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Recent Favorites: Ghoulie Gummy Tummies and International(?) Hi-Chews
Posted: 04 November 2009 03:53 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Bit o Honey
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Yeah, these candies don’t really go together, but I didn’t want to make two separate posts. These are three candies that I’ve been impressed with recently.

Trader Joe’s Ghoulie Gummy Tummies
I know the official review for the penguin gummies is only a 5, and I totally agree with that review. In fact, I almost didn’t buy these because I wasn’t crazy about the penguins. These are far superior. They still are filled gummies, which I’m not crazy about, but the flavors were really good in this version. The bag has orange pumpkins and blackberry spiders, which are a lot cuter than the weird not-quite-penguins. Both flavors were really tangy and natural tasting. The only disappointment was that a couple had popped, and that was a little sticky and gross. I must not have been the only person to like these, ‘cause I went back less than a week later, and they were already all out. I think they should ditch the penguins and keep the Halloween ones year-round. Did anyone else try these?

Blood Orange Hi-Chew
I feel like I’m the only person who did not like the Bat Dots at all. I saw blood orange Hi-Chews in Chinatown, and decided to see if they were better. It looks like they’re part of some sort of world flavors limited edition or something. There’s no English on the package, so I don’t really know. The blood orange Hi-Chews have a much more realistic blood orange flavor, though I wish it was a little tangier. Still, I thought it was darn tasty.

Dragon Fruit Hi-Chew
I have never had dragon fruit before so I can’t judge the authenticity of the flavor. I still enjoyed these quite a bit, and part of the fun was the little “seeds” in the candy. Dragon fruit has a ton of little seeds in it, and so it seems appropriate to have the little crunchy bits included. I don’t have much else to say. At one point I thought I saw this in the to-be-reviewed queue, so I hope it gets an official review.

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