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Flix Sour Gummy Pop Corn

Gummy Pop CornThe world of gummis is filled with candy that looks like other things: soda bottles, centipedes, spiders, body parts (brains, whole hands, eyeballs, lips), dinosaurs, rabbits, birds, flowers, butterflies, toads, frogs, sharks, fast food, fruits, vegetables, cracked eggs,  and of course bears.

Sour Gummy Pop Corn from Flix Candy looks like popcorn. But they go one further, instead of making it popcorn flavored, or some other yellow themed flavor they’ve made them apple, strawberry, popcorn & watermelon. You don’t know until you eat them.

The package is cute, it looks like the tall box of popcorn that they used to sell at the fair and probably at the movies before people starting consuming it by the bucketful.

Popcorn Gummi

Here’s the first thing: a caramel corn flavored gummi sounds fabulous to me. It wouldn’t have a year ago, but after the caramel gummis I reviewed last week I truly believe you could make a great Cracker Jack flavored gummi with real molasses, caramelized sugar and milk.

This isn’t that ... so I’ll have to adjust my expectations.

I thought maybe I could tell the difference between them by smelling them, but they all smelled like Bed, Bath and Beyond (a mixture of watermelon, strawberry and carpeting).

Watermelon (yellow) was tart and fresh, though more sour than I actually like my watermelon to be. The bounce of the gummi was satisfying and fresh.

Strawberry (yellow) was sweeter at first and had a good berry flavor but then descended into sour.

Apple (yellow) if that’s what I tasted, this one was the most sizzling of the, it was an odd sort of burnt note along with that chemical green apple flavor of Jolly Ranchers.

The Pop Corn gummi was either elusive or so similarly flavored that I couldn’t tell. After finding the first three flavors in about 8 tries, I ended up just biting the rest of the pieces in the package. Something smelled vaguely like artificial butter flavor, but nothing tasted like it (but who wants sour buttered pop corn?).

These weren’t that good for me, but I get that when watching a movie the look of the candy isn’t that important since I can’t see it anyway. But the flavor mix with apple and watermelon wasn’t high on my list either.

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Name: Gummy Pop Corn
Brand: Flix Candy
Place Purchased: samples from Sweets and Snacks Expo
Price: $1.49 retail
Size: 3 ounces
Calories per ounce: 92
Categories: Candy, Flix, Gummi Candy, Sour, 5-Pleasant, United States

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  1. Peloria's avatar

    Thank you for reviewing this! I found a single box of these a while back at Walgreens in the clearance aisle (for 39 cents!). I thought they looked incredibly intriguing… popcorn-shaped gummis that taste like fruit? Weird. I actually had intended on asking if you had seen them, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. wink

    Comment by Peloria on 5/17/10 at 3:30 pm #
  2. Those seem odd. Very odd.

    It was funny that you mentioned sour buttered popcorn though. When I was about 8, the newsagents near me sold these little bags of toffee popcorn, for like, 20p, and the popcorn had like, fizzy sherbet powder mixed in with the coating. I used to blow my pocket money on that stuff.
    And just yesterday I was eating some regular toffee popcorn, and thinking “I wish this had a hint of sour to it, like the stuff from when I was a kid…”

    Of course, that stuff isn’t made anymore, presumably I was the only person who liked it.

    Comment by Nivaya on 5/18/10 at 6:01 am #
  3. I actually had intended on asking if you had seen them, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

    Comment by liked on 5/28/10 at 1:01 am #
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