Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mike and Ike Berry Blast

Mike and Ike Berry BlastI’d like to say that I’m reviewing Mike and Ike Berry Blast because they’ve changed their flavors. Honestly, I’m reviewing them because I’ve never actually had them before.

Well, let me make a correction: yes, I’ve had packages before ... but I’ve never actually opened them up and eaten them.

The previous flavors were Blueberry (blue), Strawberry (red), Mixed Berry (purple), Raspberry (pink), Wild Berry (green) while the new flavors are Blueberry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Peach Berry and Wild Berry. So besides a color shift for some of the returning flavors, the new flavor here is Peach Berry.

Mike and ike Berry Blast

Strawberry (pink) - a mild strawberry flavor. Sweet for the most part with a little tangy layer around the sugary shell.

Blue Raspberry (light blue) - again, mild. I really couldn’t tell it was raspberry specifically, but at least there was no red food coloring aftertaste. The tart bite was completely missing.

Blueberry (blue) - I’m rarely fond of blueberry flavored candies, as blueberries aren’t that intense to begin with and are best fresh or in pancakes. It’s sweet and has a bit of an iced tea vibe to it ... nice, but rather bland.

Peach Berry (peach)  - I’m not sure who thought peaches & berries go together, but it doesn’t make much of a difference on this one since the flavor is boldly peach and only vaguely raspberry. Well, the bold part is an overstatement, the peach isn’t in my face like Jolly Ranchers, just a sedate sort of background note.

Wild Berry (dark purple) - I got only one of these, so it’s hard to make much of an assessment based on that. It tasted a lot like the raspberry, perhaps a little more intense.

Overall, I think it’s just my personal preference for more intensely flavored candies that are assertive in their flavors. But as far as flavor mixes go, I like that these are all in the same flavor family and if I mixed the colors in the same mouthful, there isn’t a bad combination to be had. Add to that, the jelly bean quality here is very smooth and I enjoyed the color variations. The bag is a decent value since it holds 2.12 ounces, I’ve found that the bags are fresher than the theater boxes.

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Name: Mike and Ike Berry Blast
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Just Born
Place Purchased: sample from All Candy Expo
Price: $..79
Size: 2.12 ounces
Calories per ounce: 104
Categories: Jelly, United States, Just Born, Kosher

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  1. Sera's avatar

    They’ve changed? Yikes, gotta get some of both for comparison! ;P

    Comment by Sera on 5/29/09 at 2:17 am #
  2. They changed their flavors? These must be better than the old ones, the old ones were just dreadful. When I tried them, the blue one was “Blue Berry” instead of “Blueberry” so that has to be an improvement. I’ll have to try these again.

    Comment by Deb on 5/30/09 at 2:34 am #
  3. Hello…for the record Mike and Ike along with their Root-T-Toot provided my inspiration for the Jelly Belly.  I grew up on them…  david

    Comment by david klein on 5/31/09 at 4:21 pm #
  4. Hi,
    I love mike-ikes but i only like the strawberry (pink) flavored mike-ikes. I hate to wast al of the other mike-ikes. Do you know if it’s possible to buy a bag of only strawberry (pink) flavored mike-ikes??
    If there is please email me back.

    Comment by Jonathan on 5/29/11 at 8:07 am #
  5. I just bought these because they sounded really good, and thought I’d look them up on your blog. I was really expecting these to be a little more tangy or something, but the only one that was even a little tangy was the strawberry. Blue raspberry, which is usually my favorite flavor of candy, was strange and not like blue raspberry at all (probably because of lack of tang.) The purple one is just gross.

    Comment by Barbara on 1/18/12 at 7:21 pm #
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