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How To Candy Swap
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Candy Swapping! It’s a fun and exciting way to experience candy from another area of the world.

I’ve put together some guidelines here so that everyone can have a positive experience when they decided to participate in a swap.

Step 1: Setting Up A Trade Request

Post your interest in a trade. Be sure to tell where you’re from and what areas you’re looking to trade with (ex. I’m from England and want to trade with someone in Japan or China).

Include your likes/dislikes in candy. There’s no point in getting something in the mail that you won’t/can’t eat for one reason or another.

If you have a special request in mind, don’t be afraid to post. It’s good for your swap partner to know if there’s something special you’d like to try, even though it doesn’t guarantee they’ll be able to find it for you.

Step 2: Setting Up a Swap

Once you get replies to your request, choose someone who you think you could provide a nice swap with. You don’t want to choose a swap partner who wants chocolate from Canada if you live in Mexico.

Mutually confirm the swap, you don’t want to start shopping until you both agree to do it.

Decide on the parameters of the swap. This is a very important step.  You want the trade to be fair, so there’s a few ways you can do this:

Decide on a set price limit (around $15 USD worth)
Decide on a set number of candies (10 bars each)

These two suggestions are just a good way to get started, as you can work out the specifics with your partner.

NOTE: In my experience, once the rules of the trade have been set I usually forget about the shipping costs, simply because I figure my swap partner will be paying approximately the same amount to send my items to me. If you want to be more specific about shipping costs (speed and weight can be a real fact in how much it costs) be sure to discuss that beforehand. You don’t want to agree to sending 5 lbs of candy AirMail to Australia only to realize it’ll cost you $60 USD.


Step 3: Keep The Communication Going

I cannot stress this step enough! Keep your swap partner informed in the process. Let them know as you aquire the candies he/she wants and especially when you expect to ship them. Be sure to let your partner know when you expect to mail out the swap, when the package is in the mail and an approximate arrival time, and be sure to notify them when you get the box in the mail. Also share any tracing numbers you may have gotten for the package.

I always try to work it out so that my swap partner and I mail the packages within a day or so of each other, to ensure a similar arrival time. It keeps things timely and fair. No one wants to trade with someone who sends their half of the trade 2 weeks late.


Step 4: Let the Fun Begin

You successfully traded and have a box full of new candy to try, yay! Thank your partner and let them know how you enjoy everything. Sharing you thoughts on candy is almost as fun as eating it! Keep in mind that any successful trade may lead to more down the road if you’re up for it.


Useful Tips:

1. Always be courteous and when in doubt, ask.

2. I really don’t recommend shipping things like chocolate and other softer candies between June and October. They’ll just get destroyed (yes, even with proper packaging) and it’ll just end up being a waste.  In this case patience is a real virtue.

3. Ask whether or not your partner will want the package to be signed for upon receipt. This can be tricky, because on one hand you want to ensure the arrival, but if there’s no one home to sign for it, do you really want to risk the many day delay it’ll take for you partner to finally get his/her hands on the box? Again, ask.


If you have anything to add, please don’t hesitate to contribute!


Happy Candy Swapping!

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Has anyone successfully candy traded yet?


xoxo Emmy

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I hate shipping!It is WAY too expensive. We are not made of money ( Goes somewhere to grudge about how expensive shipping is)