Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tootsie Pop Drops

Tootsie Pop DropsTootsie Pop Drops are back.

This is what I remember about the original Tootsie Pop Drops: they were about the size of a quarter, they came in all the Tootsie Pop flavors and they were individually wrapped.

The new version differs in two ways from that: they are not individually wrapped and they are smaller (about the same diameter as a penny).

The do still come in the same flavors as the regular lollies.

Tootsie Pop Drops are marketed as Tootsie Pops without the Stick! I also like to think that they are Tootsie Pops without as much packaging (after all, they’re not individually wrapped and have no rolled-paper stick). Perhaps they’re the eco-sensitive Tootsie Pop!

Tootsie Pop DropsThe come in five flavors: Cherry, Chocolate, Orange, Blue Raspberry and Grape. (I’m guessing they’re using the Blue Raspberry because the regular red Raspberry looks too similar to the Cherry.)

The original version was sold (to the best of my recollection) either in bulk bins or in pre-pack bags of at least 10 ounces or so, just like Tootsie Rolls. There was no single serve package available.

Tootsie Pop Drops

Out of the little plasticized foil pouch they’re a bit dusty (I wiped them off for the photo, cuz I like my candy dead sexy), probably from the friction of rubbing together making candy dust. They’re pretty easy to tell apart, really only the chocolate and grape are a bit difficult to discern from time to time. There were about 16 drops to a bag.

They fit in the mouth nicely and the best thing about them is that they’re much smoother than the Tootsie Pops.

If there’s one thing that I can’t stand about Tootsie Pops it’s that they’re real mouth-abusers. There are little voids and air bubbles in the candy that get sharp and have a tendency to cause little tears on the roof of my mouth.

These fit easily in the roof of the mouth and for some reason have no bubbles or sharp bits.

Tootsie Pop Drops (Close Up with Penny)They’re exceptionally easy to eat whether you’re a cruncher or a sucker.

I liked the old larger size, if only because the proportions more closely resembled a Tootsie Pop. These are more like the dreadful Blow Pop Minis, except they don’t suck. For some reason, I don’t mind a little nibble of Tootsie Roll at the center instead of nugget, probably because it’s a Tootsie Roll, which I prefer in combination, not as the main event.

That said, the amount of Tootsie Roll at the center seemed to vary. (And the sample in the photo above was something that I dissolved away in my mouth so some loss due to tastiness is to be expected). There were certainly instances where it seemed like much more Tootsie Roll than depicted in the photo.

The flavors are all decent. In fact, I even liked the Cherry.

My ranking of Tootsie Pop (& Drop) flavors goes like this:

  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Chocolate
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • In the bags that I got, the randomness was less than balanced. I opened four bags just to get three Blue Raspberry for the photos, and one bag was almost all Orange (not that I’m complaining, please see ranking above).

    This sort of format would make Tootsie Pop Drops a good movie candy ... it’s made up of small pieces, easy to share and a good variety of taste and texture.

    Tootsie Pop DropsTootsie Roll was kind enough to send me an extra box to give away to readers. Yes, that’s a whole box of 24 package (2.25 ounces each). And maybe some other stuff if there’s room in the box.

    So, if you’d like to try these resurrected treats (far better than the Good & Fruity as Zombie candies go) here are the rules:


  • I can only ship to addresses in the USA or Canada (so if you don’t live in one of those places but want to play along, feel free, but you’ll have to give me a North American address)
  • Leave one comment with an email address that works (so I can notify you, don’t worry, no one else sees it) and answer the following question: What was the last piece of candy you ate?
  • All comments must be left by March 29th, 11 PM Pacific time in order to be eligible
  • If there is a problem with the commenting system (which wouldn’t surprise me), you may also email your entry using the subject line “Tootsie Pop Drop Drawing”
  • If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won, these should be appearing in convenience stores right now.

    UPDATE 3/29/2008: SugarHog is also giving away a box! So is Candy Yum Yum!

    Also, for those who mentioned the old format where they sold Tootsie Pop Drops in a roll, I found a picture on Flickr. The old tagline was “We filled the hole with a Tootsie Roll” (because they were sold like Lifesavers).

    Finally, I have to bump the rating up to a 9 out of 10 (from my original 8 out of 10 rating). I’ve eaten five bags since this review, that pretty much means they’re yummy.

    UPDATE: 4/1/2008: I drew a winner over the weekend and it was Maggi! Congratulations. The box o’ TPDs is on its way (along with some other stuff like two bags of Tootsie Pops and some of the recent Snickers Limited Edition bars but I can’t guarantee how they’ll take the heat).

    Comments are open again so you’re free to talk about anything now, but the drawing is closed. I really enjoyed hearing what everyone was eating, I hope you did too!

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    Name: Tootsie Pop Drops
    • 10 SUPERB
    • 9 YUMMY
    • 8 TASTY
    • 7 WORTH IT
    • 6 TEMPTING
    • 5 PLEASANT
    • 4 BENIGN
    • 1 INEDIBLE
    Brand: Tootsie
    Place Purchased: samples from Tootsie
    Price: $.75 retail
    Size: 2.25ounces
    Calories per ounce: 106
    Categories: Chew, Hard Candy, United States, Tootsie

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    1. I have just finished eating a Russell Stover Chocolate Creme Egg, you can’t get any better than that.

      Comment by Stuart Taylor on 3/22/08 at 4:53 pm #
    2. These sound awesome!!!  Much better than my stale russel stover valentine’s assorted chocolates.

      Comment by heather on 3/22/08 at 5:02 pm #
    3. The last candy I ate was a small tube of ChocoBabies, little itty bitty chocolate pellets. I think they’re from Japan- YUM!!!

      Comment by Tori on 3/22/08 at 5:09 pm #
    4. I just had some Hershey’s Coconut Creme Kisses.

      I just told my dad about these—he’s very excited. Tootsie Roll Pops are his favorite candy.

      Comment by Sienna on 3/22/08 at 5:20 pm #
    5. i am eating Ting Ting Jahe, which is spicy hot addictive candy ala Indonesia. whoohoo!

      Comment by ben on 3/22/08 at 5:23 pm #
    6. I’m eating Cadbury mini-eggs right now as I’m reading your blog.

      Comment by Wendy on 3/22/08 at 5:24 pm #
    7. I just had a Reeses egg…or five. smile

      Comment by Maura on 3/22/08 at 5:25 pm #
    8. I just finished a caramello bar.  And I have a bag of pre-packaged cotton candy waiting for me.


      Comment by Cat Skyfire on 3/22/08 at 5:27 pm #
    9. I am currently eating (as I type!) dark chocolate-covered espresso beans from a candy store here in Marquette.  Donker’s has been a family business for over 100 years, and they make all of their own chocolates.

      Comment by Chelsea on 3/22/08 at 5:28 pm #
    10. sour starburst jelly beans!  should be sold year round!

      Comment by marybeth on 3/22/08 at 5:29 pm #
    11. Just finished these truffles I meant to add to the kids’ Easter baskets.  The name escapes me but they were quite good.  Okay, okay, I have more, I guess I’ll share with the little ones. smile

      Comment by Janelle on 3/22/08 at 5:32 pm #
    12. Ooooh, these do look tasty. Lately I’ve been eating the mini milk Dove chocolates. so good.

      Comment by Alexandria on 3/22/08 at 5:35 pm #
    13. The last piece of candy I ate was something chocolate-y and shaped like a hippo.  I’m not sure exactly what it was - I bought it last week in Italy because it looked cute.  It was REALLY good.

      Comment by christine on 3/22/08 at 5:37 pm #
    14. The last piece of candy I ate was a piece of a dark chocolate toblerone.  Awesome.

      Comment by Julia on 3/22/08 at 5:38 pm #
    15. these would be an awesome way to dissuade my boyfriend from getting nachos AND popcorn at the movies…  i can’t wear elastic-waist pants indefinitely. 

      although i did eat a little package of cadbury mini eggs today.  and i liked it.

      Comment by Lindy on 3/22/08 at 5:45 pm #
    16. The last piece of candy I ate was a grape Hi-Chew.  I love the grape and lemon best.  mmmmm.

      Comment by Amy on 3/22/08 at 5:45 pm #
    17. Last piece of candy I ate was Strawberry Creme Savers, which is one of my favorite candies!

      Comment by Michael H. on 3/22/08 at 5:49 pm #
    18. I am eating right now, DOTS candy. The green one is my favorite.

      Comment by Angie on 3/22/08 at 5:52 pm #
    19. I’m eating an orange tootsie pop as I type this!

      Comment by Dani on 3/22/08 at 5:58 pm #
    20. A full size Butterfinger bar was the last candy I ate. Always a treat when a change of pace is required.

      Comment by Will on 3/22/08 at 5:59 pm #
    21. the last piece of candy i ate was circus peanuts. i don’t know why. they’re like sweet packing foam. but once a year or so i get a craving for them. i blame my father for eating them all the time when i was little. there. you ask a simple question and get a mini-saga complete with my rambling childhood memories.

      Comment by arielle on 3/22/08 at 5:59 pm #
    22. I ate a bunch of cadbury mini eggs last.  If only they were available year round… (except that this would lead to massive weight gain)

      Comment by Alison on 3/22/08 at 6:00 pm #
    23. I recently ate a Cadbury’s Orange Creme Egg.

      Comment by Avitable on 3/22/08 at 6:03 pm #
    24. The last piece of candy I had was reese’s cup egg.

      Comment by Lexi on 3/22/08 at 6:09 pm #
    25. I had a big handful of Good n Plenty earlier this evening. I love black licorice!

      Comment by Kim on 3/22/08 at 6:18 pm #
    26. Oh my, I am so excited about these tootsie pop drops, tootsie pops are my favorite candy!

      Today I had some sweetart jelly beans and right now I’m having the big kit kat extra crispy, pure genius.

      Comment by Ashley on 3/22/08 at 6:19 pm #
    27. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been eating nearly enough candy lately!
      Most recently a Time Out bar (which they don’t seem to have here in Canada and I found when on holiday in Belize).

      Comment by Georgia on 3/22/08 at 6:24 pm #
    28. The last piece of candy I ate was a Nerds Jelly Bean. I was inspired by your review.

      But this morning I had a single pineapple Runt.

      Comment by bitguru on 3/22/08 at 6:32 pm #
    29. I used to love these! My favorite used to be the chocolate, but that could change!

      The last bit of candy I had was a Whoppers Robin’s Egg. I used to love them, so I bought a bag, but I’ve had a sore throat ever since I had some. Coincidence, I hope!

      Comment by Maria on 3/22/08 at 6:38 pm #
    30. Although I ate tons of chocolate covered strawberries at a party tonight, the last “candy” candy I ate was a handful of pink grapefruit Jelly Bellys.

      Comment by KellyGirl on 3/22/08 at 6:46 pm #
    31. The last candy I ate was Jujyfruits

      Comment by Shannon on 3/22/08 at 6:57 pm #
    32. Accidently ate a palmer peanut butter cup at my mum’s. Help me get the mockolate taste out of my mouth!

      Comment by Shalan on 3/22/08 at 6:58 pm #
    33. Vanilla creme hershey’s kisses.  They were “meh”.

      Comment by Elise on 3/22/08 at 7:09 pm #
    34. I just had a Reese’s Easter Egg, Fudge Peanut Butter.  It was okay.  I’m looking forward to the regular one I have sitting here too, but I know that will be only okay, too.  It’s the peanut butter to chocolate ratio.  That’s why I like the Reese’s minis best.

      Comment by David on 3/22/08 at 7:15 pm #
    35. I just had a Butterfinger Creme Egg, it was surprisingly good!

      Comment by Liz on 3/22/08 at 7:17 pm #
    36. I just had a See’s Dark Chocolate Scotchmallow Egg while I was helping hide my nephew’s Easter stuff.  Caramel, marshmallow, and dark chocolate.  Pretty darn good.

      Comment by Uncle Mike on 3/22/08 at 7:29 pm #
    37. Last candy I ate was some Sour & Tart Jelly Beans (seem to be the same as the Smarties Jelly Beans you reviewed recently).

      Comment by Jeff on 3/22/08 at 7:41 pm #
    38. I just finished a bag of Skittles.

      Comment by yy on 3/22/08 at 7:42 pm #
    39. I inhaled several Cadbury creme eggs yesterday.

      Comment by Juli on 3/22/08 at 7:46 pm #
    40. Appropriately, the last piece of candy I ate was a green peep. I haven’t seen the green ones before! HOWEVER, I like to put them in the freezer for a few hours so they aren’t as mushy. They’re firm but not frozen solid! Give it a try!

      Comment by jeny on 3/22/08 at 8:07 pm #
    41. I last had a Cadbury Orange Creme Egg! YUMMO!!

      Comment by shelly on 3/22/08 at 8:12 pm #
    42. I’m also eating Dots right now.  I like the pink ones.

      Comment by Jordan on 3/22/08 at 8:30 pm #
    43. That last piece of candy that I ate was my favorite candy in the world….Cadbury mini eggs!!!!  Before that I had some white chocolate toblerone.  Thank You

      Comment by Michael Perlman on 3/22/08 at 8:33 pm #
    44. My very last piece of candy was a Trader Joe’s Chocolate Raspberry stick. The normal answer to this question, however, is a roll of Haribo roulette gummis. Yum!

      I haven’t had a tootsie roll pop in a long time. I’m going to have to get my hands on some of these to try them again, and see if they’re as good as I remember.

      Comment by Andy on 3/22/08 at 8:58 pm #
    45. Last candy I munched on was chewy Lemonheads and friends. Yummmmmy

      Comment by Nick on 3/22/08 at 10:02 pm #
    46. The last candy I ate was a Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher.

      Comment by Sterfish on 3/22/08 at 10:27 pm #
    47. The last candy I ate was a peppermint altoid.  My first one.  I didn’t enjoy it all that much.

      The last candy I enjoyed was Starburst jellybeans- can’t get enough of those things this time of year!

      Comment by Sara on 3/23/08 at 12:13 am #
    48. last piece of candy would of been pop rocks in strawberry and cola which is strange cos im from australia

      Comment by Phil on 3/23/08 at 12:33 am #
    49. Last piece of candy I had? A mini Hershey chocolate bar with pecans.

      Comment by Tracey on 3/23/08 at 1:16 am #
    50. I am happy to say that I am a candy addict!!  The last piece of candy I ate was a Dark Chocolate covered raspberry marshmallow egg from Russell Stovers!!  Did the tootsie pop drops used to come in a tube pack?  Seem to remember that they did…

      Comment by Gail Steffenm on 3/23/08 at 1:55 am #
    51. Last candy I ate was….A Green and Black’s Mayan Gold chocolate bar, the dark chocolate one with orange and spices, IT was good smile

      Comment by Stacey Lawlor on 3/23/08 at 2:18 am #
    52. Oh boy, I love tootsie pops.  The last piece of candy I ate was a pink lemonade jolly rancher lollipop.  I haven’t hit the Easter candy yet.

      Comment by Ellen on 3/23/08 at 2:19 am #
    53. Awesome offer. I’d love to try those lil’ things. I last ate a Hershey’s marshmallow egg, which certainly didn’t impress me. wink

      Comment by Ryan on 3/23/08 at 2:25 am #
    54. Oh! Candy!
      Last piece of candy I had was homemade toffee. If you make it, you have to clean it up, right? Although today it will all be Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.

      Comment by Caroline on 3/23/08 at 2:44 am #
    55. I just LOVE candy anyway. The last piece of candy I ate was last night,while making gift bags. I munched on Brach’s chocolate covered marhmallow rabbits.Milk Chocolate and sour candies are my favorite.

      Comment by Gina Galgano-Knowles on 3/23/08 at 2:48 am #
    56. sounds great

      Comment by MasterofMe on 3/23/08 at 2:55 am #
    57. sorry I didn’t read the entire post and answer that the last piece of candy I ate was Smarties

      Comment by MasterofMe on 3/23/08 at 2:57 am #
    58. Cubyrop, lychee flavor. Last candy I ate.

      Comment by Kayray on 3/23/08 at 3:06 am #
    59. yellow peep this morning that i stole from my son!

      Comment by tami on 3/23/08 at 3:19 am #
    60. let’s see, the last candy I ate was strawberry Hi Chew for the first time. where I live, you can’t really find interesting candies, so i was excited to finally go to a store where new candies were.

      Comment by gabby on 3/23/08 at 3:27 am #
    61. I had a “shaker” full of Hello Kitty peach candy tablets. It said that, tablets, right on the label. They were frighteningly good.

      Comment by Laura on 3/23/08 at 3:32 am #
    62. Peeps mash-ups, of course. Note: Peeps plus jellybeans is way too much sugar.

      Comment by Jill on 3/23/08 at 3:34 am #
    63. The last candy I ate was a bright green tootsie pop.  A little over a year ago I had e-mailed the Tootsie roll company and asked about Tootsie Pop Drops, I used to love them.  They told me they didn’t make them anymore and didn’t think they would again, I’m glad to hear that they changed their minds and are in fact making them again.  Yum!

      Comment by Ni Cole on 3/23/08 at 4:09 am #
    64. I just finished a pack of Hot Tamales.

      Comment by Ruth on 3/23/08 at 4:13 am #
    65. My last candy was a bag of Figamajigs ... yummy.

      Comment by SmilynStef on 3/23/08 at 4:17 am #
    66. Marshmallow Peeps ^_^

      Comment by Philly on 3/23/08 at 4:28 am #
    67. It’s Easter today, and this morning I ate peanut butter M&M’s, which are super yummy:)

      Comment by Megan on 3/23/08 at 4:29 am #
    68. Because I’m lucky enough to be living overseas for a while, the last piece of candy I ate, appropriately for Easter Sunday, was a Kinder Surprise Egg.  The toy inside was a tiny plastic green lizard, which, for some inexplicable reason, also included a snap-on head that changed the figure into a girl with green hair and a snarl on her face.  At least the chocolate was tasty.

      Comment by Crystal on 3/23/08 at 4:32 am #
    69. Just had some strawberry gummy choco’s!

      Comment by Mark on 3/23/08 at 4:35 am #
    70. I’m so happy to see these again!! Marshmallow Peeps are the last thing that crossed my lips!!

      Comment by Bonney on 3/23/08 at 4:38 am #
    71. I am SO excited that Tootsie Pop Drops are back, even if they’re no longer individually wrapped, which I loved for some reason.  And there are no strawberry anymore?  They were great.

      Anyway, the last candy I ate was a Reese’s Whipps bar yesterday—a healthy choice knowing how much candy I would eat today.

      Comment by Tara on 3/23/08 at 4:40 am #
    72. The last piece of candy I ate was a Kex bar! Num num num!

      Comment by suzanne on 3/23/08 at 4:52 am #
    73. My last candy was Frey’s white chocolate, the cinnamon and blood orange flavor. I used to buy highly scented candles called “Dreamers,” in a scent called “Orange and Spicy.” The candy tastes the way those candles smelled.

      And I mean that in a good way.

      Comment by joy on 3/23/08 at 4:54 am #
    74. I just had a Cadbury Picnic bar…about to reach for some mocha-flavored Maltesers =]

      Comment by Michelle L on 3/23/08 at 4:58 am #
    75. What was the last piece of candy you ate?

      I had a Cadbury Creme Egg with my mother, in honor of the Holidays!

      Comment by Amy Marie on 3/23/08 at 5:07 am #
    76. Sour Patch Kids!

      Comment by Ally on 3/23/08 at 5:07 am #
    77. Hershey’s Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs. My favorite Easter candy and a candy I look forward to all year!

      Comment by Sarah on 3/23/08 at 5:25 am #
    78. Ohmygosh! Talk about a blast from my past! I’ve missed Tootsie Pop Drops from the very day they were discontinued all those years ago. I’m gonna rush out and see if they have any at my friendly, neighborhood convenience store first thing tomorrow morning.

      Oh, and btw, the last candy I ate was a Hershey’s Kiss while I was making my daughter’s Easter basket.

      Comment by Sila on 3/23/08 at 5:41 am #
    79. Right before bed last night I ate an Easter chick shaped Sweetart - oddly enough I haven’t eaten any candy yet today!

      Comment by Heather on 3/23/08 at 5:41 am #
    80. What was the last piece of candy you ate?

      A peeps chick and bunny marshmallow flavored candy

      Comment by Beth Gitchel on 3/23/08 at 5:47 am #
    81. The last candy I ate was a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup (the ones in the pastel wrappers for Easter!) smile

      Comment by Allison on 3/23/08 at 5:54 am #
    82. Right now I’m on a Haribo Gold Bear kick. Just had a handful of them before I sat down. The batch I have is a little too fresh. I prefer them a bit on the staler side.

      I’m so excited to hear the news about Tootsie Pop Drops! They were an all time favorite growing up.

      Your Web site is a favorite!

      Comment by Sandy Rubenstein on 3/23/08 at 6:07 am #
    83. Just ate some Hershey Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs this morning. Yum!

      Comment by Donna on 3/23/08 at 6:27 am #
    84. I just finished eating a Reeses peanut butter egg..There so yummy!

      Comment by Linda on 3/23/08 at 6:42 am #
    85. I just had one of those Hiding Eggs for breakfast! I know they are horrid to some people, but for my father and me, it is one of those candies that defines Easter.

      Comment by Heather on 3/23/08 at 7:03 am #
    86. I like Tootsie Pops, but like you, I find them very abusive to the mouth. I’d love to try the Tootsie Pop Drops.

      The last candy I ate was a Cadbury Creme Egg, just last night. Have to have some every year. I haven’t found the orange creme eggs yet, but they sound yummy.

      Comment by Crafting Jen on 3/23/08 at 7:11 am #
    87. Enjoying my Easter sunday with some Classic jelly beans! These look delicious!

      Comment by LeahC on 3/23/08 at 7:14 am #
    88. I remember the old ones, hope these are similar!

      Comment by Justin on 3/23/08 at 7:20 am #
    89. Actually, the last candy I had was a tootsie pop, in vanilla.  I found them in a gas station in an industrial part of town, a handful tied together for 50 cents.  I bought three bundles, because I hadn’t seen them for ages.  Yum.

      Comment by morgan on 3/23/08 at 7:22 am #
    90. This weekend has been an easter candy binge, I shared a bag of good old fashioned Brach’s Jelly beans with my gaming group yesterday. I’m eating Ferrero Rochers right now, though!

      Comment by JessG on 3/23/08 at 7:23 am #
    91. I currently enjoyed polishing off a box of JOLS Forest Berrie flavored pastilles with my english bulldogs MERLE and POP DROP!! Yes Pop Drop, I actually named her after the candy and stumbled across your site looking for a place to buy some!!

      Comment by Kim Rila on 3/23/08 at 7:24 am #
    92. This morning, attemped to polish off a Cadbury Creme Egg, but was unable to finish it as I find them a little too sweet. After lunch, I also fixed my suagr craving with Cocoa bunny peeps dipped in Hershey’s syrup (inspired by yuo Peeps Mash-Ups)...mmmm

      Comment by Megan on 3/23/08 at 7:34 am #
    93. The last piece of candy I ate was a bavarian truffle that my friend’s mom insisted I try.  It was AMAZING.  It kind of looked like Chocolate sushi.  A hard outer shell of chocolate surrounding the ganache interior.  There was also an additional texture (item) included…some had pistachios, others had a texture like crunchy rice cereal…I hope she gets them again some day.  I’ve never had anything quite like it.

      Comment by Michelle VS on 3/23/08 at 7:37 am #
    94. My last treat was a piece of candy shell from my Piper’s handmade 2 lb. filled milk chocolate Easter egg:


      Comment by Robin on 3/23/08 at 7:42 am #
    95. The last piece of candy that I ate was a dark chocolate nonpareil from Trader Joes (the last of many, believe me) ... I like to take a handful of TJ nonpareils, some TJ semi-sweet chocolate chips, and maybe a hunk of Valrhona 85%, put them on a paper towel, and then mix and match while I do my homework. Mmm.

      Comment by Diana on 3/23/08 at 7:42 am #
    96. a delicious frozen charleston chew, original vanilla of course

      Comment by diego on 3/23/08 at 7:43 am #
    97. These sound great!
      Last night I had a craving for Ritter Sport, so I picked up a square of the Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts, which I had been looking to try. Something about the square and the packaging makes me crave these bars…

      Comment by Ezra on 3/23/08 at 7:52 am #
    98. The last piece of candy I ate was a pack of dinosaur fruit snacks.

      Comment by Jess on 3/23/08 at 7:55 am #
    99. I had some speckled jelly beans earlier this week that I’d bought at Safeway.  They were not very good, but somehow I just couldn’t resist them when I saw them at the store.

      Comment by Brianna on 3/23/08 at 7:58 am #
    100. haven’t eaten it yet but I have a bag of haribo coke bottles and strawberry puffy things that I can’t wait to dive into!

      Comment by Alli on 3/23/08 at 8:01 am #
    101. I had a little Dove chocolate egg this morning.

      Comment by Ginny Landt on 3/23/08 at 8:04 am #
    102. I’m currently eating a Cherry blow pop. Mmm, my favorite.

      Comment by Carrie on 3/23/08 at 8:15 am #
    103. I Dove dark chocolate square, from a Purim basket left at the door yesterday.

      Comment by Karen on 3/23/08 at 8:16 am #
    104. I ate some banana creme mentos!

      Comment by Maple on 3/23/08 at 8:31 am #
    105. I’d love to be considered for the give-away.

      There is a bag of Brown and Haley’s Almond Roca sitting in front of me that I bought for a friend, but… it might quickly become the most recent piece of candy I ate if I can’t resist the temptation much longer…

      Not counting that though, Brach’s Cinnamon Imperial Hearts (I got a big bag for 10? after Valentine’s day).


      Comment by Gwen Monster on 3/23/08 at 8:49 am #
    106. I am currently into my stash of See’s Easter candy… the last bite was a cocoanut egg. Yum!

      Comment by Elizabeth on 3/23/08 at 8:58 am #
    107. The last piece of candy that I ate and just finished are Chimes Ginger Chews.

      Comment by Sze on 3/23/08 at 9:07 am #
    108. My new favorite easter candy: Zitners Butter Krak- smooth dark chocolate with coconut.

      Comment by joyce on 3/23/08 at 9:07 am #
    109. I had a bite-sized dark chocolate Snickers - we have a bowl of those sitting out for Easter. I’d much rather have had what Elizabeth or Joyce had - ssomething with coconut.

      Comment by Leslie on 3/23/08 at 9:40 am #
    110. I just broke off a teeny piece of milk chocolate and a piece of bittersweet (72%) and popped them in my mouth together—perfect combo!  (I’m making chocolate buttercream frosting for the birthday cupcakes I’m sending to my honey tomorrow…)

      Comment by J. Bo on 3/23/08 at 9:42 am #
    111. I had a reese’s peanut butter egg. yum.

      Comment by Tabatha on 3/23/08 at 10:21 am #
    112. The last candy I ate was Rowntree’s Fruit Gums (I found these at this 76 station on Santa Monica and Beverlywood, which that carries the entire English Cadbury line of lollies)

      Comment by Robby Nadler on 3/23/08 at 10:51 am #
    113. A Cadbury Caramel Egg. Yum!

      Comment by Kat on 3/23/08 at 10:55 am #
    114. Maynard’s Swedish Berries. Best gummy candy ever.

      Comment by Joy on 3/23/08 at 11:13 am #
    115. Green apple mentos.

      Comment by Arthur on 3/23/08 at 11:16 am #
    116. I just had one Reese’s Miniature.  They are so great.  So tasty, and the perfect size!  I love them.

      Comment by Jennie Adolf on 3/23/08 at 11:45 am #
    117. mom sent me an easter care package with a box of 6 see’s scotchmallow eggs.  as there is no see’s candy to be found in miami, where i am, these were much appreciated.  i devoured one last night.  mmmm.

      if i win these they’ll go to my mom—a woman pushing 50 who loves her tootsie pops, despite looking like a 12 year old when she walks around JCPenney with a paper stick out the corner of her mouth, lol.

      Comment by emma on 3/23/08 at 11:50 am #
    118. A Weight Watchers Caramel Cake.

      Comment by Jason Sheps on 3/23/08 at 11:53 am #
    119. Oh, I ate Starburst (original flavors) last night at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I’m such an addict I didn’t even wait ‘til intermission—no, no, I unwrapped individual Starburst during Bach’s Passion of St. Matthew. I did try to wait for the loud bits, though.

      Comment by Dashrashi on 3/23/08 at 11:53 am #
    120. I had 5 lindt truffels. YUMMMMMMMMMMM

      Comment by Kathy on 3/23/08 at 12:06 pm #
    121. Last candy was Japanese sour strawberry chew candy that I found on a shelf in the arms of a Czech Republic World Cup teddy bear.  How multicultural!

      Comment by Stephanie on 3/23/08 at 12:14 pm #
    122. Last candy I ate was Yogurt flavored Hi-chew :D

      Comment by Raine on 3/23/08 at 12:19 pm #
    123. I had a mini Cadbury Cream Egg just a couple of hours ago.

      Comment by Jen on 3/23/08 at 12:31 pm #
    124. The last piece of candy i had was Robin Eggs…

      Comment by James Blalock on 3/23/08 at 12:43 pm #
    125. The last candy I ate was a Peeps (ppl bunny, fyi) atop a (purple) frosted sugar cookie…but since peeps dont realllly count as candy, I guess also a starburst jelly bean I had right before that.

      MMmm these sound good!

      Comment by Andrea on 3/23/08 at 12:44 pm #
    126. A homemade chocolate-peanut butter easter egg. Most wonderful!

      Comment by Rebecca on 3/23/08 at 1:04 pm #
    127. The last thing I ate was a mini-robin’s egg.  I love the mini’s so much more than the regular size…not that I would refuse a few regular sized eggs…

      Comment by Jess on 3/23/08 at 1:09 pm #
    128. Honesty?
      A Nerds Jellybean that I found on the floor of my car.

      Comment by franticallysimple on 3/23/08 at 1:18 pm #
    129. Cadbury Mini-Eggs.  Yum!

      Comment by Helen on 3/23/08 at 1:33 pm #
    130. I had one of the new Werther’s Chocolates with caramel swirl.  A little bland, but not bad!

      Comment by Sarah on 3/23/08 at 1:40 pm #
    131. I had some malted milk balls yesterday, my favorite. I like Tootsie pops but have never had a tootsie pop…interesting.

      Great blog!


      Comment by Barbara on 3/23/08 at 1:48 pm #
    132. I last ate a mini Reese candy, which was given with my plate for Easter at a restaurant yesterday. Yummy!

      Comment by Marilou on 3/23/08 at 1:53 pm #
    133. I just had a little packet of Trolli sour gummi worms from a largeassortment bag my mom got on a recent business trip to Switzerland (of course, there’s lots of chocolate to be had too).

      Comment by Ethan on 3/23/08 at 1:59 pm #
    134. I ate a Cadbury Creme egg about 4 hours ago.

      Comment by Evie on 3/23/08 at 2:19 pm #
    135. I was actually looking for these in the stores a while back, but had to settle for Tootsie Pops.  Glad they’re back!

      Oh, and last piece of candy….Hershey’s Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs.  yummmm

      Comment by Kathy on 3/23/08 at 2:19 pm #
    136. malted robin eggs- the small ones

      Comment by Annie on 3/23/08 at 2:23 pm #
    137. I just had a few Starburst Jelly Beans.

      Comment by Justin on 3/23/08 at 2:28 pm #
    138. The last piece of candy that I ate was from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company and it was Divinity Fudge. Very nice hehe. Happy Easter!!!

      Comment by Joseph Roberts on 3/23/08 at 2:31 pm #
    139. I just ate Starburst jelly beans.

      Comment by Amy J. on 3/23/08 at 2:41 pm #
    140. I’m sucking on a Peeps push-pop in the vanilla marshmallow flavor. I like them, but the slider keeps biting my lip.

      Comment by Saragato on 3/23/08 at 3:02 pm #
    141. The last candy I ate was Cadbury Mini Eggs.

      I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center of these pop drops?

      Comment by Katie on 3/23/08 at 3:05 pm #
    142. The last candy i ate was about a 1/2 a box of russell Stover assortment chocolates.. now i am going to dig into the left overs from making easter baskets

      Comment by Beth on 3/23/08 at 3:11 pm #
    143. I just had a deeeelicious Cadbury Creme Egg!!

      Comment by Jonathan on 3/23/08 at 3:19 pm #
    144. I ate a Reese’s peanut butter egg - the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is much better than a regular Reese’s cup!

      Comment by Kendall on 3/23/08 at 3:23 pm #
    145. I am thrilled to see Tootsie Pop Drops back!!  They were always a fave growing up.  The last candy I ate (today) was a chewy durian & coconut-flavored taffy nugget, from Thailand.

      Comment by turnip cake on 3/23/08 at 3:27 pm #
    146. I just ate some Swedish Raspberry Drops from IKEA!  The second happiest place on earth, right after Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

      Comment by Lydia on 3/23/08 at 3:40 pm #
    147. I had a white chocolate truffle- one of those individually wrapped ones. I think it was from Lindt.

      Comment by Mallory on 3/23/08 at 4:15 pm #
    148. The last candy I ate was KitKat (the small snack size) which was about a minute ago.

      Comment by Farah Khan on 3/23/08 at 4:40 pm #
    149. The last candy I ate was skittles.

      Comment by Mike on 3/23/08 at 4:51 pm #
    150. hot tamales

      Comment by Rachel on 3/23/08 at 4:58 pm #
    151. Spring mix Jelly Bellies! Well, mostly I just picked all the grapefruit, lemon line and tangerine out of it. (The tangerine are hard to tell from the canteloupe though, making it jelly belly russian roulette, because I HATE canteloupe!)

      Comment by Mitsu on 3/23/08 at 5:04 pm #
    152. I just ate a Take 5. They’re my absolute fave! smile

      Comment by Carjan on 3/23/08 at 5:20 pm #
    153. Like #50, I remember tootsie pop drops in a roll. I remember them fondly!

      The last candy I ate was a few chocolate covered cashews from Trader Joe’s. The milk chocolate ones are so rich tasting - yum!

      Comment by Tricia on 3/23/08 at 5:23 pm #
    154. jolly rancher jelly beans. theyre ok, though sticky, prefer starburst. but wanted to try something new.

      Comment by Julie L on 3/23/08 at 5:57 pm #
    155. I ate a lindt mini chocolate sheep (the black sheep). Yummy!

      Comment by Leen on 3/23/08 at 6:01 pm #
    156. Wha Guru Chew Cashew Vanilla

      Comment by chris on 3/23/08 at 6:34 pm #
    157. The very last piece of candy that I ate was a Hershey’s cheesecake kiss.  BTW - I think they reduced the size of these Tootsie Pop Drops because the larger size was more of a choking hazard to small children.

      Comment by Shelley on 3/23/08 at 7:01 pm #
    158. I’m embarassed to admit that it was a slightly hard red vine I found in the back of the pantry. I need to update my stash.

      Comment by Valarie on 3/23/08 at 7:38 pm #
    159. The last piece of candy I ate was a See’s milk chocolate egg. Mmmmm, yum!

      Comment by Audrey on 3/23/08 at 8:34 pm #
    160. The last piece of candy I ate was… Chelsea (pink grapefruit yogurt) by Meiji.

      Comment by ChristyK on 3/23/08 at 8:55 pm #
    161. the last candy i had were some homemade caramels from my aunt and some vanilla caramels from little flower candy co. in pasadena!

      i am going through a caramel craving.

      Comment by brooke f on 3/23/08 at 9:17 pm #
    162. Do cookies count?  If so, then Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that I keep icy cold and delicious in the freezer.  If not, then the ears off an amazing Lake Champlain Chocolate Bunny!

      Comment by Sylvie on 3/23/08 at 9:26 pm #
    163. I just finished eating two handmade vegan hazelnut truffles.  Amazing and they were quite large, so a lot of amazingly smooth dark chocolate with a perfect bite to it.  I want more!

      Comment by Abi on 3/23/08 at 11:00 pm #
    164. i’m eating what’s left of a bag of bumpy egg-shaped nerds with a chewy middle. never saw them before easter. very intersting. very sweet.

      Comment by sandi on 3/24/08 at 1:39 am #
    165. The last candy that I ate was a Gobstopper Heartbreaker. Amazingly, I still have some left from Valentine’s day! Of course, I didn’t eat just one?

      Comment by Amy on 3/24/08 at 2:13 am #
    166. I too am so excited about Tootsie Pop Drops making a come-back!  I remember buying these as a kid at the Hemlock Store - the convenience store near my elementary school where the ‘bad kids’ went to get candy!  They were one of my favorites and I wondered why the Tootise Pop people discontinued them.  Yea!! They’re back!
      The last piece of candy I consumed was a mini Easter KitKat bar (so yummy! - but I wished it was a Tootise Pop Drop instead…)

      Comment by Grace on 3/24/08 at 3:04 am #
    167. I LOVE Tootsie Pop Drops!
      I dont think I have had one in about 20 years! That brings back such good memories of stealing from my older brothers Tootsie Pop Drop Stash.
      I would always get in trouble, since I would steal all the orange and the chocolate ones!
      The last piece of candy I had was a Russell Stover mini solid bunny last night before bed.

      Its only just after 9AM here and a bit early for me to eat candy.

      Comment by Sarah Curry on 3/24/08 at 3:10 am #
    168. If a tic-tac counts as candy, that was the last thing I ate. If not, then it was a piece of dark chocolate lindt.

      Comment by Sabrina on 3/24/08 at 3:22 am #
    169. Even though it is only 9:30 am, I must admit I’ve already had some Nerds Bumpy Jellybeans.

      Comment by Emily on 3/24/08 at 3:32 am #
    170. My last candy was Robin’s Eggs. Left over candy for the day-after-Easter breakfast is the best.

      Comment by Kristy D. on 3/24/08 at 3:34 am #
    171. The last piece of candy I ate was a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that I stole out of my son’s Easter basket!!!

      Comment by Kristi on 3/24/08 at 3:35 am #
    172. a blue peep bunny.

      Comment by autumn on 3/24/08 at 3:36 am #
    173. The place piece of candy I had was a peep, a pink marshmellow chick. :3

      Comment by Shoes on 3/24/08 at 3:54 am #
    174. The last candies I had (I had them all at about the same time and have been eating them all weekend) were:
      Nerds Jelly Beans (thanks for the suggestion, they’re awesome… yay no cherry!)
      Cadbury Mini Eggs
      Rainblo Bubble Gum Eggs
      Reese PB Mini Rabbits (not sure of the name, got them in an easter basket)

      Comment by Lisa on 3/24/08 at 3:57 am #
    175. I am right now eating Cadbury Mini Eggs and plan to spend my lunch break hunting for 1/2 price Easter leftovers!

      Comment by Stacy on 3/24/08 at 4:05 am #
    176. I had some Gummi Lifesavers I used for my daughters easter party desserts.

      I need to go 1/2 off shopping too!

      Comment by Chloe on 3/24/08 at 4:09 am #
    177. I had a Cadbury egg yesterday.

      Comment by carrie on 3/24/08 at 4:14 am #
    178. The last pieces of candy that I ate were Jolly Rancher jelly beans and Hersheys chocolate eggs.  I ate them both at the same time so I can’t remember which one I munched on last. smile

      Comment by Mandy on 3/24/08 at 5:03 am #
    179. The last piece of candy I ate was a speckled malted milk egg.

      Comment by Dragonfly-Spirit on 3/24/08 at 5:07 am #
    180. The last candy I ate was sweetart jelly beans,they were tart and sweet.Yummy.

      Comment by barbara on 3/24/08 at 5:11 am #
    181. In the spirit of Easter (Candy!), I just finished a Dove Smooth Milk Chocolate Truffle Egg.

      I’m not entirely sure which was supposed to be smooth: the milk chocolate (which was) or the truffle (which was not), but it was delicious either way.

      Comment by Diana on 3/24/08 at 5:15 am #
    182. The last candy I ate were Jelly Bellys

      Comment by Amie on 3/24/08 at 5:17 am #
    183. Last candy was two homemade truffles, the last of a small box from Valentine’s day.

      Comment by Susan on 3/24/08 at 5:18 am #
    184. Last candy I ate was Reese’s Egg—best ratio of peanut butter and chocolate!

      Comment by Scoopalicious on 3/24/08 at 5:25 am #
    185. The last candy I ate was a Kinder Country.  Love the puffed rice!

      Comment by Leanne on 3/24/08 at 5:30 am #
    186. A vanilla ice cream truffle from an assorted box I got from Trader Joe’s.

      Comment by Kimberly on 3/24/08 at 5:38 am #
    187. Last piece of candy I ate was a Jelly Belly jelly bean from my Easter basket (yes I am too old for that).  Flavor was the aqua blue one in the tropical assortment- my favorite so I saved it for last.  Yes I am a candy sorter.

      Comment by Teresa on 3/24/08 at 5:55 am #
    188. Last night I was chowing down on Whoppers Robin Eggs - the full sized ones. Love the malt in the center!! And before that - Reese’s small easter eggs.

      Comment by KateC on 3/24/08 at 5:59 am #
    189. I was eating the last of the Brach’s Peacock Eggs Jellybeans (real pectin, better flavors!) just last night.

      Comment by Cortney Hall on 3/24/08 at 6:05 am #
    190. I ate an entire bag of the wonderful Hershey’s Eggs to celebrate Easter!

      Comment by NicoleM on 3/24/08 at 6:26 am #
    191. Oh!  I am so excited these are back!

      The last piece of candy I had was some hazelnut and almond toffee dipped in milk chocolate from a wonderful local candy store - and I ate it just last night!  YUM!

      Comment by Karen Michelle on 3/24/08 at 6:26 am #
    192. The last piece of candy I ate was a Trader Joe’s Espresso Chocolate.  It was good, but no substitute for eating the real thing (Pocket Coffee) in Rome.  Not sure if it was the location or the candy or a combination of both, but it’s hard to top.

      Comment by Gigi on 3/24/08 at 6:38 am #
    193. Meiji Gummy Chocolate Strawberry…and also Pucco Banana Fizz (yay Sunrise mart in Soho…)

      Comment by Ani on 3/24/08 at 6:39 am #
    194. a tootsie roll that was inside an orange easter egg that i found on my college campus this morning…(eggs were all over campus as an advertisement for a band or something…don’t really know…)but the tootsie roll was excellent as always! i needed it to help wake me up for my 8am class!

      Comment by Miranda on 3/24/08 at 7:05 am #
    195. I just had some peanut butter Whoppers!

      Comment by Heather on 3/24/08 at 7:09 am #
    196. The last piece of candy I had was a milk chocolate Dove egg.

      Comment by Emily on 3/24/08 at 7:12 am #
    197. Cabury Creme Mini egg!

      Comment by Justin on 3/24/08 at 7:22 am #
    198. The last candy I ate was a York Pepermint Pattie…A BIG one grin

      Comment by Jennifer on 3/24/08 at 7:29 am #
    199. Oooh, these sound great!  The last piece of candy I ate was a set of four matching Neco wafers.  We made bunnies in cars for easter-cut off the bottom half of a bunny peep, stick it onto a swiss cake roll, add neco wafer tires to the sides and a broken on for a steering wheel.  (Using melted chocolate chips as the glue for it all, of course!)  Enjoy!

      Comment by Jenna Z. on 3/24/08 at 7:29 am #
    200. The last piece of candy I had was a root beer barrel.

      Comment by Jenni on 3/24/08 at 7:33 am #
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