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Candy Tease: August 2012

Here are some new confections that are coming in the future or may have already hit stores near you.

Milky Way VanillaName: Milky Way French Vanilla and Caramel Bar
Brand: Mars
Description: This bar combines caramel, French vanilla-flavored nougat and milk chocolate for a rich, smooth and creamy taste sensation consumers will love.
Introduction Date: February 2013
Notes: Limited Edition. I wonder if this nougat will be like the vanilla nougat they use in the Milky Way Dark. I’ll probably give it a try, but would love to see a Coffee Milky Way sometime in the future instead.

twix sugar cookieName: Twix Sugar Cookie Minis
Brand: Mars
Description: With the combination of Twix chocolate and caramel paired with the nostalgic goodness of sugar cookies, the new Twix Sugar Cookie Minis could easily become Santa’s new favorite snack.
Introduction Date: November 2012
Notes: I’m often baffled at Mars for introducing all these limited edition flavors when I hear from so many people that they miss the Cookies n’ Creme variety. Anyway, I don’t see much difference between a shortbread and sugar cookie when it comes to including caramel and chocolate. I’d much prefer a Gingerbread Twix or maybe a SnickerdoodleTwix.

Toblerone Crunchy AlmondName: Toblerone Crunchy Salted Almond
Brand: Toblerone (Kraft)
Description: Crunchy, salty and sweet elements combine in Toblerone Crunchy Salted Almond bars, which are new from Kraft Foods, Inc. Containing caramelized almond pieces, as well as honey and almond nougat, the 3.52-ounce bars ship four 20-ct displays per case.
Introduction Date: June 2012
Notes: This sounds like a great idea. Check out Rosa’s early review.

White BaciName: Perugina Baci White
Brand: Perugina (Nestle)
Description: The newest product in Perugina’s Baci line has a “kiss” of white chocolate. Just like traditional Baci, Baci White is filled with with gianduia — a whipped chocolate filling blended with finely chopped hazelnuts — crowned by a crunchy whole hazelnut and then enrobed in a vanilla scented layer of creamy white chocolate made with the finest quality cocoa butter and milk solids.
Introduction Date: September 2012
Notes: I actually tried these in January at the Fancy Food Show and found it all too sweet. I can see that maybe unwrapped these would be better for decorating in some instances. But if you’re a white chocolate and hazelnut fan, this might be the thing for you.

Warheads CoolersName: Warheads Sour Coolers
Brand: Impact Confections
Description: Warheads Sour Coolers, a pressed dextrose tablet with sour flavor and a key differentiator, offers a unique cooling effect to combat the summer’s heat. This convenient, small format roll pack contains 24 pieces in five assorted flavors: cherry, blue raspberry, watermelon, green apple and lemon.
Introduction Date: July 2012
Notes: I’m not sure how different they are from SweeTarts, except that they have that “cool” thing ... which may just be menthol. They contain sucralose, an artificial sweetener, so I won’t be reviewing them.

Smarties TaffyName: Smarties Taffy
Brand: Ford Gum (Licensed from Smarties)
Description: Taffy has now gotten a bit smarter. In the new Smarties taffy bars, there are Smarties candy bits in every bite. The 6 inch long bars are available in Strawberry and Blue-Raspberry flavors.
Introduction Date: unknown
Notes: This reminds me of the Tangy Taffy that used to have little crunchy bits in it. (And I think some Laffy Taffy bars still do.)

Tic Tac FruitName: Tic Tac Fruit Adventure
Brand: Tic Tac (Ferrero)
Description: Wild Cherry, Orange, Passion Fruit and Green Apple
Introduction Date: Summer 2012
Notes: I know some folks are huge fans of the orange Tic Tacs, and their fruit flavors in general are rather different from other “mint” styles. So it’s fun to see a mix like this. I haven’t seen this one in stores, but did spot the Strawberry Fields one a few weeks ago. The ingredients also list real fruit juice (in addition to artificial stuff including colors).

Astro PopsName: Astro Pops
Brand: Leaf Brands
Description: Leaf Brands is relaunching Astro Pops, a product Spangler Candy discontinued in 2004 and they’re making the treat exactly the way people remember it. Known for its long-lasting quality, the candy will be available in its three original flavors of passion fruit, cherry and pineapple.
Introduction Date: May 2012
Notes: There have been a couple of attempts at relaunching this product, but this one is for real, they’re actually available in stores now (though internet seems to have them, I haven’t seen them in brick & mortar retailers). It’s been such a long time since I’ve had one. The retail price is a bit steep at $2.50 each for 1.5 ounces, but of course time traveling through candy is far cheaper than actual time travel.

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  1. Oh, the things I would do to have Mars bring back Cookies ‘n Cream Twix. Most are legal, but some…illegal. Definitely illegal.

    Comment by Marvo on 8/17/12 at 2:19 pm #
  2. We actually just got an order of the Milky Ways at my store the other day.  And isn’t the introduction date February 2013, not 2012?  If so, pretty early for a store to be getting a shipment, no?

    Comment by Kenneth on 8/17/12 at 7:24 pm #
  3. We’re bringing in a few of these items at my company and you’re not missing anything with the Warheads Sour Coolers. They’re disgusting.
    The Smarties taffy, however, I can eat one after the other. It’s kind of terrible.

    Comment by Megan on 8/20/12 at 9:36 am #
  4. We have just been on vacation in the States and bought the French vanilla milky way at a Walgreens in Pennsylvania. It was quite good although prefer the Milky Way Midnight (just wish we could get them here in the UK)

    Comment by Tim on 8/23/12 at 11:48 am #
  5. just found the french vanilla milky way at walgreens in san francisco.  it’s sweet, definitely has a distinct taste, and isn’t just the nougat from the milky way midnight.

    Comment by laura on 8/27/12 at 9:42 am #
  6. just enjoyed a french vanilla Milky Way yesterday along with some white chocolate candy corn M&M’s.. the milky way was delicious.. basically a charleston chew w/caramel.

    Comment by Quinton on 9/06/12 at 11:15 am #
  7. The main thing I remember about Astro Pops is how you can suck them down a needle-sharp point and accidentally stab the roof of your mouth.  Ah, memories!

    Comment by JJR on 9/08/12 at 2:53 pm #
  8. I’m so excited to taste the Sugar Cookie Twix! I bet it will be delightful. Although I like your idea of a Gingerbread Twix even more!

    Comment by obsessivesweets on 10/01/12 at 1:41 pm #
  9. Just THINKING of the Cookies and Cream Twix takes me back to my Gram’s house…15 or so years ago.  She ALWAYS keeps a candy stash in her fridge and those were a favorite of mine!  Sigh…we can wish, right?

    Comment by Erin on 11/03/12 at 4:42 pm #
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