Wednesday, January 4, 2006

LA Times asks, “Have We Gone Blog Wild?”

The LA Times food section had an interesting article today on foodblogging.
Have We Gone Blog Wild? by Avital Binshtock:

But quicker than you could say blogosphere, the world of blogs-by-dedicated-foodies got crowded, repetitive, overly precious and just plain dull.

These days, hyper-focus is in; generalism is passé. A food blogger who wants to stand out from the rest of the pack has to be specialized. Really specialized. And more and more, specialization is taking the form of pinpoint devotion to an exhaustive coverage of a minusculely narrow food-related topic.

Yup, that’s me, hyper-focused. Well, if you consider candy to be as narrow as following only slices of pizza in New York City. Which, I don’t, of course. I think candy is as big as the world itself. Sweets are universal.

I was, happily, included in the list of blogs along with such highly read ones that are already on my daily rounds like The Accidental Hedonist and Kiplog’s FoodBlog and I’ve now be introduced to some other promising reads (they’re all good, I’m sure, but I’m not about to read about bacon or hamburgers): Wednesday Chef, I Was Just Realy Very Hungry and Pho-King.

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  1. You’re [more] famous! My mom pointed the article out to me this morning. Little did she know, she shops at the same Bristol Farms as such a VIP!

    Comment by Bridget on 1/04/06 at 3:31 pm #
  2. Oooh, feel the traffic. 

    A well-deserved link!

    Comment by Marvo on 1/04/06 at 9:32 pm #
  3. congrats on the mention!  your laser-focused reviews are great ... but i am also a sucker (pun intended) for the really nice pics. =)

    Comment by Bryan on 1/05/06 at 12:36 am #
  4. surprisedCongratulations on receiving this special honour. Well done and well merited! (so I’m not surprised after all…)

    Comment by michal on 1/05/06 at 5:04 pm #
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