Friday, March 23, 2007

Palmer Nest Eggs

Nest EggsI don’t know what comes over me at Easter. Candies I wouldn’t normally touch suddenly confuse me in their pretty pastel wrappers.

I know that in my childhood days I’ve spent many a disappointing hour gnawing on what looked like a generous and delectable Palmer faux chocolate bunny in front of the TV (usually with a jar of peanut butter nearby ... yes, I double dipped).

But look at these! They’ve got Polka Dots. Polka Dots are never evil!


Okay, now I’ve eaten three.

The mockolate is a little grainy (in the sugar way, not in the coffee ground way) and kind of has this cooling effect on the tongue. The peanut butter is really roasted and has a dark toasty taste to it, but isn’t terribly sweet, which balances the sweet milk mockolate well. There are little crisped rice in there too, which gives it a little crunch.

As a mockolate product, they’re not bad. They’re a little pricey for fake chocolate goodies (there are 4 ounces in this mesh baggie and it cost a dollar ... so it’s $4 a pound ... you can certainly find Reese’s Eggs at that price on sale).

If you find them on sale and just need something for decoration, you could do worse. But if you’re looking for pretty and tasty, there are plenty of tried and true options on the store shelves.

Name: Nest Eggs
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Palmer Company
Place Purchased: Dollar Tree (Harbor City)
Price: $1.00
Size: 4 ounces
Calories per ounce: unknown
Categories: Mockolate, Peanuts, United States, Palmer, Kosher

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  1. This is a shame cuz I’m a big fan of polka dots.

    Comment by Russ on 3/25/07 at 8:54 am #
  2. I don’t know how they stay in business. Their product is just nasty!!!

    Comment by TigerYogi on 3/26/07 at 4:39 am #
  3. I have never known the Palmer candy co. to promote itself to be a health food distributor or a diet food.  I use Palmer candies every holiday season/ special occasion, and I have been more than satisfied with all of them.  I am generous in giving them out to others that would not have other wise had candy…this is a treat for them and one they eagerly look forward to receiving and I love giving them.  If you cannot find the joy in their candy…don’t buy it..but quit knocking it for those who do enjoy it.  Their packaging is wonderful and adds to all of the seasons they make them for.  FYI…I am not some low life trailer trash that does not know the difference between chocolate and chocolatish looking candy…
    (I know about Belgian chocolates etc… but the foil covered chocolate lips (along with their red foil covered hearts)Palmers have around Valentine day, has become a prefered favorite for years at my parties & functions I oversee.  I will continue buying them as long as I can find them.  Congratulations Palmers and continued success you are a great American Company that I proudly support!  P.S.  I live in southern California and have nothing to do with the company except for buying their seasonal products.

    Comment by Judy B on 5/04/10 at 9:41 pm #
  4. Wow, that Palmer rep laid it on thick!

    Comment by Joe on 11/06/12 at 9:30 am #
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