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chocolate edition skittles and Cinnabon Pecan Clusters
Posted: 17 March 2010 11:30 AM   [ Ignore ]  
Pixy Stix
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I used to get them all the time last Spring and Summer at a corner store whenever I went for a walk which I did do today because the weather was just warm enough. (I hate winter!) The corner store where I buy them from was closed at the time I went for a walk today and I couldn’t see if they had any or not but when I do find out which is hopefully soon if the weather keeps on being warm I’ll give this page a update.

These candies were my 2nd favorite candy but my number one favorite candy I think I can say is gone now, they were the Cinnabon Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate Pecan Clusters. I really miss these so much because I used to buy them all the time last Summer too and there is no candy that can possibly compare to how good they were and it confuses me how awesome candy like that can just suddenly disappear but candy made by companies like Hershey’s stay in business when their chocolate taste like crap. It just has this really fake chocolate taste and texture to it and no matter if you eat it slow or fast it is still terrible.

Oh well maybe they just didn’t get enough publicity but I’m still looking for them.