Monday, May 19, 2008

All Candy Expo in a Box

All Candy Expo Sample BoxIt all starts tomorrow, bright and early on Tuesday morning in Chicago.

As I mentioned before, the National Confectioners Association, which runs the All Candy Expo, sent me a box of goodies so I wouldn’t feel left out by not attending.

The package says that it’s 20 lbs (last year I brought home 60 lbs ... but I think I ended up giving away about 20). It’s a fabulous assortment.

While there are a few things that I’d never pick up for myself, things like jerky, chips, and many packages of gum, those quickly found homes. But there were also plenty of samples, full sized things, that I might not have been able to score by myself on the floor. Some other items I’ve already found in stores and reviewed here (Wonka Giant Chewy Nerds, Starburst Gummi Bursts, Figamajigs, Craves, and a few others).

Here’s a small sampling of the items I’ll be able to talk about this week:

  • Toxic Waste
  • WOWzerz Sour Powder Bubble Gum
  • Parker Products Raspberry & Cream Bar
  • Pure Fun Peppermint Canes
  • Indulge Gourmet Ribbles
  • Crackheads
  • Assembly of All Candy Expo - by Michael J. Hartman

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crisps
  • Mama Mellace’s Chocolate Covered Roasted Cashews
  • Albanese Confectionery Chocolate Covered Biscotti
  • Glee Gum Bubble Gum Flavor
  • Nintendo Wii KLIK-on Candy Dispenser
  • Marshmallow Farms
  • Bratz Candy Jewelry
  • Hannah Montana Glamour Guitar & Picture Ring Lollipops
  • Albanese Confectionery Gummi Butterflies
  • Hissee Fit Snake Lollipop (I actually already had some of these)
  • Chocolate PEZ
  • Sunrise Sour Slices
  • US Honey Bee Hard Candy
  • Primrose Fabulous Fall Caramel Swirls
  • Darrell Lea Soft Eating Licorice
  • ChocoPods Firecracker
  • Ghirardelli Milk & Peanut Butter Bar
  • Bloomsberry & Co Climate Change Bar & Beauty Bar
  • Roca 60% Cacao Buttercrunch Thins
  • Kohler Original Recipe Chocolate Cherry Almond Bar
  • Cote d’Or Experiences Cocoa Nibs 70% Cacao
  • Cote d’Or Experiences Milk Creamy - Smooth
  • Sunkist Better for You! Fruit Gummies
  • Aura Clip’n'Go Mints (I actually got samples last year that I still haven’t written about)
  • Jelly Belly Ice Cream Parlor Mix (Cold Stone Creamery)
  • Baskin-Robbins Soft Candy - Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Tortuga Rum Fudge (Coconut)
  • Assembly of All Candy Expo - by Michael J. Hartman

  • Peeps Chocolate Mousse (Bears & Bunnies)
  • Madelaine Milk Chocolate Lolly Pops
  • Chocolate Peanut Crumblz!
  • Funley’s Stix in the Mud
  • The bold ones are those that I’m planning reviews of (but ya never know). There are dozens of other items that were in the box, of course, but not things that are likely to be included on Candy Blog.

    The photos shown here are from a reader, Michael J. Hartman, who is working behind the scenes. These were taken on Saturday as everything was being loaded into the McCormick center for the show. Some of the very elaborate booths require cranes to assemble and of course days.

    You can check in here as I upload my photos on Flickr.

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    1. My eyes glazed over the list, and rested only here:

      Roca 60% Cacao Buttercrunch Thins

      and here:
      Peeps Chocolate Mousse.

      I look forward to reports on both of the above. 

      I think I saw the Roca Buttercrunch Thins recently at Winco (big bulk discount grocery). Anyway, it was some Roca product I’d never seen, and in a rare moment of austerity, decided not to buy them.  I should have.

      Comment by Joanna on 5/19/08 at 8:34 pm #
    2. happy to take anything new and different off your hands:). I wish more of the public were allowed to enter the show…


      Comment by barbara on 5/27/08 at 12:59 pm #
    3. Have you tried the Darrell Lea licorice yet? I had some for the first time just now and it’s delicious!

      Comment by maggie on 7/31/08 at 10:38 pm #
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