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What? There are rules? The Terms of Service
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Here are a few guidelines: is a little corner of the internet where candy lovers can gather, exchange ideas, excitement, advice and perhaps even candy.

You must be at least 13 years old to register here. By clicking that you accept these terms or service when registering you are affirming that you are 13 or older. (Read more about COPPA here.) If you are not old enough to create a profile, you’re still free to read anything and everything here.

Your Posts: As with all things, people have different opinions and are entitled to them. However, flames, abusive comments and insensitve remarks are not welcome. Bullies or people who continuously post unwelcome content will be banned. People selling stuff should check with me or one of the moderators before posting about any special offers.

Language Choice: Please refrain from using vulgar language. This is a global forum with users of all kinds of sensibilities, so let’s make this as accessible as possible. With that in mind as well, please observe good etiquette when formatting your posts, don’t use all caps and refrain from chat speak or excessive acronyms.

All users agree that their posts may be moved, edited or deleted at the discretion of the administrators and moderators. Also keep in mind that this is the internet and it has a long memory, so don’t post anything that you don’t want to see popping up in a search result in the years to come.

Copyright is something I feel very strongly about. Don’t post things you didn’t create. This means recipes, photos, news articles or entire blog posts. Excerpting and linking are the preferred ways to both give information and direct people to the source. Attribution is essential.

Your Privacy is important. I pledge to do my best to keep any info that you place in your profile such as your email address private and away from malicious spammers. (I would never spam you personally and would never sell your info but I can’t guarantee that I’ll never, never be hacked.) In turn, I advise all users here to think carefully about what they share in these forums and in their profiles. Do no divulge personal information like your address or phone number in the forum posts. Any exchanges of that information should take place using the private messaging system or direct email.

Your Profile: At the same time, help others find you! Please fill in a little about yourself in your profile. You don’t have to tell us what town you live in, but because candy and the stores that carry it can be so regional, please give some indication about your location either in your profile or relevant posts. Feel free to put your blog or website in your profile and your forum signature. When starting new threads, descriptive subject lines are best. Threads entitled simply “Help!” will probably be edited by a moderator with more info.

Full Disclosure - Candy eaters, candy makers, candy promoters and candy sellers are all welcome here, But if you are part of the latter three groups I ask that you divulge your relationship with the candy industry.

This is your community so if you see anything that you feel violates this, you would like to see a new topic forum or you think you know how to make it better, please send me a message. If you see a post in the wrong place or stumble across a spammer, be sure to use the “report” option at the bottom of the post so it can be dealt with right away.

Please feel free to message me at any time. Most of all, have fun, make friends and keep life sweet!

Cybele May
Your Candy Guidance Counselor

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