Friday, July 28, 2006

Jolly Rancher Screaming Sours

imageThere was nothing else like a Jolly Rancher when they first came out. Back then green apple and watermelon were radical flavors ... actually, when I was a kid, the slang term “radical” wasn’t even in use yet.

I really wanted these to be good ... like a gummi bear version of a Jolly Rancher, only in Jolly Rancher flavors.

They come in four flavors - Watermelon, Apple, Orange and Cherry. They’re a little tart jelly candy with a sugar sand coating on them. They’re not gummis at all, there’s not even any gelatin or pectin in the ingredients list, it’s sugar, corn syrup and corn starch plus a little flavor, tartness and color. They’re kind of small morsels too, about the same size around as a nickel.


Cherry - not quite a black cherry flavor, this was like a sour cherry and definitely a chemical flavor. This one differed most from the hard candies I was used to.

Watermelon - oh, it’s like summer distilled into a strange pink chemical. Sweet, tart and floral all at once but not really much like the real stuff. But still good.

Apple - tart and appley with that distinct artificial taste, but completely faithful to the Jolly Rancher flavor.

Orange - as usual, my favorite. Tart and with a good citrus essence mixed with a completely middle-of-the-road Tang flavor. Satisfying.

The package warns that mouth irritation may result from the high “sour level” but I didn’t find them that sour at all. The flavors actually blended pretty well - you can pop an apple and watermelon in your mouth together or an orange and cherry and find a pleasant surprise. But they weren’t “Screamingly” sour in the slightest.

My biggest quarrel with these is that they go sticky very quickly. I don’t know if it was the insane heat of Los Angeles or that they just do that after the package has been opened. It doesn’t seem to have effected the flavor, except maybe they’ve bled together a smidge. But really, there’s nothing really compelling here. It’s not a true chew like a Starburst or a gummi or a jelly ... they’re just kind of soft and certainly not sour enough to warrant being called anything more than tangy jellies.

Name: Screaming Sours
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Jolly Rancher (Hershey's)
Place Purchased: gift from Joz (thanks!)
Price: unknown
Size: 6.5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 99
Categories: Jelly, Sour, United States, Hershey

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  1. yeah they have Jolly Rancher jelly beans at Easter time and they also have Jolly rancher gummies, like lifesaver gummies, but none equal the real thing I remember getting my teeth stuck together with as a kid. :D

    Comment by Amy on 7/28/06 at 6:29 am #
  2. Good ol’ Jolly rancher, the Watermelon has always been my favourite. Have any of you ever seen or tried the Jolly Rancher soda? It’s apparently been out quite a while.

    Comment by GTO on 7/28/06 at 8:50 am #
  3. try your local Sam’s Club for the jolly rancher soda.  i am, at this moment, drinking the watermelon soda.  it rocks.

    Comment by Eric on 8/07/06 at 5:11 am #
  4. These are very sticky even over here in England, where the weather isn’t as hot as in California.

    Watermelon is definatly my favourite despite the artificial flavor. The cherry and Apple flavor are adverage and orange I wasn’t keen on at all.

    Did yours smell like ‘marzipane’ in the packet all together? Mine may be off as I got them all on sale from an american warehouse.

    Comment by Rach on 8/09/06 at 5:48 am #
  5. Cybele's avatar

    Amy - I’ll need to track down some of the other modern iterations of Jolly Ranchers. I just found these things that are like Zotz that I’ll post about soon.

    GTO & Eric - I’m not a soda fan, so it’s probably completely escaped me. But there should be a Watermelon soda, hooray!

    Rach - it’s weird that you mention the smell. It was like my husband opened an air freshener every time he got the package to have a few. It’s a pleasant smell, kind of floral, kind of fruity, but not really something that made me want to eat it.

    Comment by Cybele on 8/09/06 at 6:09 am #
  6. I downed 1 bag of these during “Superman Returns” last weekend.  They stripped the tastebuds from my tongue and gave me canker sores.  I am not exaggerating.  Approach with caution!!

    Comment by Glaze on 8/10/06 at 5:16 pm #
  7. so where can you find the soda? that stuff’s amazing!

    Comment by Angeladud on 9/27/06 at 12:37 pm #
  8. o m g ! I had the most orgasmic experience with jolly ranchers last weekend. The bag changed my life forever. i literally felt a tingle in my pants. wow

    Comment by Zeebs on 9/29/06 at 8:41 am #
  9. hey i love jolly ranchers so much they are like my favorite CANDY in the world!

    Comment by mariah gonzales on 11/15/06 at 1:53 pm #
  10. I’m crazy about all of Jolly Rancher’s candies, but I am looking for a candy that JR put out for a short while called Jolly Rancher Jellies.  This was not a bean, nor a sour, but was more like a soft, really flavorful gum drop.

    Any chance they still make and market these?

    Comment by Romy on 11/28/06 at 2:55 am #
  11. I’ve been trying to find my absolute favorite candy put out by Jolly Ranchers, they were called “Jolly Jellys”. It was kind of like the fruit chew jellys but they were covered in a fine sugar coating. Shaped like half moon shapes & were so freaking good. I havn’t seen them anywhere the past few years. Anyone know if they still make them or not?

    Comment by Vanessa on 2/08/07 at 10:44 pm #
  12. Jolly Ranchers are so .... good i cant even explain it seems like everytime i talk about them.. i get a orgasm in my pants but.. it fills so right.I just love Jolly Ranchers! I hope they wont ever leave me!

    Comment by Myia Courtney on 2/23/07 at 5:43 am #
  13. i want them

    Comment by laura on 3/16/07 at 8:02 am #
  14. thats da best candy evere made!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by keonna on 4/23/07 at 8:06 am #
  15. These are my all time favorite candy.

    I think the ‘sourness’ really differs from one to the next.

    For me, they are definitely sour (and my mouth is watering just at the thought of that tartness), but the immense flavor really tones it down.

    For other people I’ve given this to, some have spit it out, some squeezed their eyes shut and waved their hands, and some just shrug saying, this isn’t sour.

    Man, I love this candy!  smile

    Comment by Bridget on 4/29/07 at 7:39 am #
  16. you rock

    Comment by amber on 11/02/07 at 3:01 am #
  17. I’m living in Burnaby - Canada . I love Jelly rancher’s candies but I don’t know where buy them (I didn’t see them in Metro Town - on Kingsway) . Can you tell me where they are? Thank you very much!

    Comment by CABI on 12/04/07 at 2:44 pm #
  18. I got a bag of these when I went to the movies recently and while I didn’t really like them as much as I like regular Jolly Ranchers, I finished the whole pack. I did notice that they were very sticky and left a sticky residue on anything they came in contact with. In my opinion the flavor of the individual candies wasn’t that different and I just ended up eating them in big handfuls.

    Comment by Paul Hindt on 1/26/08 at 8:05 pm #
  19. Disappointed! NOT EVEN SOUR!
    I really don’t like those!

    Comment by Sara on 1/13/09 at 6:46 am #
  20. I am looking for someone who can send me the original jolly ranchers watermelon flavour..can even pay for the service..need 2 or 3 bags for personal use…thank you very much
    Please contact me : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) waiting for someone who can help me to find my favorite candy!

    Comment by elsa on 5/08/09 at 10:01 pm #
  21. this candy is the most amazingly delicious candy in the whole world. (:

    Comment by lizz on 12/11/09 at 2:49 pm #
  22. They aren’t supposed to be gummi’s. They’re “chewy” and sour…. nothing like a gummi bear. I LOVE these… they used to be everywhere… but now, I can’t find them anywhere! :(... I’m, pregnant, and craving them like mad, and I’ve looked in every store, to no avail. I figured they were discontinued….

    Comment by ashley on 4/08/10 at 9:50 am #
  23. I love these!  I can only find them at the local movie theaters…does anyone know where else they sell them?

    Comment by Allie on 4/17/10 at 12:32 pm #

    Comment by Kamelh on 6/14/10 at 2:29 pm #
  25. I’m addicted to these. like i cannot go with out them.
    now that im pregnant its 10x worse
    best candy ever!!!!

    Comment by Olivia on 2/09/11 at 8:09 am #
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