Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Candy Rings

candy ringsWhile on vacation last month I picked up some candies from the bulk bin at a candy shop. They were individually wrapped compressed dextrose Candy Rings. There was no label on the bin and nothing on the wrapper, so I can’t be sure of the brand.

I found three flavors: Cherry, Lemon and Lime.

They’re 1.33 inches wide and 1.6 inches tall. They’re flat, about a quarter of an inch thick. There’s a little gem design on the crest of the ring, two circles with a diamond shape in the center. It’s a clever bit of design, they’re stamped out like giant pills instead of being molded like most hard candies.

Candy Rings

As adornment they’re not very comfortable. The rings are sized for small fingers, so they fit on my pinky and barely on my ring finger. The bands are chunky. With a file I suppose I could have made the ring hole bigger for my middle finger, as I think that would work best given the size of the ring. The design is cute, and the pieces are sizable.

I know that there have been a few makers of a few different kinds of compressed dextrose candy rings over the years. The version I got as a kid, I recall, was much chalkier and easier to bite than this version. They’re quite dense, like eating a piece of fired porcelain instead of some school chalk.

The flavors are mild, more sweet than tart, more perfume in most cases than flavor. The compressed dextrose they’re made from is less sweet than sucrose, but also lacks the full buoyant mouthfeel of sugar. Cherry is lightly tangy with an awful lot of jammy florals and a hint of cough syrup. Lemon was quite bland with even less tang than the cherry.

I prefer my SweeTart type candies a bit more chalky. I like less density, a little more air in them so that they can be crunched. I also prefer more flavor ... and maybe some other flavors. But for a cheap little wearable treat, these were passable. I’m glad they’re still around.

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Name: Candy Rings
Place Purchased: Candy*Ology (Lititz, PA)
Price: $.25
Size: .4 ounces
Calories per ounce: 88
Categories: Candy, Compressed Dextrose, 5-Pleasant

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  1. I remember when the yellow ones were banana flavored, not lemon. And they were really chalky.

    Comment by Juniper on 10/31/13 at 2:50 pm #
  2. There used to be a thicker version of these rings that were less compress (or not as hard).  Doesn’t anyone know where to find those.  I’ve been searching diligently online.

    Comment by Jay Grace on 5/19/17 at 11:58 am #
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