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Quality chocolates $1 bars at Ocean State
Posted: 12 July 2008 05:36 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Bit o Honey
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If you’re in Western Massachusetts near one of the Ocean State Job Lot outlets (Their whole chain could have the same stock, but I can’t be certain), you can find some very nice chocolates in the gourmet section. Just today I picked up three different kinds of Santander bars to try. Dark single origin (65% cacao), Semi-dark (53%) single origin and the Dark (70% cacao) espresso bars.

Last christmas I was picking up Green & Blacks at the same place, and they regularly have the various Newman’s Own chocolates and Ghiradelli bars around. Some can be a few months from their best by date, but still very good, bloom-free, etc.

And lastly if you’re not much for the imports and specialties, Hershey fans can usually get the small milk chocolate bars for 25c a piece.