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Remember Sugar Daddy?
Posted: 07 November 2009 07:49 AM   [ Ignore ]  
Pixy Stix
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Because enjoying a Sugar Daddy caramel sucker at the movies is one of my favorite memories of childhood in the late 1950s, I am sadly disappointed with what is now being sold under that famous name. The manufacturer, conceivably in reaction to the notorious McDonald’s hot-coffee lawsuit, is no longer offering a sucker that stands up under 30-60 minutes of serious attack, but only a candy bar on a stick that lasts 5-15 minutes, depending on how much one cares to (effortlessly) bite off and chew up at a time. No doubt this product is safer for dental work, but in my book it is no longer a genuine Sugar Daddy. From now on I’ll just save my dollar and remember the time when a nickel bought the real thing.