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Snyder’s Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwich Dips

Snyder's of Hanover Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwich DipsChocolate covered pretzels are one of those treats that straddle the line between candy and snack.

Today I’ve decided these are a candy, even though they’re not usually placed in the candy aisle. (Some stores keep them with the pretzels & chips, some near the nuts and others in with the candy.)

They’re called Snyder’s of Hanover Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwich Dips. They say they’re made with real peanut butter (which I assumed by the fact that they’re called peanut butter pretzel sandwiches, but apparently it needed to be pointed out as a feature) and dipped in Hershey’s Milk Chocolate (which I don’t necessarily consider a feature unless the alternative is R.M. Palmer’s or Nestle’s mockolate).

Snyder's of Hanover Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwich Dips

They look like tiny chocolate dipped Oreos. They’re about an inch and a quarter around and nicely domed with a thick layer of milk chocolate.

The pretzels are little wheels with a grid pattern to them. Between two of these tiny pretzels is a bit of peanut butter cream. Then the whole sandwich is dipped in milk chocolate. The pieces are a bit scuffed up from tumbling around in the bag, but all were whole, so they hold up well.

The pretzels are crisp and though tiny, pack a lot of crunch. The peanut butter center isn’t very strong but at least says peanut butter upon introduction. There’s not a lot of peanut butter texture because there’s so much of the sweet milk chocolate coating. The chocolate is okay, it seals the pretzels well, which keeps them fresh, but doesn’t really have much of a chocolate flavor contribution. The texture is creamy and sweet but not too grainy.

Overall the snacks are very munchable, they’re filling but they don’t stick to the ribs like some peanut butter candies can. I found that I could eat lots of them, but I never quite enjoyed them. I wanted more crunch, more salt, more peanut butter and better chocolate. None of these wants kept me from finishing the bag, naturally. I know there are better versions of this product out there, but this would probably do in a pinch. Great for watching a movie or sharing with others during a football game. (Technically, all it needs is a little bit of caramel and some crushed peanuts and this would be the original version of the Take 5 Bar - which now features mockolate.)

Snyder’s makes several versions of the dips. Some are just straight chocolate dipped pretzels in Milk Chocolate and Special Dark. They also, supposedly, introduced a York Peppermint Pattie version earlier this year, but I still haven’t seen them in stores. To be honest, it sounds kind of bad, but I’m still fascinated with the idea of mixing pretzels, salt, minty fondant and dark chocolate.

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Name: Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwich Dips
Brand: Snyder’s of Hanover
Place Purchased: Gelson's (Silver Lake)
Price: $3.69
Size: 7 ounces
Calories per ounce: 142
Categories: Candy, Chocolate, Cookie, Kosher, Peanuts, 6-Tempting, United States

POSTED BY Cybele AT 5:14 pm Tracker Pixel for Entry     CandyChocolateCookieKosherPeanuts6-TemptingUnited States

  1. I tried the York Peppermint Dips, and can’t say I was impressed - they seemed kind of stale out of the bag, the pretzels lacked crunch, the chocolate wasn’t dark enough, and the mint wasn’t very minty. Overall just kind of bland. I think even just adding good quality chocolate could salvage it.

    Comment by Commander Banana on 12/30/10 at 6:59 am #
  2. I used to see the Special Dark ones everywhere, but I have not at all for a couple of years.  I rather liked them.

    Comment by Dave on 12/30/10 at 8:15 am #
  3. I found the York ones at a grocery store back east last month.  I have to say I thought they were pretty good.  Nothing I would buy on a regular basis if they were available year round but I would definitely pick them up every holiday season.

    Comment by Joseph on 12/30/10 at 8:43 am #
  4. Found the York ones two weeks ago at WalMart in one of the checkout lanes. I agree with the ‘bland’ assessment. They were a gift for my dad for Christmas, though, because he loves York.

    Comment by Lin on 12/30/10 at 4:22 pm #
  5. suggestions:

    Big DipperĀ®
    Strawberry Burst
    Ice Cream Cone-
      Yes its ice cream, but to be honest the entire thing is like cold creamy milk candy. Besides, there worth it simply for the fact that they fill the bottom of the cone with white chocolate to prevent leakage^^

    Authentic Swedish salt licorice:
    I got this from a transfer student who was also in my Chinese club on ethnic foods night and I have to say it requires a taste simply because of what it is,
        Licorice made with salt instead of sugar.
    Now I love black licorice, however this stuff is absolutely revolting. Most likely the first of those candies not yet marked inedible. (WARNING!!!! I ate these with braces and I couldn’t get the taste out for hours. Have something strong flavored on hand to get the taste out.) -

    I have never had this but learned about it from the manga “Kobato”

    hello panda candy -pocky but more liquidy ^^ mmmmm^^


    I think that these are what i’m talking about… Also something I had at chinese club, they were little single serving jello snacks but each about the size of a quarter, marketed as candy. They were individually wrapped, and were in colors like orange, green-melon, red, yellow- lemon, -orange/yellow= pineapple?. They really looked like the old swirly shaped cups that jello snacks came in years ago, but sized for a doll house. You ate them by squeezing the tiny plastic cup until the jelly popped into your mouth.

    Comment by Jenni-Li on 1/02/11 at 9:08 pm #
  6. I tried the York Peppermint Pretzel Patties here in Michigan a few weeks ago, and they were actually pretty good ... or at least MUCH better than I had anticipated. I probably would not bother buying them again, because they just seemed SO indulgent and IMO there are better treats out there for the calories. smile

    Comment by SZA on 1/03/11 at 9:50 am #
  7. While I understand the appeal of chocolate covered pretzels and like the salty/chocolate combination, in theory it often doesn’t seem to work, unless you’re dipping them yourself. The pretzels always just seem kind of stale and not-crunchy. In thinking back on the York dips, they actually seemed to really be lacking in salt. The pretzels were more like a pretzel-y cookie than a salty, crispy pretzel.

    Comment by Commander Banana on 1/04/11 at 11:53 am #
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