Monday, April 9, 2007

Who’s Speaking up for Real Chocolate?

I thought I’d put together a list of the conversations I’ve seen out there about the FDA’s proposed shift in the definition of chocolate to include products without cocoa butter. Thanks to everyone for the linky love on the issue!

  • David at

  • Nic at BakingBites

  • Coasting Granny at Grannie’s Tasties

  • jsu at
  • Kate at
  • Food Chronicles
  • Meg at
  • Buddha Canvas
  • MFred33 at Center of the Universe
  • Rage Diaries
  • Daily Ping
  • Enslaved to Supermuse
  • I’m gonna write down whatever ...
  • Baking & Books
  • Noirbettie at Through the Looking Glass
  • Well Seasoned Cook
  • Mirthfairy
  • Dethboy
  • K9Pincushion
  • Breezeek
  • LA.Eater
  • For those random little things…
  • Teddy
  • Aleat?rio - O lado rand?mico ...
  • Our Adventures in Japan
  • MsBooch
  • Celebrate Life Daily (tm)
  • Spin or Dye
  • Laura Rebecca’s Kitchen
  • YouNever
  • As the Worm Turns
  • Couteau Bonswan
  • TNTFamily
  • The Wandering Eater
  • The Boulder Belt Blog
  • Llama Pyjamas
  • Quod Me Nutrit
  • Yukino
  • Pass the Sky
  • Bean Mom
  • The 1st Daughter
  • Book Nut
  • MikeM
  • Slinkster Feline
  • Escapades: The Secret Plans
  • Krista Says
  • Yayo’s
  • KQED - Bay Area Bites
  • My Chocolate Journal
  • BlogHer
  • CyberChocolate
  • KandyExchange
  • Can I just say Wow! It makes me feel like we’re mobilizing ... that we might actually be heard on the issue. (Those were in no particular order and I may have some blog names wrong.)

    On the other side of the fence we have some interesting commentary (and I totally understand some of their points):
    John Wright at Libertarian Reason (this is an older post about the “vegelate” moniker for UK chocolate)
    Joe at - makes the argument that non-cocoabutter confections are valid and deserve to be explored, like spreadable chocolate.  (My feeling is those are totally cool things, which can be sold now and don’t need to be sold as “chocolate”.)

    Hopefully I’ll be updating this list or posting a new one as the word spreads. Remember, April 25th is the deadline for comments. (Anyone who’s posted about it is eligible for a raffle ticket for my Keep it Real Raffle, too!)

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    1. “My feeling is those are totally cool things, which can be sold now and don?t need to be sold as ‘chocolate.’”

      That argument goes both ways. Changing the identity standard won’t prevent chocolate with cocoa butter from being sold, and it won’t remove the requirement for an ingredients list.

      Comment by Stephen on 4/09/07 at 7:02 pm #
    2. Hm. I wouldn’t eat a “chocolate” that included anything other than cacao, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, and vanill(a/in) - so I have trouble caring what the legal definition of chocolate is. I’m not going to suddenly start eating garbage, and Scharffen-Berger isn’t about to start producing said garbage.

      I.e., what’s the problem? Let the FDA change their silly little rules - the reality of the situation is that nothing changes. All the ingredients are still listed on the label.

      Comment by T. Piatek on 4/13/07 at 8:51 pm #
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