Monday, November 9, 2009

Green & Black’s Peanut Milk Chocolate

Green & Black's Organic PeanutThe problem with Mr. Goodbar was that it was never Mr. Greatbar in the first place.  When Hershey’s replaced the cocoa butter in it, I completely lost interest. So, I’ve been looking for Mr. Betterbar because I still believed there could be a simple, satisfying combination of milk chocolate and fresh roasted peanuts. When I was at the Target in Harbor City shortly before Halloween I spotted this new bar: Green & Black’s Peanut. Since Green & Black’s is organic and expensive, I thought for sure it was going to be better.

After I got the bar home and photographed it, I read a little closer to see that it wasn’t just a plain milk chocolate with whole (or half) pieces of peanuts. No, this was something quite different but still equally compelling: Milk chocolate with caramelized peanuts and a hint of sea salt - 37% Cocoa Content.

Green & Black's Organic Peanut

The bar looks smooth and shiny. It also looks darker than most milk chocolate bars, somewhere between a true dark and a milk chocolate. I like how Green & Black’s bars are just a little thicker than the Lindt Excellence or Scharffen Berger. This is great especially when there are inclusions, because it leaves room for them to stack and still be surrounded by chocolate.

The bar smells incredible. It’s deep and smoky with a great authentic peanut scent along with the faint hint of caramelized sugar and milk. The texture is equally great, there’s a silky smooth melt and a sweet dairy flavor along with some dark bitter notes of both chocolate and toasted nuts. The peanut flavors are quite strong, and the nuts themselves are crunchy but there’s also the wonderful surprise of both little buttery toffee bits and a crisp toffee coating on some of the peanuts. The salt is also a nice complement to the flavors, keeping the rather sweet milk chocolate from becoming too sticky and setting off the woodsy notes.

I ate this bar up in less than two days. Then I went looking for another. I still haven’t found one, but when I see it, I’ll buy it. Oddly enough, it’s still not the Mr. Goodbar substitute I was looking for, but I’m going to just be happy with the serendipity that brought it into my life and be grateful that my mistakes are so tasty.

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Name: Peanut Milk Chocolate (Organic)
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Green & Black's
Place Purchased: Target (Harbor City)
Price: $2.99
Size: 3.5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 184 (I don't think that's correct)
Categories: Chocolate, Peanuts, Toffee, Green & Black's, All Natural, Organic

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  1. I bought the same chocolate bar at the Target that’s not far from the Burbank Town Center, so go there if you’re still looking one.

    Comment by Liz on 11/09/09 at 1:56 pm #
  2. Oh I resisted trying this when I saw it…and you went and had to give it a 9…now I will not be able to resist it next time.

    Comment by Kelly Edwards on 11/09/09 at 2:22 pm #
  3. Wow, I love Green & Black’s and this bar sounds absolutely amazing.

    Comment by Pocky Watch on 11/09/09 at 6:41 pm #
  4. Wow! I didn’t know they had one of these…and your review is making my mouth water…Gotta go find one!! Thanks smile

    Comment by Tasty Japan on 11/09/09 at 10:09 pm #
  5. I’ll be on the lookout for these!

    @kelly edwards, another chocolate loving cyclist?!

    Comment by Rodzilla on 11/10/09 at 3:44 am #
  6. This sounds absolutely delicious. I’ll have to hunt one down now. smile

    Comment by Kim.D on 11/10/09 at 9:14 am #
  7. ruffy's avatar

    I finally tried the Green & Black’s white chocolate bar that everyone raves about, and OMG… it really is *that* good.  Best white chocolate I’ve ever had.

    Comment by ruffy on 11/10/09 at 10:37 am #
  8. Wow I have never seen this peanut variant in the UK. I didn’t no that Green & Black’s manufactured in the UK either. It really is true that you learn something new everyday smile

    Comment by Jim on 11/10/09 at 12:11 pm #
  9. I emailed you about this a while ago, I don’t know if you ever got that email. This bar is crazy amazing good. It’s rare for me to be willing to fork out $3.50 for a chocolate bar, but for this it’s worth it. They also have a new Toffee flavor out. (Nothing special, imo)

    Comment by Yurei on 11/10/09 at 1:58 pm #
  10. I’ve been a huge fan of Green & Blacks, right since the early days when they first started out.

    I’ve not tried this bar, though. Looks like it’s up to their usual high standard!

    Comment by Richard @ The Bewildered Brit on 11/10/09 at 1:59 pm #
  11. This looks great. wish i could be a candy and chocolate reviewer… full time. smile

    Comment by Indu on 11/11/09 at 2:48 am #
  12. Wow, this looks great. I wonder when it will come to the UK…

    Comment by Rachel on 11/11/09 at 12:48 pm #
  13. For chocolate and roasted peanuts you can’t go past Whittakers either as a peanut slab or in bar form. The only problem is that they are pretty small and only really sell in NZ and Australia. I guess getting it shipped would make a great every day chocolate cost too much to be worth it! Still ahve a look at to see what you are missing!

    Comment by anabels on 11/11/09 at 7:32 pm #
  14. After reading this review I knew I needed to try this bar.  I was a little worried about finding it but gleefully had no problem at the local Target.

    Yum.  You did not steer us wrong, it’s perfect!

    Comment by Cheryl on 11/14/09 at 7:01 am #
  15. I too have been searching for a Mr. GB replacement and I too grabbed this up when I spotted it at Target.  I think it’s really good, but I found myself wishing there were twice as many peanuts there.

    Comment by April on 11/17/09 at 4:03 pm #
  16. Saw these at Walmart for around $2.29, and remembered reading comments here.  Nice alternative to Mr. Goodbar, but was not enthralled by the overall taste.  Peanuts are just not the best nut to compliment chocolate, IMHO.

    Comment by vwgto on 1/05/11 at 8:35 am #
  17. So I’ve been eating this bar regularly—I love it!  Then today I found that it’s been replaced at my local market by a bar called “Peanut & Sea Salt”.  The package is otherwise the same, including the blue color coding.  Maybe they’re hoping to get a more gourmet crowd with the sea salt?  I actually find the bar a bit *less* salty than before (or maybe it’s my imagination?)...I’m afraid they messed with perfection!  Still my favorite G&B bar, though.

    Comment by JJR on 5/24/11 at 5:03 pm #
  18. Just bought one of these for the first time.  Yours lasted two days? Mine only lasted two hours :-x.  Delicious!! And it was simply called “Peanut”, not “Peanut & Sea Salt”, so maybe they went back to their original packaging.  BTW, I’m surprised to not see a Green & Black’s 70% dark review here…it is the best dark chocolate I’ve ever had! smile

    Comment by Cheryl on 10/19/11 at 7:27 pm #
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