies were now 75% off.

Rite Aid (Hollywood) - only 50% off on Thursday night but I was stopping for batteries because the power was out

  • Peanut Butter M&M Speckle Eggs - I’d been looking for these. They were only 52 cents!
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Eggs ... 11 ounce bag for $1.89, not great, but the power was out at home and I’ve been watching Jericho and learning that no one cares about chocolate after Armageddon
  • Target (Burbank Empire Center):
    There really wasn’t anything left there. Just a lot of weird plushy Easter baskets and a few odds and ends.

  • Twizzler Tweeters (candy covered Twizzler nibs) - 49 cents - I’m not going to review these because they were so terribly beat up that I just threw them out.
  • Russell Stover Coconut Eggs - I got six of these to dole out to Bronwen at the office as needed - they were only 12 cents each, she’s worth it.
  • Candy Snake - I’ll have a full review of this at some point. I’m not sure what sort of Easter Bunny puts life sized sugar snakes in Easter baskets. But it was 49 cents, so I thought I’d find out what all the fuss was.
  • Walgreen’s (Echo Park):

  • SweeTart Bunnies, Chicks & Ducks for only 49 cents in the 12 ounce bag!
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Eggs ... still PGPR free and 74 cents for the 8.5 ounce bag
  • Lifesavers Jelly Beans - Pastels - 14 ounces for 62 cents
  • Long’s Drugs (Glendale) - this location is in the basement parking area of a shopping plaza. They had a WHOLE aisle of Easter goodies, all in good condition and with a pretty good selection. They had cases and cases of Mini Eggs left for any of those folks who live in the area

  • Three Whirly Pops - pastel colored lollies about 3” across for only 35 cents each.
  • Palmer Mockolate Rabbit - a half pound of fake chocolate for 32 cents - I don’t know what I’m going to do with, certainly not eat it
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Eggs ... this one was 85 cents for the 11 ounce bag
  • Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs - again, another item I neglected before Easter, now at the rock bottom price of 85 cents for 11 ounces
  • Reester Bunny - the small set of bunnies, I’m not sure what these are but I like the name for only 65 cents
  • SweeTart Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies - yes, I have trouble remembering the name and that I already have four bags. This one was 12 ounces and 52 cents.
  • The one thing I’ve found when shopping after holidays is you have to go where people aren’t planning on stocking up on candy. I know this seems like a weird thing to consider, but the Walgreen’s in Echo Park seems to be the best place for me to find a good selection even after the deeper discounts, while the one in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd was cleaned out on Monday. The Long’s in Glendale seemed to be the same way, excellent selection left (and still pretty neatly organized) and great prices. I was on the prowl for Lindt items, but I guess you have to get there early for those (or maybe they ship them out). Cost Plus World Market didn’t have a single candy item left and the Ralph’s and Von’s I stopped at also didn’t have any marked down candies - or perhaps they put them someplace I don’t go, like the meat department.

    I’m going to do a roundup review of those things that are new here.

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    1. Yeah, I found slim pickings too. Mainly Russell Stover rabbits (meh), the plain “speckled” M&Ms;, Brach’s “Chicks and Rabbits”, Lifesavers Eggs, Vanilla Creme and Orane Creme Kisses. I didn’t buy anything. :/

      Have you tried the new Caramel Tootsie Pops yet? I just got some (had to get them off ebay since my searches have proved fruitless) and they are YUMMY! smile

      Comment by Sera on 4/15/07 at 6:02 pm #
    2. Damn. No mention of speckled malt ball eggs. They’re all gone, from what I can tell. Maybe I can pick some up at Black Jack’s (or at least get info from that big board with all the news on it!).

      Comment by Russ on 4/15/07 at 8:50 pm #
    3. I was at a CVS in Irvine yesterday and skimmed the Easter aisle in case anything jumped out…and oh!  Russell Stover Coconut Nests!!  They were 4 for a dollar (and I’m totally not ashamed to say I bought 8).  I also picked up Skittles for $1, dark chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs for $1, and Reeses bunnies (I hope they’re similar to the pumpkins and Christmas trees).  They didn’t have a whole lot left, but they just happened to have my favorites. smile  How fortuitous!

      Comment by Lesley on 4/16/07 at 8:53 am #
    4. hi i am intrested in buying Twizzler Tweeterz can u please tell me where i can find them?!.

      Comment by ashley collins on 4/18/07 at 1:59 pm #
    5. I just picked up a small box of Lidnt dessert collection truffles.  They cost 1.25 for the box.  I did go to Target in MI last week and they had a few things.  We got some spring time M & M’s for 1.00.

      Comment by Randi on 4/19/07 at 8:47 am #
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