Thursday, May 22, 2008

All Candy Expo - Thursday Link Wrappers

As the All Candy Expo for 2008 comes to a close, writers from all over are heading home and this little trickle of stories is just the start of what will be a summer of fun coverage of new products & trends:

  • Jamie at Candy Addict has great observations on the new trends with dark chocolate, combining chocolate & fruit and chocolate & nuts.
  • Candied Orange Slice

  • Liz didn’t stay for the whole time, but has a pretty snazzy haul to show off (and a photo of Jacques Torres). 

  • Faith at The Kitchen (Apartment Therapy) has a wonderful condensed version of Jacques Torres’ session on how to taste chocolate.

  • Caitlin at Candy Addict also wraps things up with a few closing notes ... and confirms that her haul was 45 pounds of candy. (What a bad year to have luggage surcharges.)

  • Brandweek discusses Mars push into more customizable candy. M&Ms can be printed with sayings, logos and now even your face. Dove bites can be wrapped in your own customized sayings. Someday maybe they’ll let me special order Marathon bars. 

  • The Los Angeles Examiner actually has a caffeine columnist who gave the new Tootsie Roll Maxxed Pops a try.

  • Related Candies

    1. Crackheads
    2. Caffe Acapella - Coffee Confections
    3. The Traveling with Candy Balancing Act
    4. M&Ms Line
    5. Jacques Torres

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    1. Thanks for pointing out all these articles Cybele..its such a shame we dont get any expo like this in the UK…im so jealous of that masive box you got lol I dont know how you sample it all!

      Chocolate Mission

      Comment by James on 5/25/08 at 2:03 am #
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