Sunday, April 8, 2007

Chocolate Hellfire Chip Cookies

imageI picked up these Koppers chocolate morsels called Cayenne Pepper Savory. They were powerful strong. Every once in a while I would eat another one and I’d be back to my original assement, “It burns! It burns!” (Review over here.)

But I really liked them and thought there might be a way to use them in something else that would temper that sizzling aftertaste.

So I dug out the traditional recipe for Nestle Toll House Cookies and mucked around with it.

375 F Degree Oven - Bakes 9-11 Minutes - Makes 48 cookies (I make mine big)

  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups of whatever chocolate chunks you have around
  • 1 cup chopped nuts
  • Here’s where I diverged from the regular recipe ... I didn’t have the 3/4 of a cup of brown sugar the traditional recipe calls for so I just made up the difference with white sugar. Really, this is a bad compromise. Get yourself some brown sugar - the cookie part was just too bland and didn’t have that good crystalized crunch that brown sugar gives it.

    Second divergence, I only had 1 cup of the Cayenne Chocolate, so I chopped up another cup of a mix of milk and dark chocolate Wilbur Buds. (That probably saved the cookies from being totally noxious.)

    Third divergence, I prefer Pecans in my chocolate chip cookies. But I didn’t have those. So I took some raw whole almonds, chopped them up coarsely and stuck them in the pre-warming oven to toast up.

    I used my new KitchenAide mixer and place the butter and sugar in there and blended on low with the mixing paddle until it seemed pretty smooth. Then I added one egg at a time and let those beat in. Then a dash or two of vanilla.

    In a separate bowl I combined the other dry ingredients: flour, baking soda and salt. Then poured that in, in thirds, to the mixer and let it mix together on one of the lower settings.

    Then I pulled out the beater paddle and mixed in the two cups of chocolate and the nuts (remember to let the nuts cool, I didn’t, and they can make the batter a little runny).

    Scoop small spoonfuls onto a clean, ungreased cookie sheet and place in center of oven to bake.

    Mine ended up going about 13 minutes each. It might have been the change of the brown sugar/white sugar that made the difference, or I might just prefer mine a little crispier.

    If you’re looking for a cookie recipe that you can make and not end up eating all of them at once, well, this might be for you.

    I give these a 4 out of 10. (My husband gave them a 7 out of 10, but he doesn’t have the same issues with overly spicy things that I do.) I don’t like having to pick the chocolate out of my chocolate chip cookies. What was I thinking?

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    1. Okay, the picture threw me off. 

      I thought you made super thick cookies, but it’s three cookies stacked on top of each other.  I need glasses…oh wait, I’m wearing them.  :-(

      I think you should crush various candy bars and try to stick them in cookie recipes.  I’m sure some of them will turn out good.

      Comment by Marvo on 4/08/07 at 4:27 pm #
    2. looks and sounds like a great combination.  may have to give this a try.

      Comment by Kat on 4/08/07 at 5:21 pm #
    3. Marvo, I crushed up Skors and added them to candy bars long before Hershey sold “toffee bits” as an official product! (use chocolate chip cookie recipe, sub almond extract for vanilla, maybe tip sugar balance towards brown). So I agree, it’s a good idea. ‘

      Speaking of picking chocolate out of chocolate chip cookies, my 3yo was picking chocolate bits out of chocolate pudding yesterday. Or rather, making me do it. “But I don’t like chocolate!” he kept insisting (a bald-faced lie, but totally in keeping with how a 3yo will look at the world. “I don’t like this chocolate in this pudding, so that means I don’t like chocolate.”).

      Comment by Tricia on 4/09/07 at 10:17 am #
    4. These look fantastic, Cybele. Nice to see some baking over here =)

      Comment by Nicole on 4/09/07 at 3:45 pm #
    5. Wow, those certainly look yummy… I dig the spicy foods so adding the cayenne chocolate sounds delicious!

      Comment by Bryan on 4/10/07 at 9:52 am #
    6. I love all cookies!!! I will definitively try new this one. Always buy the same thing when it comes to new flavors

      Comment by William A. on 10/18/07 at 9:39 am #
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