Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Chocolate Smell Targeted by EPA

imageMost folks grew up somewhere near some sort of factory or have visited one. Some are absolutely terrible neighbors. I can remember living in Humboldt County and dreading a shift in the wind which would bring the acrid, burning sting of the pulp mills’ stacks to Arcata.

However, I also remember living near Hershey, Pennsylvania and getting a wonderful whiff of chocolate when passing through town (well, we also smelled peanut butter from the Reese’s plant, which was sometimes a little burnt from the roasting process and not that pleasant).

Chicago has its own problems right now as the EPA is cracking down on local chocolate manufacturer Blommer. The EPA has ordered Blommer to install equipment to remove the sweet emissions from their plant. (Image credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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  1. My dad used to live by this factory.  It’s been around for decades.  He claims it always smelled good, like chocolate.  However, the area’s been gentrified and apparently with yuppies paying millions for lofts that used to be a ghetto comes complaints.  Seriously though, when you move next door to a chocolate factory, shouldn’t you expect it to smell like CHOCOLATE?

    Comment by jenny on 12/07/05 at 9:02 am #
  2. I don’t understand the fuss.  Chocolate is an aphrodesiac.  Put a singles bar on the corner opposite the factory and love is in the air.  Maybe I could get Blommer to move to my neighborhood.

    Comment by Amy Zander on 10/12/09 at 8:26 am #
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