Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bubble Roll Message Maker

This really isn’t a candy review so much as a product highlight. While I generally don’t like candy novelties, there are a few new products this year that really engaged me (the Gummi Lightning Bugs). Mostly because they combined candy and interactivity, instead of just being a fancy shaped container.


The Bubble Message Maker is a like the old Dymo label makers that uses strips of tape that you embossed letters on, one at a time. Here you make messages one letter at a time on bubble gum strips (bubble tape).

The center handle portion holds the roll of bubble tape, in this sample I have green apple, but the cool thing is that you can refill the Bubble Roll Message Maker with ANY standard width bubble tape.

The top of the message maker has a dial with all 26 letters (but no numbers or punctuation). You simply turn the dial to the desired letter and then press firmly on the little button to imprint the bubble tape. Roll the tape forward a full click and then repeat for your desired word or words.

The button was a little hard to press, so it took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it. The message isn’t really that clear, but it’s possible different colors of bubble tape are better for this than others.

Making a message is a little time consuming and of course takes patience (and there’s no delete button) but looks like a fun toy with a bit of candy with it with the added bonus that it’s refillable.

(The gum is made in the US, the toy is made in China.)

Name: Bubble Roll Message Maker
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Au'some Candy
Place Purchased: All Candy Expo sample
Price: retail ~ $2.50
Size: unknown
Calories per ounce: varies
Categories: Gum, United States

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  1. I bet you could lick the back and stick it to your forehead.

    Comment by john on 9/27/06 at 10:12 am #
  2. I can read your message. **Candy Blog** - this is a cute idea.  It would be a good valentine’s item as it takes the place of the pre-embossed valentine hearts.

    Comment by claudia on 9/27/06 at 3:45 pm #
  3. Awesome…I want some too!

    This would be great for the 007 types that need covert instructions that can easily be destroyed.

    Comment by crispin on 9/27/06 at 3:54 pm #
  4. Where may I purchase this fun looking candy gadget?

    Comment by Christine on 9/27/06 at 7:34 pm #
  5. Cybele's avatar

    John - yea, you could probably play some sort of word-jumble liars poker with it.

    claudia - ooh! it’d be cool if they had little shapes in there too! hearts, smileys ... pink and red gum. They should really do that!

    crispin - I know, I know, I need to send you one. Maybe you’ll get it in your Christmas stocking.

    Christine - I saw them at Rite Aid earlier this summer and there are a few places online that have them (of course you have to buy a whole box of them then).

    Comment by Cybele on 9/28/06 at 6:22 am #
  6. great idea crispin, my boys would love that angle! i’ll have to look for one.

    (remember, the old dymos didn’t have delete either)

    Comment by Tricia on 9/30/06 at 5:50 am #
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