Friday, June 18, 2010

Eat with your Eyes: Divided by Color

Tiny Size Chiclets

Do you need to separate your different flavors of candy before you eat them? What if the candies are only different colors, do you still line them up before consuming?

(These are Tiny Chiclets, reviewed here.)

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  1. There is something strangely soothing about this photo; I can’t seem to look away!

    I guess that gives me away as someone who prefers to divide and conquer, huh?

    Comment by Hannah on 6/18/10 at 9:27 am #
  2. I like to separate my Skittles into different colors when eating them.

    Comment by Ken Moore on 6/18/10 at 10:19 am #
  3. What a gorgeous photo!

    Tiny Chiclets always confuse me: they’re just too small!!!

    Comment by Richard @ The Bewildered Brit on 6/18/10 at 11:01 am #
  4. yes,  If I have room to lay them out then they are grouped by color, all the extras are eaten until all colors are even and then what is left is eaten evenly or by favorites until all gone.

    Comment by Rachel on 6/18/10 at 11:12 am #
  5. Official rules for eating Skittles by color:

    Comment by Tara on 6/18/10 at 12:56 pm #
  6. Nope. If they’re small enough, I just gobble ‘em up.

    Sometimes, though, I’ll save my favorite flavor for last, but that doesn’t matter if the colors all taste the same.

    Comment by Russ on 6/18/10 at 1:42 pm #
  7. i keep track of my jelly bellies in excel. i win.

    Comment by laura on 6/18/10 at 11:54 pm #
  8. you ask this like it’s a choice.  Of course candy has to be divided by color and eaten one color at a time. Why else would candies like M&Ms; be different colors, when there’s no taste difference?

    Comment by Jim Kosmicki on 6/19/10 at 7:11 am #
  9. I always each the brown M&Ms; first and save the red ones for last.

    Comment by Pam on 6/19/10 at 3:11 pm #
  10. I usually don’t care, but tasting the individual flavors by themselves is nice and that’s the only case I’ll do that.

    Comment by Rachel on 7/06/10 at 12:30 pm #
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