Friday, June 30, 2006

Mars Factory Closed by Health Inspectors

On June 21st the Oak Park, IL Mars factory that makes M&Ms, Snickers, Milky Way & 3 Musketeers was warned by health inspectors after they found “‘infestation’ of fruit flies in the food production area as well as gaps in doors that might allow rodent access to the facility, officials said.”

(Talk about your Snickers Extreme!)

Yesterday the follow up inspection found that they not only didn’t fix those problems, but they also found mouse feces in the food production area.

Pirate Pearls and now Mouse Gifts! Hooray, more limited edition items!

See news articles:
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
and a rather comprehensive one from ABC7 Chicago with video.

UPDATE: The factory remains closed after another inspection and inspectors noted that Mars had not taken steps to prevent rodents from re-entering the plant by installing strips on the bottom of the doors. Read more at CBS2 Chicago.

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  1. Oh goodie - more high-end chocolate for the next few months, waiting for these to clear out of the supply chain… [although Snickers is the only bar of that list that I eat]

    The Tribune article says:

    “This is a candy factory that uses nuts and fruit, and that is where fruit flies like to reproduce,” she said.

    but also

    The Oak Park Avenue plant produces Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way and Mars candy bars

    So just which of those candy bars uses fruit?

    Comment by Tricia on 6/30/06 at 4:22 pm #
  2. Looks like they reopened yesterday after finally addressing the problems.,1,587223.story?coll=chi-business-hed

    I think I’ll still pass on M&M/Mars products for a little while, as much as I could go for some peanut butter M&Ms;.

    Comment by Tara on 7/04/06 at 5:36 am #
  3. hi is the factory still closed

    Comment by kevin on 2/29/08 at 2:52 am #
  4. Kevin - as Tara linked above, the factory was opened a few days after this post. (In 2006 ... it’s been years.)

    Comment by cybele on 2/29/08 at 8:12 am #
  5. Mars Factory in Oak Park, Illinois, not last time I saw a map, or took the train at the stop called “MARS” in Chicago!!

    Comment by CJ on 4/30/08 at 7:01 am #
  6. I like your candy all of your candys taste so good.I like them all.

    Comment by katya on 5/15/09 at 5:27 am #
  7. Did the factory reopen?  I cant open the link, it redirects me to another site.  Do you know if they give tours?  Thanks

    Comment by Dave on 4/22/10 at 3:45 pm #
  8. Cybele's avatar

    Dave - this is a very old story so some of the news links are probably dead now.

    Here’s the follow up I did - yes the factory did reopen after fixes were made. No, they do not give tours. Very few candy companies do, even fewer chocolate ones. (Chocolate making is noisy and hot.)

    Comment by Cybele on 4/22/10 at 3:49 pm #
  9. Hi, is the factory open now?  I like chocolate.  Thanks.

    Comment by Bill on 7/08/11 at 1:58 pm #
  10. Cybele's avatar

    Bill - did you read the update right above your comment? Because the answer is yes.

    Comment by Cybele on 7/08/11 at 1:59 pm #
  11. I gave tours there while I was a student at Concordia… probably around 1958.

    Comment by Ted on 11/10/12 at 8:57 am #
  12. the The hostess plant had the fruit fly problem too even though it was well cleaned. they said the flies bred in the drains and any were bits of product was missed. the exterminator put out a lot of vinegar baits and sprayed but they were still around. Probly a problem anywhere there is sweets.

    Comment by me on 2/08/14 at 1:34 pm #
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