Monday, June 19, 2006

In the Press

Candy Blog has been featured in the media:

Most recently on the topic of the FDA proposal to change the standards of identity for chocolate:

  • 4/19/07 - I got an editorial published in the Los Angeles Times (my first) which was then picked up by New York Newsday.

  • 4/24/07 - Talk of the Nation on the topic of, well, the sanctity of chocolate.
  • 4//27/2007 - The Washington Post’s Michael Rosenwald sums up the issue as it stood, including the fabled “Appendix C.”

  • 5/19/07 - Good Food devotes a segment to protecting the best food, Chocolate (and all the other ones covered under the FDA petition).

  • 7/2/07 - Reuters in Toronto does a follow up on the story after an editorial appears in the NYTimes (the day before the closing of the FDA open comments period).

  • 7/27/07 - NPR’s Here & Now from WBUR in Boston. The interview starts with Robert Earl of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and I have the last word. 
  • Good Food - an hour long show out of KCRW in Los Angeles hosted by Evan Kleinman. July 9, 2005. We talked about chews, malted milk balls and my favorite breakfast.

    Radio Open Source - an hour long radio show out of WGBH in Boston. Hosted by Chris Lydon with guest Steve Almond. August 25, 2005. We talked about the essential nature of candy, nostalgia and all the tactile and oral qualities of candy.

    If you liked Radio Open Source - check out this remixed version - A Universal Passion - Candy Remix (mp3 file) from Love and Radio.

    Los Angeles Times: Have We Gone Blog Wild by Avital Binshtock. January 4, 2006. I’m just in the list of Los Angeles based blogs. They like my photos!

    Sweet Success - Cybele May, the creator of Candy Blog, lives by the philosophy ‘lower your expectations, broaden your horizons.’ In following this mantra, she’s created a new life for herself by Craig Courtice, National Post. June 19, 2005 (see the screen grab with photos here.)

    Consumed - NY Times Magazine: Short and Sweet by Rob Walker. It’s too bad Hershey’s wouldn’t talk on the record about their Limited Editions. Since that article came out, Hershey’s has brought back the Cherry Cordial Creme Kisses as another limited edition offering.

    Epicurious’ editor’s blog did a brief profile of Candy Blog (and readers are leaving their comments on their favorite candy). It’s nice to be reminded of my own words to get out of my head and into the candy store more often!

    Coffee Crisp in the States ... I’m quoted twice, though the last one has me rolling my eyes at myself ... “fills a big niche” ... come on, can a niche be big?

    Blog of the Day by the Detroit Free Press on December 18, 2006.

    Good Food again, this time the topic is Peeps, yes, those little sugary marshmallows for Easter. I was so inspired by recording this segment I documented my “Peeps Mash-Ups”. April 7, 2007

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