Thursday, April 26, 2007

Soda Can Fizzy Candy

imageSometimes I pick up crazy things at the Dollar Tree that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy. I’ve gotten a few emails about Jones Soda’s new line of fizzy pop flavored candies. I saw that they’re going for over $2 a tin for 50 candy bits but I couldn’t find out if they use sugar in them or artificial sweeteners so I decided to go on the prowl for the something else. (I was afraid they were going to be like those expensive and lackluster Bawls.)

I went to the Dollar Tree in search of Easter goodies and came away with this little sixpack. The little pop can looking packages hold 30-35 little carbonated candies in four flavors (two cans each): Grape Splash, Lemon-Lime Sprint, Orange Crash and Loca Cola.

The little candies are almost like the original Tart n Tiny candies (except these have a slight dome on either end of the bitty cylindral instead of being flat).


  • Orange Crash - a mellow orange that’s completely faithful to cheap orange soda. Tangy, a little fizzy and slightly medicinal tasting, I’m guessing because it has a distinct “mineral water” after-taste.

  • Lemon-Lime Sprint (2 of these) - the lime is quite the leader here, not as tart as the orange, but kind of like tonic water overall.

  • Grape Splash (2 of these) - oh, this is ABSOLUTELY grape soda condensed into a wee tablet! The fizz, the fake grape ... I can just feel the chilly purple anodized aluminum tumbler I used to drink Shasta Grape Pop out of at my grandmother’s as I write this.

  • Loca Cola - this is one of those candies that I long for, something to give me the cola experience since I don’t drink sodas. I love the taste of cola, this has the tangy and spicy notes down pretty well. Not quite as good as a Haribo Gummi Cola Bottle, but it’ll do.
  • As a novelty item, I think they’re fun. I wouldn’t buy these and shovel them down day after day, but they’re a fun little diversion ... a novelty candy. Because the package comes with six little cans, they might make a nice little theme element if you’re planning a party or gift basket or just a little pick-me-up to leave in a co-worker’s cubicle.

    Each can contains only 7 grams of candy that adds up to 25 calories. So they certainly have the portion control down.

    (For a little perspective, the cans are 2” high and 1” in diameter ... in case you were going to look for them at the store and were expecting something as big as the picture on your screen.)

    Name: Soda Can Fizzy Candy
    • 10 SUPERB
    • 9 YUMMY
    • 8 TASTY
    • 7 WORTH IT
    • 6 TEMPTING
    • 5 PLEASANT
    • 4 BENIGN
    • 1 INEDIBLE
    Brand: Kidsmania (Candy Novelties)
    Place Purchased: Dollar Tree (Harbor City)
    Price: $1.00
    Size: 1.47 ounces
    Calories per ounce: 102
    Categories: Chalk (Compressed Dextrose), Carbonated, China

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    1. the tiny cans are completely adorable!  i’ll look for them at my local dollar tree.

      Comment by anne on 4/26/07 at 8:14 am #
    2. My friend brought some of these to another friend’s house.  They’re cute but severely overpriced.  She finished the grape before she got here, and I just KNOW I would have liked it best.

      Comment by Sophia on 4/26/07 at 12:19 pm #
    3. Someone on our street gave those away for Halloween last year. My kids loved ‘em, and it was refreshing to see something different amid the piles of mini chocolate bars and lollipops.

      Comment by Jennifer Grappone on 4/26/07 at 12:31 pm #
    4. They look awesome! Note, look awesome, the taste is no doubt leaves something to be desired.

      Comment by Terry on 4/27/07 at 1:25 am #
    5. The taste no doubt leaves something to be desired*

      We need an edit function here, I look like an idiot because of that!

      Comment by Terry on 4/27/07 at 1:26 am #
    6. I went to my Dollar Tree. They weren’t there. Damn. Same with those Jones Candy. I can’t find those anywhere.

      Comment by Jacob LaFountaine on 4/27/07 at 8:20 pm #
    7. There is a warning on the package that has me worried, in light of the recent tainted pet food filler manufactured in China. The warning:

      “This Product May Contain Traces of Dairy, Egg, Gluten (the dangerous pet food additive), Soy, Peanuts, Treenuts, Fish and Seed.”

      I would not give this product to my children or my pets.

      Comment by beware on 5/30/07 at 11:37 am #
    8. Just to let everyone know.

      Ingredients in green apple: sugar, dextrose, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, malic acid, natural and artificial flavors, maltodextrin, calcium stearate, colors (yellow #5 lake, blue #1 lake)

      Comment by anonymous on 6/05/07 at 7:39 am #
    9. That is, in Jones.

      Comment by anonymous on 6/05/07 at 7:40 am #
    10. Beware (the person who posted the warning):

      The warning on the label “This Product may contain traces of…” is for people with allergies to those ingredients. Also, Gluten is NOT a harmful pet food additive. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Therefore, most wheat based foods- breads, cereal, some pastas, will contain gluten. People who have something called Celiac’s disease (it’s like being allergic to gluten) cannot process gluten and therefore need to avoid foods with gluten in them. This why you’ll see some products have “gluten-free” alternatives” in grocery stores. The harmful pet food additive was melamine. Shipments of wheat gluten used in making the pet food were somehow contaminated with melamine, which among other uses, is used as a fertilizer.

      pet food recall (melamine):
      What is gluten:

      Gluten is harmless, in fact, it is in stuff we eat every day. Unless you have Celiacs disease, don’t worry about it. That warning is just an allergy warning.

      Comment by Trish on 4/24/08 at 10:16 am #
    11. Yes, gluten is hardly a dangerous additive! :D

      Comment by Erin on 5/15/08 at 7:24 pm #
    12. I Had these before! they are very delish!

      Comment by Frostbyte on 5/25/08 at 6:16 am #
    13. I tried these once, and my opinion is just about the same as is stated here. They’re fun, but not something that I would buy again. I didn’t really enjoy the taste as much as I did the cute little cans.

      Comment by Jeni on 3/12/09 at 1:35 pm #
    14. My friend brought a few of those little cans to school a few times, and me and my friends jumped all over her for them. They’re absolutely delicious, though I’ve never tasted the other flavors but the Orange Crash. Those are my favorite, as you might be able to tell.

      Comment by Lily on 4/25/09 at 12:12 pm #

      Comment by MUSHROOM on 8/05/09 at 12:36 pm #
    16. I’d like to know where I can order some ofthe 6 packs of the soda can fizzy candy for my grandkids.

      Comment by Mary Anne Eley on 8/24/09 at 7:00 am #
    17. I love this candy I first bought it at croger but now they don’t carry it if you can’t find it go to ebay they have really good deals

      Comment by chloe on 9/20/09 at 8:52 am #
    18. i like candy

      Comment by me on 2/02/10 at 12:34 pm #
    19. Each one is a variation of a real pop! Crash is Crush, Sprint is Sprite, Loca Cola is Coca Cola and i’m still not sure about Splash. Anyone wanna help me??

      Comment by cany confused on 6/05/10 at 8:07 pm #

      Comment by Alicia on 6/08/10 at 5:04 pm #
    21. HI.They are yummy my friend gave one pack.She mixed all of hers together.She is nice.Her name is KATE!Again where can I buy them please tell me.I live in whitestone or I could go to flushing.Anywhere in NY is ok with me at lest I know where to buy them then i’m happy OOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Comment by Alicia on 6/08/10 at 5:10 pm #
    22. Taste Sooo good!

      Comment by Taylor on 3/28/11 at 8:44 pm #
    23. Splash is Slice

      Comment by caleb Oleson on 4/14/11 at 8:49 pm #
    24. How do you open this retarded soda cans!?

      Comment by Joshua Keller on 5/16/11 at 5:46 pm #
    25. i was wondering if there were any animal ingredients in the “soda can fizzy candy”? if so i need to know because im vegetarian and i refuse to consume this product without further info thanks.

      ps: heres a list of ingredients from the animal body (not produced but taken aka cruelty food)

        *glycer* (anything with this root)
        Stearic Acid
        *stear* (anything with this root)
        stearoyl lactates
        Dough Conditioners
        Calcium Phosphate
        Lactic Acid

      Comment by Criss on 5/23/11 at 11:00 pm #
    26. You can get the candy at VP (gas station), for approx. $1.49. They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Comment by Quinn on 6/25/11 at 11:14 am #
    27. There is a warning on the label that says: “Country of Origin Made in China Warning
      Wipe the product with damp cloth before use”

      I don’t care how good it tastes, any kids candy whose packaging requires a wipe down before consumption is not okay with me. Eat at your own risk.

      In fact, I found another “Kidsmania” brand candy with the same warning (Grab Pop) toy but who knows what awful chemical dust could be on it and I’m not feeding it to my kids…and we shouldn’t be importing this garbage in the first place!

      Comment by JLH on 8/23/11 at 6:19 pm #
    28. IT SAYS EVERYTHING ELSE BUT THE INGREDIENTS IN HERE! What are the ingredients because I’m having an ALLERGIC REACTION???

      Comment by Very worried on 9/26/11 at 6:48 am #
    29. Cybele's avatar

      Very Worried - go to the hospital or call your doctor.

      This blog entry is a review of the candy (dated more than four years ago). I rarely post the ingredients here and even if I did, that wouldn’t mean that what I ate four years ago is the same recipe they’re using today.

      Comment by Cybele on 9/26/11 at 7:09 am #
    30. :d I love these I recently bough a pack from my local convince store.

      Comment by hana on 11/27/11 at 5:44 pm #
    31. I am trying to find out how many carbs are in one of these little cans. My grandson is diabetic and I can’t find it anywhere on the package. Thanks!

      Comment by Lori on 1/24/12 at 11:08 am #
    32. Why the hell would anyone eat this if it says wipe down before use??? Let alone give them to your kids,how stupid are you people?

      Comment by Timothy on 1/24/12 at 6:04 pm #
    33. My daughter ate the grape flavor of this candy today and within 30 minutes had a severe headache and began vomiting. After she vomited all the candy up (which was about 20 pieces) she was fine again.

      Comment by Jennifer on 4/02/12 at 9:04 pm #
    34. Jennifer,
      I found this product is labeled with the following warning:
      “Country of Origin Made in China Warning
      Wipe the product with damp cloth before use”

      Do you still have the packaging? I hope your daughter is feeling better. Sounds like she was sickened by contaminated Chinese candy.

      Comment by JLH on 4/03/12 at 2:06 pm #
    35. Hi, Yes, I still have the packaging. Unfortunately it doesn’t say anything on the bottle, not even the ingredients. We got this single bottle from a friend.

      Comment by Jennifer Palmer on 4/03/12 at 2:10 pm #
    36. I found these on the Joissu site-

      Comment by Ralph Malph on 4/10/12 at 12:15 pm #
    37. they are dilishous

      Comment by paco on 4/24/12 at 5:24 pm #
    38. i am angry looking all over the city and they are in H-E-B

      Comment by paco on 4/24/12 at 5:27 pm #
    39. Umm, I just ate like 25 of these candies and I’m fine. I’m not a Doctor or anything but it might just be a bad reaction. Dear beware, I wouldn’t feed this to my pets anyways ‘cause I don’t think animals should even eat the ingredients.

      Comment by Chloe on 5/07/12 at 7:13 am #
    40. Dear Chloe, I’m just curious, if you wouldn’t feed it to your pets because you “don’t think animals should even eat the ingredients”, then why on earth would you ingest them yourself?
      Seriously people, if it is made in China and comes with a warning label on it because it may or may not be safe: don’t buy it, don’t eat it, don’t feed it to anyone else and certainly don’t feed it your pets.

      Comment by JLH on 5/07/12 at 12:45 pm #
    41. Oh How stupid of me! I completely forgot the human race are mammals therefore, we are animals!!

      Comment by Chloe on 5/07/12 at 8:10 pm #
    42. A couple friends and I ate this and all had allergic reactions.  I would notreccomend this.  None of my friends and I have any allergies so it is probably contaiminated.  Maybe this was just a bad pack though.  So ichy and my friend got red bloches on her face.

      Comment by somebody on 11/02/12 at 6:22 pm #
    43. how much for ur candy I want all of them u got

      Comment by samuel on 3/30/13 at 3:59 pm #
    44. Wow I want some now that is amazing!!! How much money is for the 6 pack?

      Comment by MANDY teng on 12/05/14 at 5:31 pm #
    45. I had the new version multiple times and I was fine. It might just be the old version. They go for anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 in New York City

      Comment by Joseph Roberts on 2/11/15 at 5:30 pm #
    46. I brought them to school I also put 2 in water and it tasted like well the grape one tasted like grape crush (soda) and loca cola tasted like coke and lemon lime sprint tasted like sprite (soda) so on so on…

      Comment by awesome on 3/11/15 at 1:11 pm #
    47. I can not stop eating these I had bought 3 from an arcade with points then after they were all gone I was craving more. Is there drugs in these or something!?

      Comment by Emma on 12/12/15 at 9:11 pm #
    48. I found them at 5 below

      Comment by Rachel on 7/05/16 at 8:30 am #
    49. I got these from an arcade and they where soooo adictively good but later I was spitting out hell like stuff and I looked in the mirror and had wells on the back of my throat, the next year I got them again and the EXACT thing happened. Had this happened to anyone else?

      Comment by Bob on 12/12/16 at 3:26 pm #
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