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Necco Slap Stix Caramel

Slap Stix Caramel PopsWay back in the ancient days of the 1920s the Stark Candy Company of Milwaukee (well, Pewaukee to be exact) made an innovative little candy called the Snirkle (photo here). There were a couple of varieties but it was basically a swirled caramel & taffy pop. (They were also sold as individual pieces without the stick.)

Later in the 60s, when the whole world was going day-glow with color TV, Stark came out with the Slap Stix. It was based on the original and popular Snirkle, only this pop was a swirl of vanilla, cherry & banana taffy inside a caramel pop. The Slap Stix are made to this day and come a variety of sizes, a little .7 ounce variety and this attractive 2 ounce version.

Stark, who also made a conversation heart product, sold their company to Necco in 1990. Necco recently closed the Pewaukee Stark Candy Factory but transferred production to their Revere, Mass plant.

Slap Stick

The pop is about the size of a business card and doesn’t really make a slapping sound when thwapped against a hard surface. But it does okay when smacked against the palm.

The pop smells sweet and caramelly. The caramel outside is rather firm, like a Milk Maid Caramel but has slightly more “pull” to it. Once bitten there’s a strong banana flavor. I didn’t really notice the cherry layer at first, but later on there’s a slight bitter aftertaste and a slight cherry flavor. The banana and caramel go well together, the chew is substantial and not too sweet. I could use a little hint of salt in there and would probably prefer strawberry to cherry. It’s not a slick & smooth caramel like a fresh Sugar Daddy, more like Laffy Taffy on a stick.

It’s a fun and really attractive treat. I found it a bit overpriced at $1.25 at Cost Plus World Market, but I’m sure they’re around for a bit less if you look carefully.

I don’t know why Necco doesn’t make the Snirkle any longer. It’s such a great name.

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Name: Slap Stix Caramel Pop
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Necco
Place Purchased: Cost Plus World Market (Farmers Market LA)
Price: $1.25
Size: 2 ounces
Calories per ounce: unknown
Categories: Caramel, Chew, United States, Necco

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  1. Those are nice looking, even pretty.  However, I have a hate/hate relationship with Necco products and banana and cherry flavors.  I’ll stick with Goetze’s Bullseyes if I want a multi-part caramel fix.

    Comment by Dave on 10/14/08 at 5:04 pm #
  2. Looks like a psychedelic pop smile i really like toffee and these ones are pretty delicious. something for the sweet tooth for sure

    Comment by Ken on 10/15/08 at 4:45 am #
  3. For $1.25 I’m willing to venture over to Cost Plus and take it for a spin. I like things that are pretty and chewy!

    Comment by Cocoazilla on 10/15/08 at 12:46 pm #
  4. I just came across these at my local Denver Big Lots store, along with the trays of Goetze’s bullseyes for 50 cents each. And for that price, they are well worth it for some fun caramely experimentation.

    Comment by Aubrey on 10/17/08 at 8:42 am #
  5. Whenever I look at your blog, I get hungry and wonder how do you find all these different candies!? Wow! Always leaving my mouth watering!

    Comment by Stephanie on 10/21/08 at 9:16 pm #
  6. Best site on the net for candy info. Thanks

    Comment by randy on 1/29/09 at 2:54 pm #
  7. This is My all time Favorite candy and since I moved to Ga I can’t find them any where!! Please Help!

    Comment by Susan L Evans on 3/18/09 at 10:09 am #
  8. Great bit - great candy! I love these. There’s a discount store near my house that sells them for .15 a piece. My kids love ‘em. As to Susan’s question - there’s a place in Milwaukee that has a website where you can order anything and have it shipped anywhere. All kinds of awesome old candy. halfnuts.com

    Comment by Sarah on 4/21/09 at 2:02 pm #
  9. I found this link that advertises Slap Stix a 36 count box for 14.99 plus shipping and handling. I’m very fortunate to have found them in my town at a mom and pop store for 29 cents each.

    Comment by Tammy on 5/03/09 at 7:50 am #
  10. Sorry here’s the link


    Comment by Tammy on 5/03/09 at 7:50 am #
  11. Speaking of Stark, and Necco—

    Once upon a time (and a very good time it was) Stark made Candy Raisins. Necco continued production of these for a short time after they closed the Pewaukee factory but, since the market for these was geographically limited to Southeast Wisconsin, they stopped production a few years ago. I’ll never forgive them for that.

    They didn’t really taste like raisins. It was a mild, citrus-y, slightly soapy flavor, but they were addictive as hell. (I think they may have been pectin jellies, too, but I might be wrong.)

    It doesn’t pop up in a search result list. It’s a pity you didn’t get to review these…

    Comment by Christopher on 3/23/11 at 9:03 pm #
  12. Omg!! I loved these pops.. I use to eat them all the time growing up in the south.. It’s just so hard to find all this yummy retro candy in stores.. Love it!!!

    Comment by Jlynn on 1/29/14 at 8:14 pm #
  13. Where can I find the candy in California?

    Comment by yolanda scovell on 7/05/14 at 6:26 pm #
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