Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

I don’t believe in “retro candy”. We don’t think of Snickers or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as retro, yet they’ve been around as long as Tootsie Rolls or Heath Bars. Some candies are simply classic, they endure because they’re good at what they do. Here’s an interview I did for Professional Candy Buyer. Click to enlarge to read the text ... or just look at the pictures.



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  1. Clicking them gets me a “This photo is private” message.  The pictures look nice, though.

    Comment by Tintin LaChance on 7/21/10 at 9:54 am #
  2. “Oops! You don’t have permission to view this photo.

    Here’s a link back to your home page.”

    Comment by Lisa on 7/21/10 at 10:07 am #
  3. Wish I could read what you had to say about each one!

    Comment by Jenna Z. on 7/21/10 at 12:23 pm #
  4. Why do you have to have a yahoo account to see the info?

    Comment by Sara on 7/21/10 at 1:13 pm #
  5. Cybele's avatar

    Dang, I am really sorry about the snafu with the large size image. I fixed it now.

    Comment by Cybele on 7/21/10 at 4:01 pm #
  6. Really fun post, Cybele, thanks.
    I presume it would be hard to find the starting year for some of them…
    Re: the Cup-O-Gold, it looks like a candy that my husband goes crazy (and out of his way) for:  Mallow Cup (chocolate cup with wafer bottom and gooey yummy marshmallow filling).  He grew up in PA and I think the candy is made there or East Coast.  We are now finding it more and more in the Midwest.  Would you like some?
    Re: others… How about Baby Ruth and Butterfinger? Are they old enough to be part of this line-up?
    Cheers, TriciaGab

    Comment by TriciaGab on 7/23/10 at 8:15 am #
  7. I’ll second that, when it comes to the Necco Wafers! I’m curious to see though, how many ‘Wafer-Haters’ leave you a comment about that. lol…

    I don’t like the brown, green and white ones though. So I have a huge container full of those. Anyone have any ideas for creative ways to use those?

    Comment by gracecarriveau on 7/23/10 at 8:23 pm #
  8. While I respectfully disagree with your thoughts on retro candy, I think this is a great look at some great brands.  I might have to use it as a checklist of sorts.  :D Btw, I have absolutely fallen in love with the Clark Bar since you reviewed the newest iteration!  I’d never had one before, and they are ridiculously good, basically my new favourite candy bar.

    Comment by Tintin LaChance on 7/26/10 at 9:08 am #
  9. Very good interview, Cybele May. I have one thing regarding one of my favorites that I ate today, Necco’s, it was even before 1860s (like 1963 or whenever), 1847!! (Also had C.Howard’s Violet..see my comments on your entry for that..)...keep looking for a possible blog that I may start…

    Comment by SteveCarras on 12/13/14 at 5:34 pm #
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