Monday, July 10, 2006

Mounds Island Orange

This review is in honor of the New York Times Magazine column yesterday, called Consumed and written by Rob Walker on the subject of limited edition candies.

This particular candy is the perfect example. It’s a good, tasty bar that probably has limited appeal and will therefore never be seen on shelves again. Oh, how I mourn for some of these here-and-gone bars.

When I was a teenager my mother got a hold of a tapioca pudding mix that was coconut and orange flavored. You wouldn’t think that’d be a good idea, and I’m not sure I even liked it at first, but here it is, some 25 years later and I’m still pining for it.


The Mounds Island Orange bar is as close as I’ve come to recapturing that taste. (Yes, my mother tried to make it from scratch last time I was at her house, but it just wasn’t the same - something about the proportions was wrong ... don’t get me wrong, it was still tasty and I had two helpings. I love tapioca.)

It’s a regular old Mounds bar from the outside, it doesn’t even smell any different. A strong chocolatey aroma but no trace of the orange burst that awaits inside. That’s right, the coconut is orange flavored. Zesty orange and coconut, which really cuts the sweetness of the filling and allows the chocolate to shine through. (This is a much better idea than last years Key Lime Almond Joy which had a white chocolate coating flavored with lime ... whereas I would have preferred a coconut center with some lime essence in it.)

The center is a freakish orange color, as if someone took the pulp out of a fresh orange. It’s rather unnaturally orange, and it seems pretty silly that they would color the inside of it like that. But the flavor feels natural - not chemical in the least and I really enjoyed how each of the flavors played off each other.

I bought two of these bars, mostly because I saw that Joanna loved them as well, so if you’re a Mounds fan and enjoy zesty flavors, pick it up before it’s gone.

Name: Mounds Island Orange
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Hershey's
Place Purchased: 7-11 (Hollywood)
Price: $.85
Size: 1.65 ounces
Calories per ounce: 133
Categories: Chocolate, Coconut, United States, Hershey's, Limited Edition

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  1. Now i am going to have to hunt these down!

    Comment by rachel on 7/10/06 at 5:13 am #
  2. I got a bag of these when we went to Hershey’s. I only got one of them though, and I’m not sure what happened with the rest since I left them with a friend.  But it was quite tasty and I wouldn’t mind having another.

    Comment by g on 7/10/06 at 8:58 am #
  3. It does sound pretty good.  I’m a big fan of Mounds and Terry’s Chocolate Orange…whack and unwrap.

    Comment by Dave on 7/10/06 at 10:10 am #
  4. I’m not usually one to dislike flavour combinations, I like Ham and banana for christ sake. But there’s something about chocolate orange that disagrees with me. I don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t buy it.

    Comment by GTO on 7/10/06 at 10:51 am #
  5. Oh my God, if I find these, I’m going to buy a whole box. *drools*

    Comment by Grace on 7/10/06 at 3:27 pm #
  6. hey, congrats on the nyt mention. that’s huge!

    Comment by rachel b. on 7/10/06 at 3:30 pm #
  7. Yum. I’m on it!

    Comment by Lotta on 7/10/06 at 7:10 pm #
  8. Yeah, what Grace said. Oy. I’m still kicking myself for missing the Key Lime variation.

    Now I want to make orange chocolate macaroons. Hm.

    Comment by Bruce on 7/10/06 at 8:10 pm #
  9. Oh, wow that looks yummy!  I will have to hunt those down.  I wonder where I can find them?!

    Comment by MusicalMom on 7/11/06 at 3:05 pm #
  10. I am so happily surprised that it tastes yummy!
    I wasn?t sure what to expect. I can’t wait to try it because I love Mounds & I love orange .. yeah!

    Comment by mamakraft on 7/12/06 at 6:31 pm #
  11. Now that does sound good. Don’t think we have anything similar in the UK.

    Comment by Dom on 7/13/06 at 11:23 am #
  12. I love your blog!  It’s almost an homage to a candy addiction. 

    I also love these candy bars!  I bought about 12 bars the first time I saw them out, and my hubby and I quicly began to fight over them.  grin  Lately I’ve been finding them in miniatures though, so I tucked a pair of packages into the freezer. Hopefully they will last a while.  They are like biting into a piece of sunshine. Instant smile.

    Comment by Erika on 7/16/06 at 8:45 am #
  13. I finally found these at Target and bought the last three in the store.  YUMMY!!!!  Then I hunted them down and finally found the bags of the miniatures in another local store.  I much prefer them to regular Mounds.  Too bad they’re a Limited Edition.

    Comment by MusicalMom on 7/22/06 at 6:55 pm #
  14. We found a bunch at the Sav-On on the corner of Venice and Centinela. They also had toasted coconut Almond Joy, which I liked and Bruce didn’t. Not anywhere as good as the orange, but pretty tasty. (We only bought one of them, but like 8 of the orange.)

    Comment by Grace on 7/24/06 at 11:53 am #
  15. Quite possibly the best LE candy bar I’ve had. Delicious! I’ve always been a sucker for fruity chocolate. I found them at the Dollar Tree (2 for $1).

    Comment by Ari on 8/08/06 at 7:08 am #
  16. Cybele's avatar

    For anyone who’s having trouble finding them in large enough quantities to stockpile, CandyDirect has them:

    Comment by Cybele on 8/24/06 at 8:15 am #
  17. I can not find these anywhere and my mom would like them for Christmas.  Can someone please tell me of places that carry these.

    Comment by jennifer on 12/01/06 at 8:35 pm #
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