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Fun Stuff

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Help me Build an FAQ

imageI’ve been working on a list of Frequently Asked Questions for CandyBlog, but I’m sure there are plenty of Frequently Unasked Questions as well.

What would you like to know about CandyBlog? Post something here in the comments section and I’ll add it to the FAQ to be posted late this week.

Regular candy reviews continue as usual below.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Sweets Expo - Toronto

This weekend is the Sweets Expo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s a consumer trade show and fantasy destination featuring sweets, candy and confections a-go-go.

Sadly, I’m not there, but happily one of CandyBlog’s regular readers, g, is there and covering it all on a special blog: Sugarholic.

Check it out ... she’s already had her first chocolate experience since arriving in Toronto and the show doesn’t start until tomorrow!

Jealous? Fear not, there will be another Sweets Expo this summer in Montreal and this fall in Vancouver. I’ve never been to Vancouver ... hmmmm.

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Blogroll Challenge Winner!

imageThe winner of the CandyBlog Blogroll Challenge Drawing is .... Shauna! A package will be mailed out later this week with far more candy than you ever thought I could cram into a little box.

Everyone’s support and linkage is greatly appreciated and I liked looking at everyone’s blogs and sites (and I’ve added a great many of them to my RSS reader). I hope everyone else got a change to click around and see what CandyBlog readers are up to!

I’ll be doing another drawing again soon. If anyone has any suggestions for a sort of challenge to include as part of it, let me know here.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Candy Drawing #2: Blogroll Challenge

Here we go, I’ve got more candy to give away!

imageThis time to enter, you’ve gotta do something for me:

Add CandyBlog to your blogroll or put a link to me on your website.

Then come here and leave a comment with a link to your site. Use a real email address (don’t worry, I’m the only one who can see it) when you comment so I can contact you if you win.

Am I already on your blogroll? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered too!

For this contest ALL ADDRESSES will be accepted - I’ll send the package anywhere in the world!

The deadline for entries is Friday, May 5th at midnight Pacific time. (I figured folks needed a little more time for this one.) Daily candy reviews continue as usual below.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Great Pumpkin!

You know if I’m not eating candy or writing about candy, I’m out on the internet reading about candy and looking at candy photos.

Last week I stumbled across two incredible sets of photos on Flickr, here’s a small sample:


Joshua has over 175 photos of individual pieces of Halloween candy, both wrapped and then unwrapped.

I emailed him, and he gave me the story behind it. He collected a barrel of candy (50 gallons!) for Halloween as part of his work as a youth pastor. They did a huge challenge called the Pumpkin Hunt for middle and high school aged kids, kind of like a treasure hunt:

We divide kids up into teams of like 4-6 each and they race through different clues that send ‘em all over the place in our community and the first one to make it to the candy wins. There’s also a combination lock on the candy, and along the way they pick up 3 numbers to the lock and have to get ‘em in order and unlock the padlock to actually win.

Wow, way harder than Trick-or-Treat, but it sounds a lot more fun. I wonder if the winner got the whole 50 gallons?


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Candy Drawing Winner!

I was overwhelmed by the number of entries and folks de-lurking on the blog. I can’t tell you how much your praise, appreciation and return visits means to me. It’s good to know that my obsession is not uncommon and certainly not as secret as I thought. It made me smile each and every time someone left an enthusiastic entry or a wonderful compliment.


But you’re just here to see about the winner, aren’t you?

First, how I did the drawing: I exported the comment list that includes the name, email address, date & time and IP address of each comment to an excel sheet. Then I sifted through and vetted the obvious, such as if a person commented more than one time, I only used the first comment. This was as good as I could do to keep things on the up-and-up.

Instead writing on slips of paper and picking them out of a hat or something, I went high tech. I sorted the sheet (by one of the fields, I’m not going to tell you which) and then I went to Random.org and used their random number generator to give me a number between 1 and 154. The winner was #13 (hey, I can’t make stuff like this up!).

So, congratulations to Jenna! Her package will go in the post tomorrow. Stay tuned, I’ll be running another giveway (but this time I’m asking something of you!).

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Candy Drawing!

imageAs promised in my blogiversary post, I’m givin’ away candy! It’s like Halloween, except it comes to your house instead of you coming to mine!

I’m going to do several drawings over the next week or so, so don’t worry if you don’t win this one, there will be a few opporunities.

What am I giving away? At least a half a pound of honest-to-goodness candy. It could be SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy, Red Vines, candy necklaces or Fun Dip ... or all of the above!

How to win? Just leave a comment here with a real email address in the email field. Don’t worry, no one else can see it but me. One entry per person, only US or Canadian entries please (I’ll try to do an international one soon).

Regular candy reviews will continue below as usual ... the deadline for entry is Saturday, April 22nd at Midnight Pacific time. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, April 24th (at which time I’ll request a mailing address).

POSTED BY Cybele AT 1:12 pm     Fun Stuff

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How Well Do You Know Candy?

Brian over at CandyAddict.com has put together a little candy alphabet quiz that taxes even the best of us!


Go take a walk through the alphabet and see how many letters you can identify from their candy wrappers. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

POSTED BY Cybele AT 6:57 am     Fun StuffNewsComments (5)

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