Friday, June 9, 2006

Back Home and Reconnected

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday. I thought I would be able to connect to the wi-fi network at the Chicago Airport and update here on every little thing, but it was not to be.

So, the promised coverage will just trickle out through the weekend and I’ll get back to the candy reviews on Monday.

The last day of the show was very productive for me. I had a hit-list of the booths that I wanted to make sure that I check out, but I still missed two on my list as I got distracted over at Just Born (the Peeps people!) and sat down and gabbed with the team there as they were wrapping up the show.

I did hit the following:

ChocoRocks by Kimmie - little chocolatey morsels shaped like rocks. Sadly they’re not real chocolate, but cute as can be.
Choco-Omeg - fortified chocolates by Botticelli in several varieties with Omega3 fatty acids, calcium and minerals.
Dare RealFruit Gummis - they’ve been in Canada for years, now they’re releasing them in the States.
Lucky Country Licorice - some tasty Australian licorice that you might see a little more often now.
Pucker Powder - make your own sour tablets or tubes of pucker powder. I’ll have lots more on this later.
Ritter Sport - new dark chocolate offerings from the square chocolate bar people from Germany.
Jim Beam Fudge - not quite what I was hoping for, but they also had a jalapeno fudge that was pretty sassy.

I also checked back with my buddies at Bubble Chocolate. I’ve been following along on their journey since January when I first saw their product announcement on and I’ll keep up with them as they make their way into stores.

The show floor closed at noon (well, technically at noon) and I had to check out of my hotel anyway. So I said goodbye to the super-helpful team in charge of the press room and grabbed a shuttle back to my neighborhood.

The most surprising thing was that my luggage was not over the weight limits when I checked in. My big bag was 48.5 pounds ... just under the 50 lb limit! I did pack a small carry on bag on the way out that I used on the way back to put candy in to make sure that my load was fully balanced.

The one thing that kept happening though, is when I’d chit chat with folks and they’d ask me what my favorite candy from the show is, I’d have nothing to say. Half of the stuff I saw, I haven’t even tasted yet! I was trying to pace myself and keep from eating too much, I ate barely at all. My first full meal of the week was lunch on Thursday after I checked out of the hotel I wandered over to Panera (I know, so many good restaurants in Chicago and I went to a chain) and had a bowl of soup and a half a sandwich.

The scariest part was last night when I waited and waited at baggage claim and my bag didn’t come off. Turns out it made it onto an earlier flight (I was on standby in an effort to get home earlier) and was waiting in the storage/claim room. Phew! There’s no way I could replace all that candy!

I’m pretty much exhausted (got up at 7 AM yesterday, Chicago time and didn’t get to bed until 2 AM Los Angeles time). It’s gonna take me a couple of days to recover from that!

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  1. Mmmm, more dark choco Ritter Sport?  I love it!  The whole hazelnut version is delish.  Can’t wait for the reviews!  And the fudge sounds intriguing.

    Comment by Julilla on 6/09/06 at 9:16 am #
  2. pictures!!!I need to see pictures!  Get some sleep and then put up pictures…please, pretty please, pretty please with Pucker Powder on top!

    Comment by crispin on 6/09/06 at 9:23 am #
  3. I’m pretty sure I saw that Lucky Country Licorice in Target just this morning! I was trying to decide whether or not to buy some for my dad, who used to really love licorice. Just now, googling to see if it was the same thing, I came across this post where commenters contend that what’s being sold in the US isn’t as good as the Australian product:

    Comment by Tricia on 6/09/06 at 4:42 pm #
  4. p.s. glad they didn’t lose your luggage! what a horrendous ending THAT would have been!!

    Comment by Tricia on 6/09/06 at 4:42 pm #
  5. Cybele's avatar

    Tricia - I did talk to the Lucky Country guys about the whole Trader Joe’s thing. So they’re aware that something with their sourcing in the states has changed the product.

    Crispin - I’m afraid I’ve only posted about 500 pictures so far.

    Julilla - yeah, I’m thinking the fudge was a good idea ... but maybe not such a good product. We’ll see, I need to come at it fresh.

    Comment by Cybele on 6/13/06 at 2:21 pm #
  6. Above you stated that you would write a review on Pucker powder. I was wondering your thoughts on the product and the machine. Im interested in buying one but thought it would be good to get a professionals opinion before doing so. Any info you can give me would be great!
    Thanks, Kristy

    Comment by Kristy Hill on 11/10/06 at 9:18 am #
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