Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Do Not Be Afraid

I could blog about any old candy. I probably eventually will.

Mostly I figured people would want to know about the candy they might be afraid to try.

When The Man travels, I like it when he brings back candy from the newsstands. You know, whatever the locals are eating. It’s become more of a global marketplace, so things aren’t as diverse as they used to be. But I’m hoping to expose myself and you to more candies and we can all experience little tastes of the world.

First is to not be afraid. Most candy that’s sold in the US that’s imported has to at least have an ingredients label on it. You can kind of tell what kind of candy it is by the shape (though some of these Japanese ones are throwing me), but definitely by the ingredients. Chocolate contains, well, chocolate or at least cocoa. Caramels usually start with corn syrup and often contain an emulsifying oil like palm kernel or butter. Hard candies are usually all sugar, fruity ones might have some citric acid or malic acid for tartness.

What’s the worst that could happen? If your allergic to something, well, probably lots. But for the most part, it’s an investment of two dollars at most and if it’s really wretched you can trick your friends into eating it. What’s better is when you find a new favorite. Of course then you’ve suckered yourself into going to Little Tokyo or the Latino Quarter to pick up more of it.

Of course for the skittish among you, I’m here to help. Photos of everything I try and hopefully enough info for you to even know whether it’s something you’d like.

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