Monday, May 16, 2005

Mango Flavored Corn Meal Dips

Name: Mueca Acidito
Place Purchased:
Price: $2.29 for 10
Size: .88 oz each
Type: Lolly

These curious little plastic cups have a mango lolly in the lid and a cup filled with a sour/spicy powder to dip into. Muecas, as far as I know, means face in Spanish. Maybe it’s in reference to the faces you make when you eat this stuff.

The mango pop itself is rather pleasant, as long as you like mango flavored things. It tasted rather like peach to me, but I guess mangos are rather peachy. (I love real mangos, just like I love real peaches, but I don’t care for things that are “flavored” like them.) Mango is a great, versatile fruit that goes well with savories, especially mango salsa with jerk chicken.

But I digress. Mostly because I don’t really wanna talk about these puppies, but I’ve got another eight of them at home, and once I blog them, I think I can safely give them away or throw them away.

The dipping powder looks kind of like lemon pepper, but has an overwhelming scent of corn meal. I’m not sure if there’s any actual corn in there, but that’s what it smells like. The stuff itself is just a citrusy powder with a little chili kick. Not overly hot and a good combination, in theory, with the sweet lolly.

Unfortunately I found the aftertaste of both the pop and the powder to be too unappealing and I threw it out (because the corny smell was just repulsive). The little resealable bottle was pretty neat though, and allowed you to save it for later. Or dispose of it and not be able to smell the contents.

I think the concept is sound though, and I’m sure there’s a combination out there of spicy/sour/sweets that would please my American palate.

Rating: 2 out of 10 (mostly because the packaging was cool)

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  1. I’m curious.  Wanna send me one?

    Comment by Bea on 4/21/06 at 9:51 am #
  2. Having lived in South Florida I do know that some of my latin friends eat mango with tabasco sauce (ripe and green unripened mango) and this seems to be a common thing where they are from. I wasn’t keen on it.

    Comment by Scott on 10/15/06 at 11:46 pm #
  3. i like your candy how much for 50 of this lilipops sent me a e-mail

    Comment by rm14 on 11/02/06 at 2:42 am #
  4. Hi, I?m from M?xico and this is a rather popular candy in my country, but I have never seen them mango-flavored, I?ve seen them watermelon and (I think that) strawberry flavored. Also, this is the first time I see someone complain about an “overwhelming scent of corn meal” in the chile powder. It is common in my country to eat mango with chili powder, but it has to be hot, so this is not a weird combination in here.

    Comment by Ana on 1/04/07 at 11:37 pm #
  5. Hi, my name is Paola, i live in M?xico, MUECAS is one of the most popular candies in M?xico, it is part of our culture and actually mexican kids LOVE any candy that has chilli, CHAMOY, etc… it`s our culture to be like that and eat that stuff…

    I agree with your activity of critizicing candies and all that stuff… but I only disagree a little bit with your comments about mexican flavor… specially with that word: REPULSIVE, that u said about the ingredients of muecas… I only can suggest u that if u don`t know too much about something, it`s better to just say.. i don`t like it but not to insult it… kids in M?xico don`t like too much imported candies from US, like wareheads and… things like that… but that doesn`t mean that I can say that they are REPULSIVE…

    just think about it.. it`s a suggestion.

    I like very much ur blog, but don`t loose ur professional way of talking:)


    Comment by Paola D?az on 3/16/07 at 10:31 pm #
  6. Cybele's avatar

    Paola - thank you for your comments. This post was written nearly two years ago and was one of the first candies I reviewed.

    I have not disparaged your country nor your people. I did not like the SMELL of the uneaten candy. You are free to call Warheads repulsive if you find them so.

    The purpose of this blog is not to find out as much as I can about a candy’s fans or why people like it ... it’s to approach it as if I know nothing and take it at face value. I don’t care about celebrity endorsements of a candy and I don’t care about any illustrious history when it comes to the actual enjoyment of the candy (though I’m happy to provide that information to readers as background, especially if I’ve had the candy before).

    If you look over this blog you’ll see that I’ve been far more critical of American candies, Muecas were not singled out for this treatment.

    My feelings about the candy and my reaction to them is my own ... that’s why there is a comments section, so that you may add your own experiences, or openly criticize me and my narrow-mindedness.

    Comment by Cybele on 3/17/07 at 7:07 am #
  7. These are kind of a required taste and appeal to the Hispanic community more than any other. Being of hispanic background I find them rather good flavor wise. However my mouth is always ripped up afterwards.

    Comment by Jennie on 1/08/09 at 6:10 pm #
  8. Hi! I think your blog is great!

    I am from Mexico and I agree with you Muecas taste awful! For real mango-chamoy taste try dehydrated ones with chili powder. Those are the best!

    Yummy mexican candies are:

    - MIGUELITOS: chamoy powder & pulp. kids sometimes dunk their tuttsi pop inside

    - GUSANOS: liquid chamoy or tamarind. cool package gusano means worm.

    We pour miguelitos and gusanos on everything! Fruit, chips, peanuts, carrots, wafers you name it!

    - SKWINKLES: gummie straws in chili or sour powder

    - BOMVASOS: chamoy in a tiny cup with a pail and a gum ball

    - PELONES: one of my favorites! pelon means bald, cool practical package

    -PULPARINDOS: neat cut tamarind without the seeds in spicy and super spicy flavors. Also in marble like form called pulparindo dots.

    - CACHETADAS: flat thin sugar in different flavors like pineapple, cachetada means slap

    - INDY: hot chamoy candy. indy like indiana jones, the caracter has the hat and whip

    You should try them!

    *chamoy: is dehydrated chabacano fuit with sugar & chili

    Comment by Monica on 3/29/13 at 1:17 pm #
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